2018 FF Original discussion thread


Each to their own regarding that trade but I’m just being honest. Geary is pretty average, McGovern/Westhoff I don’t see too much in between and you also gave up your first 3 picks. All the best to you, hope it pays off


I don’t think Geary is that average. He’s their captain and regulary getting games and if not for an injury he’d be nearly at a 75+ average, and has put on some big scores, he’s taken a bit of Montagna’s scoring power with him gone. And right now he’s 29, he’s not 33. So he’s pretty good reliable 4-6th defender in a good team and a keeper option for him.

Westhoff is a 100+ average defender that can also swing forward. He’s the second best scoring defender in the comp right now and he gives you near 100 weekly.


A reminder that the trade period concludes at the final siren of the match today (Coll v Carl).


FYI: Final scores won’t be posted until tomorrow.


Now that trade period is over and done with…
Any chance we can trial and extended in season trade period?
I mean something like, starts at the end of Anzac Day round and ends at the end of Queensland Birthday round.

All trades will probably occur later on in the last few weeks, but at least it encourages the opportunity for more player trades.


Interesting suggestion and definitely something we will look at.


I just think that by the time trade period comes along, how aggressive people trade is determined by their ladder position and they are more likely to know whether they are still a chance for finals or not.

It’ll be interesting to see if having an earlier trade period where more teams are still a chance to make finals would encourage more trading or not.


I’m not a fan of that. Trade week should be a week, or two at max


If I’m being honest, I’d be against it, but It’ll be in discussions.

Coaches have had 2 full weeks to trade and haven’t done a thing in that time, so I fail to see how extending it to 6 odd weeks would help matters, and if anything it’d encourage more coaches to sit on their hands until the final week. I’m also not sure ladder positions necessarily dictates trading. I think If you want to trade you’ll want to trade and if not you’ll sit it out.


It’s highly likely that it could occur that way.
But it may actually be more common to trade players rather than gamble through free agency.
This could lessen the time it takes to finalise the FA requests as there may be less.

There’s a chance that coaches will be willing to trade the bottom two or three players on their lists more often, than just dump them to FA and hope your request pans out.

We don’t know how it’ll pan out because we’ve never tried it.

We have tried a month long end of season trade period in the past. But we started straight after GF day and went to two days after AFL trade period. Teams weren’t willing to trade until the final two days because so many players were actually getting traded.


My thought is that whatever we do people will want more. We make it a two week trade period people will want it to be three weeks.

I also think that like in the AFL most action in a trade period happens in the last third of the time allocated, and that is being generous.

If we don’t try it then we surely can’t know how they will pan out, but that does not mean that I think we should change these things.


Trade period over…

Jeremy McGovern
Rory Lobb
Round 1 (Mad Bomber)
Round 1 (Fudge)
Round 2 (Mad Bomber)
Round 3 (Mad Bomber)
Round 3 (Fudge)
Round 4 (Westozzie)
Round 4 (Mad Bomber)
Round 6 (Fudge)
Round 8 (Blummers)

Round 3 pick (Dunlop)
Round 6 pick (Westozzie)
Round 6 pick (Mad Bomber)
Round 8 pick (Fudge)
Justin Westhoff
Travis Boak
Maverick Weller
Jarryn Geary
Harry Taylor
Brody Mihocek
Ben Stratton

Analysis: My approach to this is an obvious rebuild, but I’m looking to be back in the top in two years. I was looking to keep the majority of my list around 27 or younger and cast off the ones I don’t see in my next premiership. Westhoff was tough to trade but at nearly 32 I don’t think I can win it next year so I had to get value whilst I could. Boak was also tough to trade but at 30 and being a slogger midfielder I see him having maybe 1-2 years left at premium value. Harry Taylor was an obvious trade at 33 years old soon, and Geary approaching 30 wasn’t in my plans. Weller is a consistent player but I can replace a 70 average forward in the draft. Stratton is Stratton, he’s a pleb. Mihocek was harder to trade and only came about in the last few minutes, he could be anything, or nothing.

Which leaves me with: Three Round 1 picks, Two Round 2 picks, Two Round 2 picks, Two Round 3 picks, Three Round 4 picks, One Round 5 picks, one Round 7 pick, two Round 8 picks etc. Hopefully I can find a player or two.


smashed it.


Outstanding trading by Craze.


By my count…
wob 1531 v me 1378

The good…

  • Goldstein. Great way to end his career at our club with a B&F max votes game.
  • Dawson Simpson with a handy debut of 72. He’ll have the starting role for the rest of the year unless Sean Darcy gets a look in late in the season.
  • 1378 is my highest score since round 4.
  • Jed Lamb with his second 70+ in a row. Never expected that.
  • Jed Anderson with 91 playing the least gametime on the field . Loving this guy.
  • Josh Schache. He was considered a scrubber just a few weeks ago. I’ll put him up for a FR position change and he could end up being a keeper.

The bad…

  • Callan Ward with 59. WTF? Another Dr Jekyll showing to add to the season’s list.
    1. I averaged 100 more points last year…
  • I have Neela next week. May as well start lubing up already.
  • I couldn’t believe I actually traded for Stratton just to save on an FA change…


Sorry I haven’t done one of these for a few weeks. Life has been flat out!!! And my teams been rubbish so not much motivation to jump on and crow about stuff. Anywho…

Week, what it is? 13? round review


Scoring 1400 - Was surprised to hit 1400. We had 5 scores under 55, 6 including Wilsons 51 bye average. So there is some hope!

Devon Smith - Boy oh boy, wooweee!!! SO glad he his playing for the dons so I can cheer for him even harder. My favorite player in my team and now at the bombers. Absolute jet!!

High McCluggage - First ever FF ton!!! Hell yeah buddy. There’s more where that came from.


Lots- We’ve hit the hardest part of our draw and we can’t find the form we had 4-5 weeks. Hopefully Houli gets back soon to sure up the back line.

Jeremy Cameron!!- How dare you knock out our skipper like that. We’ll be out for blood next time mate!! Andrews has been playing above and beyond the last few weeks and finally looks to have settled into AFL footy.

3 quarters of our team - You’re pathetic!!! Bring the mouth guards tomorrow, jezza is coming.


Good -

Hodge with 140. Yikes
In the 1500s
Tom Jonas goes from strength to strength

Bad -

Burgoyne sitting out the last with a tight hammy
Griffen - depth only now
Left McCartin on the field accidentally

I had a pretty good week to be honest


The good

  1. Sidebottom maintains strong form. Pretty much the only player on my list who hasn’t regressed or got injured.
  2. Kade Kolodjashnij’s concussion diagnosis. Career not over. He’ll be back.
  3. Guelfi solid again.

The bad

  1. Back line.
  2. Midfield.
  3. Forward line.


NB> Checked your score 3 times Blummers seeing I had different figures than you had for both teams.

Official Final Scores

Jefferson 1259 lost to fogdog 1331
Windy Dill 1236 lost to Fudge 1388
Vandrs 1212 lost to Allblack 1485
Dunlop 1218 lost to Stoops 1344
The_Mad_Bomber 1461 defeated You Shall Be Smoten 1276
Alber_Goodthur 1190 lost to wimmera 1487
Crazy Bomber 1122 lost to topdon 1322
wezza 1198 lost to Awesome Scotty 1397
westozziebomber 1542 defeated Blummers 1386


Position PosLR Team GP Wins Losses Draws For Against % Pts
1 1 Awesome Scotty 14 12 2 0 21419 19006 112.7 48
2 2 Fudge 14 12 2 0 20023 18139 110.4 48
3 3 Mad Bomber 14 12 2 0 19538 18359 106.4 48
4 4 westozziebomber 14 11 3 0 19680 18264 107.8 44
5 6 wimmera 14 10 4 0 20349 18946 107.4 40
6 5 Allblack 14 10 4 0 19839 18482 107.3 40
7 7 Windy Dill 14 8 6 0 18723 18566 100.8 32
8 8 Stoops 14 8 6 0 18488 18461 100.1 32
9 10 fogdog 14 7 7 0 20308 18661 108.8 28
10 9 Blummers 14 7 7 0 18330 18896 97.0 28
11 11 YSB Smoten 14 5 9 0 18457 19074 96.8 20
12 12 Vandrs 14 5 9 0 18399 19143 96.1 20
13 13 wezza 14 4 10 0 17706 18401 96.2 16
14 16 topdon 14 4 10 0 16932 18270 92.7 16
15 14 Crazy Bomber 14 4 10 0 17336 18778 92.3 16
16 15 Dunlop 14 3 11 0 17529 18467 94.9 12
17 18 Jefferson 14 2 12 0 16408 18892 86.9 8
18 17 Alber Goodthur 14 2 12 0 16718 19377 86.3 8

In 3 Days

topdon (14) vs. wezza (13)
Awesome Scotty (1) vs. Blummers (10)
westozziebomber (4) vs. Jefferson (17)
fogdog (9) vs. Windy Dill (7)
Fudge (2) vs. Vandrs (12)
Allblack (6) vs. Dunlop (16)
Stoops (8) vs. The_Mad_Bomber (3)
You Shall Be Smoten (11) vs. Alber_Goodthur (18)
wimmera (5) vs. Crazy Bomber (15)


Just to follow up on foggy and Craze’s post on strikes, as foggy & Craze are in charge of day-to-day management if you could address any non-LTI queries to them please.