2018 FF Original discussion thread


Can I LTI Treloar?


Not until there is anything concrete mate. Betts has tendon damage to his hamstring as well and he’s only meant to miss a month.


Correct weight. I missed the adjustments after the Brisbane v Hawthorn game.
I haven’t checked won’s score, but I’ll take your word for it and assume the same thing happened.


The Good:
Crozier finally starting to show the HB promise.
Bruest having a stellar year

The Bad:
Finlayson getting recalled and only managing 26
Ahern dropping off and won’t be surprised to see him go back to VFL again.
Laverde injured again. sigh.


Another strong week with obvious improvement still to come. Happy to have survived the bye rounds without a loss. I despise the bye rounds.

The good:

  1. Josh Kelly just keeps getting better. So much love for him.
  2. Angus Brayshaw keeping up his great run of form.
  3. Great to get 2 metre Peter back out there.

The bad:

  1. Willie Rioli needs a spell
  2. Joel Smith struggled in his second game. I hope Goodwin shows some faith
  3. Need to get back above 1500 and comfortably above


We all know teams rest come the end of the year, and you need a good run with injuries

All you need to do is make the 8 and take it from there. Don’t get too caught up in your scores right now. Anything above 1450 will be very competitive in finals



The Goldstein trade hasn’t been processed yet on UF.
Also, the Stratton trade counted as a FA change. I should still have 8 left.


A REMINDER can everyone that HASN’T voted for Lachie Whitfield to be a C or CB (or neither or whatever vote they choose) can they please PM me with their votes? And if you prefer not to vote can you please let me know so I don’t have to chase you up? It takes about 10 seconds to PM me, not much effort. Cheers.


Did I?




Fixed that for you.


I’m sure I voted right away. Is it worth naming names?


Thanks Nate. Turns out it’s been a big week for me with LTIs. Is the LTI limit 2?

I’ve already got Begley on LTI. AFL website has Treloar out for 8-10, Redman out for 6-8 and Plowman out for the season.

If the limit is two I’d like to LTI Treloar. I’ll hold on to Redman and probably drop Plowman.


Yep only 2 on LTI. I’ve placed Treloar on LTI for you.


Looking forward to seeing Narkle debut this week. The VFL highlights are impressive!


Now that the position polls are done I’ll be posting my midfield frequency stats here to increase transparency. I’m a little behind where I’d like to be due to the Comm games, but I’m still on track to have 12 games per side reviewed by the end of H&A. Brisbane vs. GWS has also been analysed but the results won’t be released whilst Whitfield’s position is still pending.

I have no idea why some teams appear in table format vs. others - they’re all copied and pasted the same way.

West Coast vs. Essendon

22 bounces for the match (miss rate 0%)

Gaff 21 12i, 9w
Yeo 17 1w
Shuey 16 1w
Redden 16 9i, 7w
Hutchings 13 3w
Masten 13 wing
Nelson 8 wing
Rioli 4
Cripps 2 wing

Naitanui 17
Lycett 5


Miss Rate: 0%

Heppell 20 (13i, 7w)
Guelfi 16 wing
McGrath 12 wing
Langford 11
Myers 11
Merrett 11 (3w)
Stringer 8
Smith 8 (1w)
Walla 6 (1w)
Fantasia 3 (1w)
Goddard 1

T-Bell 19
McKernan 3

Port Adelaide vs. Melbourne

22 bounces (miss rate 0%)

Wines 19
SPP 18
Polec 17 wing
Ebert 14 wing
Motlop 12 8i, 4w
Wingard 8
Rockliff (C/Bench) 7
Westhoff 6 wing
R.Gray 6
Boak 2 wing

Ryder 16
Westhoff 3
Dixon 3


Viney 19
Oliver 18
Jones 18 wing (4i)
Brayshaw 17 (1w)
Tyson 15 wing
Fritsch 14 wing
Harmes 9
Lewis (B) 0

Gawn 18
T.Smith 4

Melbourne used a variation of their old set-up whereby the far winger was set as normal, but the camera side winger was a place-holder forward. The actual winger (Jones/Tyson) started off the back of the square, then picked up the opposing winger at the earliest pause in play.

Bulldogs vs. North

26 bounces, miss rate 0%

Hunter 23 wing
McLean 19
Richards 18 wing
Bont 17
Williams 12
Wallis (FC) 10
Lipinski 10 wing
Gowers 8
Honeychurch 5
Dahlhaus 5
Daniel 2

Boyd 21
Schache 5

Dunkley played as an extra mid for the match tagging Higgins, he just didn’t start with him at centre bounces.


Miss Rate 0%

Higgins 24
McDonald 21 wing
Cunnington 20
Dumont 20 wing
Ahern 19
Anderson 11
Hartung (inj) 6 wing
Hrovat 4 wing
Ziebell 4
Simpkin 1 wing

Goldstein 26


Such great analysis!


Better start playing SPP in the midfield in preparation.
Can’t call it unexpected.


I’m going to be putting Wallis up for position polls at the end of the year.
I didn’t watch many Bulldog games earlier in the year, but the last few games he’s been splitting between midfield and forward.

Hopefully the trend continues.
Not sure if that’ll be in the VFL or AFL though…



  1. Happy Cox is killing it, should be named this week
  2. WHE is coming through very nicely with form, rewarding carrying him the first few years
  3. Lucky I had wezza last week or a sure loss :no_mouth:


  1. Bye rounds suck
  2. Lowest score for the season. Everyone in the midfield and forward sucked at the same time.
  3. Team inconsistency needs to pick up, can’t have 1-3 people picking up ththe slack each week