2018 FF Original discussion thread


The good
1 Say goodbye to the bye rounds, that said I think we handle it better than anywhere else in any comp.
2 Had 3 scores in the 50’s with a lowest score of 54 and still scored mid 1400’s
3 Liam effing Jones scored 99! He was also nearly traded but I thought I might need to keep him for depth.

The Bad
1 Liam effing Jones’s 99 did not count in my team’s score!
2 Jeremy Cameron’s penchant for donging Lion’s players is getting a little out of hand.
3 My big forwards are going to be a bit thin on the ground. Darling, Cameron out and Hogan in a bit of a flat spot of form.


Sad to have to drop Biggs. I kept an eye on him as he smashed NEAFL at Sydney and traded for him just before he got to the Dogs.
After the Bulldogs GF, I thought he’d push 80DT last season but his kicking skills and lack of defensive pressure caused him to be playing VFL.

This year he had been overtaken by Richards and Bailey Williams. Suckling hasn’t missed too many games and the Crozier acquisition has meant he’s stuck in the VFL.

When I drafted and held on to Nic Newman, I thought I found another Biggs type player with greater scope for DT scoring. Hopefully, Newman doesn’t end up following Biggs path.

I had to drop him and I think Keays is a better prospect right now. Hopefully Biggs can get some form back and warrants me picking him up as a FA later on or in next year’s draft.


The Seagulls would like to congratulate our 11th and 12th debutants for the season: Aliir Aliir & Brayden Sier, who will run out for their first match in Seagull colours against the mighty All Blacks in New Zealand.

Taken at the end of 2016, in a trade that netted the Fogtrotters Matt Priddis, Aliir has bided his time in the Longmire doghouse for 2 seasons to make his debut. In honour of this illustrious occasion, fans can get along to the club and place their bets on when Longmire will remember he hates attacking defenders - 2 weeks is currently leading.

Sier, secured in a trade for fellow 2018 debutant Heath Grundy, will run out for his first game 8 days after being traded in. Our recruiting staff knows only a minimal amount about Sier - that he has improved immensely this season and that we had room for another pure mid in our keepers, should he prove himself worthy. Hopefully Sier proves a better gamble than Partington.

Most Seagull Debutants in a Season

NB> Records started being kept in 2012.

2017: 23
2016: 16
2013: 15
2018: 12
2014: 11
2015: 10
2012: 7


Pulled the trigger a week early on Powell


Shoulda picked him up.


I’m sure @wezza will take good care of him.


I thought Rory Lobb was gone for 6 odd weeks with back issues @Dunlop? He’s back this week!


Surely he’ll be a late out.
He was listed as 3-4 weeks on the injury list.


Was 4-5 last week with a small fracture in his back. Had a miraculous recovery over the week apparently and dropped down to 1-2 away. You’d think Keeffe plays, but they said he was training fine so I wouldn’t rule it out.

The Seagulls will have more on this tomorrow.


He walked straight into the injection room for that sweet BETA once he was traded to us.


Are we in a full lockout for setting teams?


Far k long term injury to Conca and done for the night on 1




Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yes we were, but you should be able to name your side now.


That was nasty.


What a difference a couple of trades make. Bank grigg’s 99 and McVeigh’s 85 instead of butlers 51 and jack’s 39. Obviously different positions but I have that many dual position players in my squad it makes it really flexible to swap players around


FYI all…sharing for transparency.

On Wednesday night I made an error with FA. I thought there was a rule in place that meant you could only select one waiver per week. This was incorrectly interpreted from the rules poll that Dunners sent out earlier this season.

The result of the misinterpretation was something I benefited by. Crazy Bomber should have successfully bid on Ben Long as an FA after picking up both Murphy and Kolodjasnij as waiver selections.

Instead, I made Kolodjasnij a FA selection meaning I was successful selecting Ben Long.

This oversight has now been corrected. Ben Long will go to Craze. The next available player on my list was Cameron Sutcliffe, so I will recruit him.

Sam Rowe was the last player at FA that Craze was going to recruit, but he will now be dropped back into the FA pool.

Hope all that makes sense!!


I thought you could have more than 1 waiver pick.


You can. That’s the point…


Menzel is back (named as an emergency) from a one week injury that lasted 10 weeks!
Pity I have to wait another month to get him off LTI.