2018 FF Original discussion thread


That sucks but that is very typical of the Cats. Very frustrating.


Fremantle and Geelong have had the most untrustworthy injury lists this year.
Freo have players as a test and they disappear from training for a month.


I reckon I have done it a few times, not sure if under your watch though, possibly was.


Just a FYI: Whilst the lineup lockout was able to be pushed back last night, the player signing deadline was not. With the change to FA selections, this means foggy is unable to select Sutcliffe on UF as he was signed after UF had enforced its player signing deadline for the round.

Given he would’ve been able to select him if not for the error, Sutty’s score will count in the unlikely event that he plays.

No other teams were affected as everyone else had signed their players before the deadline with the exception of Long, Betts & Rose. Long & Betts (yet to be picked up) are injured and Neela didn’t sign Rose before the start of the game anyway so he would’ve been locked out of the side.


Is he using a blank spot to signify where Suttcliffe is on the bench or in the 18?


I just realised…
Jed Lamb has been playing in the backline.
I haven’t watch any Carlton games this year so never really noticed.
Will have to start watching their games…


I have an empty spot in my backline and on the bench.


I thought the Geelong v Bulldogs game had started.
I think it showed me what you had last night which was a full 22 named.

Carry on…


Thanks mate! Grabbed Rose right at 7.19 but wasn’t planning on playing him. Rest should be sorted.


@Stoops you need to delist a player. Venables is off the LTI list meaning you have one excess player.


Neela’s hard to beat when his man Mitchell scores 195! :hushed:


Still a close game with Conca’s 5! Let’s see what happens!


Having Mitchell is like playing with a extra scorer. He’s crazy


Josh Battle looks like a pretty good find this year!


@The_Mad_Bomber1 would be pleased with his trade, both Westhoff/Geary give him nearly 200 between them down back, whilst Harry Taylor returns from injury and gives him a 91 as a back and Mihocek scores a respectable 63, both for a Round 4 pick. Not bad value for 4 backs, reckon you’ve done well there MB. You’ve taken a shot and it’s working so far.


Huge blow for @Allblack with Fyfe doing a hamstring. This is the time in the season where depth is truly tested.


getting close smoten


With Windy and Stoops losing this week, it throws the bottom two spots in the eight open.

Neela will pass 1600 this week. Big score.
I was looking like pushing 1450, but then Murphy did SFA. ANB, Matera and Luke Ryan did just a little bit better. It looks like I’ll end up somewhere around 1330.

With Sandilands out, maybe Sean Darcy comes up next week. Billy Stretch surely gets a game after Melbourne’s performance today and being named an emergency the past month.
Bennell probably played his best WAFL in years. He might actually be ready to play seniors within a month.

May as well do this now…
The good…

  • Am getting the kind of scores I was hoping for in the first few weeks of the year when I had heavy injury numbers.
  • Some token Mr Hyde performances from Callan Ward and Zach Tuohy.
  • Scache is looking like a good FA pickup.

The bad…

  • Still too many Dr Jekyll scores. Luke Ryan, Robbie Gray and ANB were well under what is expected of them.
  • After the last fortnight, I thought Jed Lamb was worthy of a starting 18 spot ahead of Garlett. I got that decision wrong.
  • I have wim next week. Lucky I still have some left over lube…


Game isn’t done but…

3 Good things

  1. Massive score considering, we effectively played with 17, with an early injury to Conca
  2. TITCH, is what it says in the dictionary when you look up “gun”
  3. Martin, Rayner and Weller back into cracking form.

3 Bad things

  1. Conca done for a while, averaged 90+ the last few games
  2. Depth will be test, either Whitfield will need to go back or we will play Davis down back. Depending on who is available.
  3. Carlton guys need to get back into form - SPS and Fisher


Pimpinio Tigers - The Good and the Bad

  1. 11 wins. That’s the finals locked in. Awesome.

    1. Good score at the right time of year.
  2. Reid to come in. Surely GC have to stop tanking so hard and play Brodie and maybe even Scheer? Moore?


  1. Jenkins, Henderson, Ellis, Grundy, Walters, Shiels…didn’t hit eighty. Henderson, Walters and Shiels are a bit wtf? They’ll come good. Not too worried there. The other three, I honestly hope I can replace with higher scorers over the next few weeks.

  2. Sam Gray. What happened to you, man?

  3. There is no three. Bring on the rest of the season.