2018 FF Original discussion thread


And congratulations to CB.
1300 from a team undergoing a massive rebuild is pretty impressive.


I got very lucky this week. Poor performance by the fogtrotters with five scores under 60, including a score of 18 from Heeney.

Luck would have it that my 17 players did enough to beat Dill’s 15. I was very fortunate to get five scores over 100.


Assuming the winning teams are correct on FF…
The race for spots in the 8 is going to be interesting.

As per seasons past, the teams in bold would be favoured based on total points for the season.

Team Wins % Round 16 Opp Round 17 Opp Round 18 Opp Round 19 Opp
Neela 13 113.0 Topdon Fogdog Windy Dill Westozziebomber
Fudge 13 110.4 Mad Bomber Topdon Blummers Vandrs
Mad Bomber 13 106.5 Fudge Westozziebomber Smoten Crazy Bomber
Westozziebomber 12 108.7 Windy Dill Mad Bomber Alber Thurgood Neela
Wimmera 11 108.1 Blummers All Black Topdon Stoops
All Black 11 107.8 Alber Thurgood Wimmera Stoops Fogdog
Fogdog 9 108.8 Dunlop Neela Crazy Bomber All Black
Windy Dill 8 100.3 Westozziebomber Wezza Neela Alber Thurgood
————————— ——————— ——————— ————————— ————————— ————————— —————————
Stoops 8 99.6 Crazy Bomber Smoten All Black Wimmera
Blummers 7 96.0 Wimmera Jefferson Fudge Smoten
Smoten 6 97.1 Wezza Stoops Mad Bomber Blummers
Wezza 5 97.3 Smoten Windy Dill Jefferson Dunlop
Vandrs 5 95.7 Jefferson Crazy Bomber Dunlop Fudge

The top 4 is going to be battled out between six teams over the next fortnight. Wimmera is in with a great chance for a spot in the four based on his draw, but will need some percentage boosters and some luck for MB or wob to drop out of the top four.

The bottom two spots will predominately be battled Fogdog, Windy and Stoops. Fogdog has the favourable draw based on points for, but all three teams play two teams in the top 8 and two outside the 8.
Blummers, Smoten, Wezza and Vandrs are token chances to make the top 8 but would need a lot to go right to make the finals.

Crazy Bomber and Topdon are extreme long shots to make the finals. Whilst they are mathematically a chance, it’s unlikely that both Windy and Stoops lose every single game and everything else goes spot on right for either of them to make finals.


The Good:
Narkle 88 on debut
Ahern gets a late recall and was impressive knocking out a 82 (despite being on bench)
Dahlhaus back in form
Bruest continues to be great

The Bad:
Backline very average - Williams, Salem, Finlayson, Weitering, Appleby all under 50


Things keep ticking along. 10 wins in the trot. Top 4 still eludes us due to our shocking start. We will go into this week full of confidence against a team we should beat with one eye on the following round where we meet @wimmera1… a game that will shape the top end of the table. A mini final if you will.

The good:

  1. McGrath almost hitting triple figures and giving us a glimpse into our future midfield.
  2. Vlastuin hitting a nice run of form at three right end of the year
  3. Josh Dunkley finding great form and tackling again

The bad:

  1. Fyfe.
  2. 4 players with 50 or less
  3. Lynch going down at GC leaves 2 metre Peter exposed.

Hitting 1450 with so many poor performances is promising. Hopefully Fyfe finds his way back for finals but we will bank that win and move forward.


Could the following coaches please send me a PM with their votes for Lachie Whitfield to be a C, CB or Not Sure:
@wimmera1 & @topdon

Votes in here will not be counted, please take the time to PM me. Thanks.


Must be a tight one


All done.

Lachie Whitfield:
CB - 8
C - 6
Not Sure/Abstain - 4


THe good

  1. TOm Boyd turning a proper score.
  2. The new boy Berry showing promise
  3. a score that would have been competitive with most of this weeks scores.

The Bad.

  1. To many sub 50 scores
  2. Ainsworth dropping off after scoring consistently well
  3. Not being able to judge whether or not Cordy will score decently again.


The good

  1. Five players tonne up.
  2. Sloane returns.
  3. More players returning soon. .

The bad

  1. Playing three short.
  2. Vince, McIntosh and Lecras dropped, Gunston a late out.
  3. Position in eight tenuous.


The Good

  1. A competitive score of 1300
  2. Lobb kicked 3 goals in his first quarter, then trailed off with a lack of game time back from injury. Promising.
  3. Josh Battle developing nicely & Guthie made a nice return from injury as did Hampton. Riewoldt gunned it.

The Bad

  1. Plugging holes everywhere. Midfield good, backline is shizen. Backline has a good one, midfield is sh*te. Get them both right and forwardline leaks. I guess it happens with this rebuild.
  2. Inconsistent midfield, Dunstan and Robinson down games
  3. Never in the contest, wimmeria far too strong’

The Odd

  1. Alex Sexton has this year scored 51, 53, 55, 56, 56, 57, 57 with a 49 and 60 either end. 7 of his last 8 games have been scores in the 50’s. Guy lovves a 50. Shame GC can’t get him the ball more.


This is the final week to place players on LTI (players can see be elevated), so if you have a LTI, please submit it to me before Friday’s lockout.

Btw, I’ve also already altered the signing and lineup lockouts so what happened last week, won’t reoccur this round.


The Sunbury Seagulls have sacked their medical staff and fitness staff after the 5th occurrence of bone stress related injuries this season. Coupled with the severely underdone pre-seasons of key players Toby Greene, Taylor Walker and Rory Lobb, along with the recent miraculous injury recovery of Lobb once he was under the care of another team’s medical staff, and management thought it best to part ways with all individuals who have contributed to this debacle. In the interim, the club has appointed Dunlop’s dog as chief medical physician, as one official put it “Dunlop read a book that suggested dogs could smell cancer, so why wouldn’t they be able to smell bone stress injuries”.

Sources within the club have suggested that Williams’s injury has put a severe dent in internal plans to win 2-3 games from the club’s final 4 matches.

When asked for the coach’s comments about the situation, an official played a 5 minute recording of Dunlop weeping uncontrollably.

Officials opted against informing Dunlop that James Cousins had suffered another inopportune injury, ruling him out as a potential replacement for Langford, opening the door for the Seagull’s opponents this week, the Fogtrotters, to have another player to choose from instead.


My team is officially no longer delicious.


Wow that is a shock!


Dang. Hoped lynch would make my pick.


You suck :stuck_out_tongue:


Really happy to pick up Jacob Dawson. The more research I did, the better he looked. Young and producing good NEAFL numbers. Loves a tackle.

That being said… I get obsessed with players sometimes despite their obvious spudness so could be worthless.


I’ll keep him warm for you till the end of the season :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll make do with your Neela reject and speedy wing.

Needed more backs with Williams’s injury and I expect Aliir to be back in the NEAFL in 2 weeks once Melican has a full game or 2 under his belt.


AA had a good game the first week, super sloppy last week. Hoping for you his decision making is back on par this game!