2018 FF Original discussion thread


Midfield Frequency Data

Rd 14’s Brisbane vs. GWS held over from last week

31 bounces; miss rate 0


Cutler 28 wing
D.Beams 20
Berry 19
Zorko 18
Mathieson 16
McCluggage 15 (12w, 3i)
Bailey (FC) 15 (10w, 5i)
Mayes (FC) 12 wing
Christensen 6
Rayner 6

Martin 23
McInerney 8


Taranto 27 (21i 6w)
Kelly 27 (17w, 10i)
Hopper 25 (22i, 3w)
Ward 19 (16i, 3w)
Shiel 18 (12i, 6w)
Tomlinson 16 wing
Coniglio (FC) 15 (12i, 3w)
de Boer 7 wing
Reid 1 wing
Whitfield (B) 0

Simpson 25
Tomlinson 4
Patton 2

Matches Reviewed for the Past Week

Rd 13’s Carlton vs. Fremantle


25 bounces; miss rate 0

E.Curnow 23
Kerridge 22 wing
Cripps 20
O’Brien 16 wing
Fisher 10
Lang 10 (9w, 1i)
Graham 8
Dow 6 (5i, 1w)
Silvagni 5
SPS 4 (3i, 1w)
Wright 1

Kreuzer 22
Casboult 3


Langdon 18 wing
Fyfe 18
Sheridan 18 wing
Tucker 12 (11w, 1i)
Neale 11
Blakely 11
Giro 9
Banfield 8
Brayshaw 7
Matera 6
Mundy 4
Nyhuis 1 wing
Cerra (CB) 1 wing
S.Hill (CB) 1 wing

Sandilands 20
Apeness 5

Richmond vs. Sydney

28 bounces; miss rate 0


Edwards 22 (13w, 9i)
Cotchin 22 (21i, 1w)
Martin 21
Grigg 21 wing
Graham 19 (13w, 6i)
Prestia 16 (12i, 4w)
Caddy 9
Higgins 5 (3w, 2i)
Conca (inj) 4 (3i, 1w)
Lambert 1

Nankervis 27
Grigg 1


  • First time Graham has finished in the top 6 mids in an analysed match since Rd 2 (7 games analysed) - though I believe he also played midfield against Geelong.
  • Most appearances for Edwards, Grigg, Prestia & Higgins in an analysed match this season.
  • Most appearances for Caddy in an analysed game since Rd 2. Though he didn’t have as many appearances, he did have a higher percentage of bounces attended against Port (38% vs. 32%).


Florent 26 wing
Parker 21
Kennedy 19
Hannebery 18 (10w, 8i)
Hewett 18
Cunningham 11 (10w, 1i)
Jack 9 (8i, 1w)
Heeney (inj) 8
McVeigh 8 wing
Hayward 1 wing
Ronke 1 wing

Sinclair 27
Rohan 1


  • Second least appearances for Cunningham in an analysed game this season after Rd 5 (9 games analysed). He started on the bench and didn’t have his first wing start until the 2nd term; he disappeared from the wing again in the last.
  • 2nd time Florent has topped your list from the 9 games. This is the most midfield time he’s had in any analysed game (he had highs in both overall total and percentage of bounces attended).
  • Most appearances for McVeigh in an analysed match this season.
  • Most appearances by Parker in an analysed match this season (he also hit highs in percentage of bounces attended).

Bulldogs vs. Geelong

Bounces: 33; Miss Rate 0


Lipinski 29 wing
Hunter 27 wing
McLean 22 (20i, 2w)
Bont 20
Williams 18
Wallis 14
Gowers 13
Dunkley 12
Richards (FC) 5 wing
Jong (inj) 2 wing
Dahlhaus 2
Schache 1 wing

Boyd 31
Cordy 2


  • First time Lipinski has topped your list in 8 games analysed (his previous highest finish was 6th) - obviously he also hit highs for total appearances and percentage of bounces attended.
  • Season high appearances and percentage of bounces attended (in analysed games) as well for Williams, Gowers and Dunkley. Wallis equaled his season high in appearances.
  • Season high appearances for Boyd in the ruck as well a new high in percentage of bounces attended (94% vs. 81%).
  • First time Dunkley’s had a non-ruck midfield start in an analysed game since Rd 2 (no starts in Rds 6, 8-9 & 14; 2nd ruck for Rd 8).


Duncan 27 (15w, 12i)
J.Selwood 25
Cunico 23 wing
Ablett 21 (15i, 6w)
Kelly 21
Dangerfield 14
Murdoch 10 wing
Narkle 9 (7i, 2w)
Parsons 8 wing
C.Guthrie 6 (5i, 1w)
Fogarty 1 wing

Stanley 29
Taylor 3
Hawkins 1



  • Oddly considering the depth of your midfield options, Parsons started on the wing for almost every bounce in the last term.
  • Highest amount of appearances for Duncan & Cunico (from 6 games analysed), though Cunico attended a higher percentage of bounces in Rd 8. Duncan often starts off the back of the square, so typically his numbers haven’t been anywhere near this high this season.
  • Wing opponents for the majority of the night: Duncan: Hunter; Cunico: Lipinski

GWS vs. Hawthorn

Bounces: 28; Miss Rate: 0

Kelly 23 (15w, 8i)
Shiel 22 (16i, 6w)
Ward 21 (12i, 9w)
Coniglio 20 (19i, 1w)
Tomlinson 18 wing
Hopper 18 (17i, 1w)
Taranto 13 (12i, 1w)
de Boer 2 wing
Reid 2 (1w, 1i)
Whitfield (B) 1 wing

Simpson 23
Patton 3
Ward 2


  • First game from 7 analysed (Rds 7, 9-12, 14-15) this season where Taranto has finished outside your top 6 mids - last game he was equal leader with Kelly.
  • Interesting Ward was used as the back-up ruck after Patton’s injury as taller players Himmelberg & Tomlinson have been utilised as centre square rucks since Lobb’s injury.


Mitchell 25
O’Meara 22 (19i, 3w)
Shiels 20 (10w, 10i)
Howe 18 (12w, 6i)
Henderson 16 wing
Smith © 11 (10w, 1i)
Roughead 6
Puopolo 6
Breust 6
Morrison (FC) 4 wing
Impey 3
Duryea 2
O’Brien 1 wing
Langford (F) 0

McEvoy 20
Ceglar 8


  • Smith predominantly started off the back of the square at bounces, then became an extra mid in general play.
  • Highest starts for O’Meara in an analysed match since Rd 2 (10 games analysed). He has also regularly played the role Smith played last night.
  • Equal fewest appearances for Morrison in an analysed game.
  • Highest amount of starts this season (in an analysed game) for Puopolo & Duryea.

Essendon vs. North

Bounces: 37; Miss Rate: 0


Heppell 31 (29i, 2w)
McGrath 30 wing
Merrett 25 (19i, 6w)
Guelfi 24 wing
Langford 16 (15i, 1w)
Stringer 16
Myers (? FC?) 14
Smith 12 (11i, 1w)
Colyer 10 wing
Fantasia 4
Walla 3

T-Bell 31
McKernan 6


Higgins 33
Dumont 29 (28w, 1i)
Cunnington 27
Clarke 26 wing
Ahern 23 (22i, 1w)
Anderson 20
McDonald 19 wing
Ziebell 8

Goldstein 37
Daw 3


  • Given the high scoring nature of the match most players (Higgins, Dumont, Cunnington, Clarke, Ahern, Goldstein & Daw) hit appearance highs for the season (in an analysed match - 6 other matches analysed - Rds 2, 5, 7, 9-10, 14)

Gold Coast vs. Collingwood

Bounces: 26; Miss Rate: 0

Gold Coast

Schoenfeld 23 wing
Miller 22 (17i, 5w)
Lyons 18
Sexton 17 wing
Swallow 16
Dawson (FC) 9
Martin 7 (6i, 1w)
Ainsworth 7
Young 5 wing
Holman (FC) 3 (2i, 1w)
Weller 3
Rischitelli (B) 0
Powell (F) 0

Witts 22
Crossley 4


  • First time Schoenfeld has topped your list in an analysed match
  • Most appearances for Martin in an analysed game this season (5 others analysed - Rds 6, 8-9, 12-13)


Phillips 20 wing
Mayne 20 wing
Sidebottom 19
Adams 19
Pendlebury 16
Sier 12
Daicos 10 wing
de Goey 7
Thomas 6
Crisp 1 wing

Grundy 20
Cox 6


  • Sier received a lot of opportunity in the first half as he had 8 appearances to half time (including the opening bounce). He played mainly forward in the second half with Thomas & de Goey receiving a lot more midfield time - possibly doesn’t have the tank to play a full AFL game in the midfield yet?
  • Most appearances for Thomas in an analysed game since Rd 9 (Rds 10-12 analysed since then).




Amazing how Shane Biggs comes straight the week after I drop him. He didn’t even line up for the VFL side last week.
Best of luck to him though…


He was one of the most popular players this season to be bid on at FAs.


Well I got a 85 out of McVeigh last week and that’s it. Worst trade ever


Anyone heard from CB?
He’s got some strange team selection this round.
Looks like he didn’t get a chance to change his team before lockout.


Fark! I thought I’d changed my team on Thursday and obviously didn’t save, was going to swap Lobb/Newnes to forward and Kruezer in.

And WTF just checked that Matt Dea has been omitted? I thought he was playing well? And looking at Curtly Hampton’s effort from last night as his replacement (most the game on the field for 2 handballs) he’ll be getting dropped permanently soon.


Figured something went wrong with you.

My team is playing very well this week.
It’s amazing how many of my ex-players are on wimmera’s team.
Curnow, Lloyd, Henderson, Grundy, Goldstein and Hawkins.
Brandon Ellis, Jake Kelly and Gardiner on the bench too.


Lynch is looking spectacular!


Predicted Scores

fogdog 1327 vs. Dunlop 1350
Fudge 1443 vs. Mad 1453
Allblack 1504 vs. Albert 1095
Stoops 1445 vs. Craze 1041
Smoten 1208 vs. wezza 1435
wimmera 1605 vs. Blummers 1396
topdon 1297 vs. Neela 1435
WOB 1465 vs. Dill 1398
Jefferson 1177 vs. Vandrs 1202


Thanks Dunlop. Massive score by wim this week.

My score won’t be near predicted but in different during that game about WHE’s knee.


Good and the Bad Round 16 - Pimpinio Tigers.


  1. 1600+
  2. Three tons on the bench.
  3. All players on the list being available in the next week or two, apart from my LTI Ratogolea…who you can’t have.
  4. 5th highest score of the season.
  5. Four of the top ten scores of the season.
  6. Fear me.


  1. Ed didn’t go so well.
  2. Three tons on the bench.


I reckon your in prime spot for the premiership at this stage!


Until next round when we knock you off @wimmera1


Two potential upsets:
WOB 1347 (w/de Boer, Shaw & Hurn) vs. Dill 1386 (fs - playing 3 short)
Jeff 1169 (w/Ah Chee, Cole, Himmelberg & Langdon) vs. Vandrs 1206 (w/Tomlinson)


The good…

  • Billy Stretch with 97! He was worth the wait.
  • Glad to get Darcy and Daniels playing this week. Darcy will be fine once he gets his fitness back up. Daniels started the game off well and tired.
  • Should get Nic Newman back next week. Ben Keays was a travelling emergency. Rowan Marshall might also be an in. That should give me some flexibility at FA.
  • Jed Lamb continues to surprise. He was almost dropped at last FA.

The bad…

  • Luke Ryan and Nick Haynes with the Dr Jekyll’s this week.
  • Brandon Matera was useless. So was Ben Stratton. Stratton will be delisted soon. Matera will no longer be a keeper unless he turns this form around.
  • The scoring still not good enough to make finals.


Not an upset, my team is puss!!!

I’ve got a 6 on field for Christ sake. A 6!!!


He’s won 2 for the season and this is only Jeff’s 5th time over 1200 for the season - its an upset.

2:22 left

A Hurn chip and play on gives WOB just 3 to win.

Jeff still needs 15 to win


Two cheap handballs for de Boer gives WOB the lead (before late adjustments). A Tomlinson late flurry will give Vandrs the win.


WOB by a handball bar any adjustments