2018 FF Original discussion thread

Team Wins % Round 17 Opp Round 18 Opp Round 19 Opp
Neela 14 112.8 Fogdog Windy Dill Westozziebomber
Mad Bomber 14 106.1 Westozziebomber Smoten Crazy Bomber
Fudge 13 109.5 Topdon Blummers Vandrs
Westozziebomber 13 108.1 Mad Bomber Alber Thurgood Neela
All Black 12 109.6 Wimmera Stoops Fogdog
Wimmera 12 108.7 All Black Topdon Stoops
Stoops 9 101.3 Smoten All Black Wimmera
Fogdog 8 107.9 Neela Crazy Bomber All Black
————————— ——————— ——————— ————————— ————————— —————————
Windy Dill 8 100.3 Wezza Neela Alber Thurgood
Blummers 7 95.3 Jefferson Fudge Smoten
Wezza 6 97.9 Windy Dill Jefferson Dunlop
Smoten 6 96.8 Stoops Mad Bomber Blummers
Vandrs 6 96.1 Crazy Bomber Dunlop Fudge

Neela, MB and Fudge look unlikely to drop out of the top 4.
wob, All Black and Wimmera will battle it out for the fourth spot (wim looks most likely).
The bottom two spots in the 8 will be fought out by Stoops, fogdog and Windy (stoops most likely to miss out).
Blummers, wezza, Smoten and Vandrs are still in with a mathematical chance, but would need a lot to go right to sneak into the 8.


The Good
1 Good even team performance.
2 A reasonable debut from Teia Miles, I really want Dylan Moore to get a game soon.
3 Masten going pretty well.

The Bad
1 Liam jones started and then returned to the Liam Jones we all know and love.
2 Nowhere near the depth of the Pimpino Tigers with all those tons on the bench a 57 was the highest DNP from my squad this weekend.
3 Our percentage and PF are pretty poxy, that needs to lift to be any chance of winning many finals.


So 11 wins in a row and we go into this week’s game as a firm underdog. We know what we’re capable of at our best and reckon we are a chance. Whoever loses this week can forget the top 4.

The good:

  1. Dunkley gets it done two weeks in a row
  2. Witherden finding his best form
  3. Bradshaw is a monster

The bad:

  1. 8 players under 80.
  2. Caddy with two poor games in a row
  3. Really is time to give up on Poholke. He’s a spud.



the good
no injuries

the bad
our team spirit of playing like a bag of dicks at the same time. one or two pelicans made their average, the 16 were about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle


much interest in Josh Smith @fogdog ? I debated putting in a waiver req and ordering him 1st on my FA list.


Yes. Quite a lot. And mostly waivers too.


Good opportunity for fog this week with Bont out!


I must have missed the info about Billy Stretch being injured.
Had I known I would have held onto Corr another week.
I wouldn’t mind it if Nic Newman or Sam Murray get a game this week.

I’ve got all but 4 players named in the 22 or as an emergency this week. Pity it isn’t round 5…


Better opportunity for you with me potentially one short. Is Bont your only best 18 out? What a luxury :joy:!! I am without Pittard, Crouch, Tyson, Daniher and Gibson!!


Talking about this week fog. But your having a real laugh :wink: Is Tyson and Gibson even best 22 for their respective clubs? Crows talking about delisting Gibson at season’s end.

Haha, list isn’t as big as yours just Bont, Roberton and Conca. Bont is prettt useless aye! :stuck_out_tongue:


If I can squeeze into the eight, I just might be able to shake things up.

The defence has been shambolic of late, and I was three defenders short last week. Vince back this week, Matt Shaw selected for his first game, Duman returns, O’Riordan (EIC) a possible debut, Cheney and McNiece added for depth trough free agency and Barass almost a cetainty to return next week. O’Shea and Glass are both emergencies and have seen senior action lately. But most importantly, Hanley and Kolodjashnij are both close to returning and should be back for finals. So the back line is looking much stronger and with plenty of depth.


Congratulations to Brad Lynch who will run out as the Seagulls 13th debutant at the weekend. Also hearty congratulations to Toby Greene who will play his 100th game for the Seagulls (if fit). Unfortunately as Tobias wasn’t playing until 30mins ago, he will have to forgo a celebratory banner this week.

If Apeness isn’t being rested, I’m just flummoxed. His first legitimately bad game playing in slippery conditions where young KPP have traditionally struggled and you opt to turf him for someone who can barely find the ball as a forward in the WAFL, let alone kick a goal or take contested mark. One bad game and you’re out in a rebuilding side if you’re not a Ross fave - that’s a great way to encourage young players.


such a good player!


Midfield frequency reviews for the week:

Round 14’s Collingwood vs. Carlton


Bounces: 24; Miss Rate; 0

Pendlebury 20
Phillips 18 wing
Mayne 17 wing
Adams 14
Sidebottom 14
Treloar (inj) 13
de Goey 12
Daicos 8 wing
Stephenson 3 wing
Crisp 1 wing

Grundy 21
Cox 3


Cripps 21
E.Curnow 19 (10w, 9i)
O’Brien 18 wing
Kennedy 16
Mullett 12 wing
Dow 8
Garlett 7 wing
Fisher 7
Silvagni 7
SPS 4 (3i, 1w)
Wright 1
Polson (F) 0

Kruezer (inj) 11
Rowe 13

Rd 15’s Fremantle vs. Brisbane

Bounces: 29; Miss Rate; 0

Neale 24 (23i, 1w)
Langdon 23 wing
Sheridan 14 wing
Banfield 13 (10i, 3w)
Tucker 13 (12w, 1i)
Brayshaw 11
Cerra (CB) 10
Mundy 9
Giro 8
Walters 7
Fyfe (inj) 6
Matera 6 (4w, 2i)
S.Hill (CB) 1 wing

Apeness 21
Cox 7
Pearce 1


McCluggage 26 wing
Beams 24
Cutler 23 wing
Berry 21
Zorko 14
Mathieson (FC) 10
Taylor 8 wing
Rayner 7
Robinson (FC) 7
Barrett 3
Christensen 1 wing
Witherden 1

Martin 26
McInerney 3

Sydney vs. Geelong

Bounces: 20; Miss Rate: 0


Florent 19 (16w, 3i)
Kennedy 18
Hewett 16
Parker 12
Hannebery 9 (5w, 4i)
Jones 8 wing
Cunningham (CB) 6 wing
Fox (FC) 6 (4i, 2w)
Robinson 4 (3w, 1i)
Jack (inj) 2

Sinclair 18
Towers 2


  • Most appearances for Jones from the 10 Swans games analysed this season. Also the first time he’s finished a match as a top 6 mid in an analysed match since Rd 22, 2017.
  • First ever appearance for Ollie Florent as an inside mid in an analysed match. Odd to see him start 2 bounces there before Parker had his first start.
  • Cunningham again largely vacated his wing first to Hannebery then to Jones.


Menegola 16 (13w, 3i))
J.Selwood 16
S.Selwood 15 wing
Dangerfield 14
Ablett 12
Duncan 9 (7i, 2w)
Murdoch 7 wing
Kelly 4
Narkle 4
Fogarty 1 wing

Stanley 18
Taylor 2


  • Equal most appearances (with Rd 1) for Menegola in an analysed game (7 matches analysed) this season. Also the first time since Rd 1 he’s finished in your top 6 mids.
  • Least amount of appearances for Kelly and also the first time he’s finished outside the top 6 mids in an analysed match - he did largely play off the back of the square in the first half.
  • After 27 appearances last week, Duncan returned to his back of the square role and his numbers returned to roughly his season average accordingly.

Richmond vs. Adelaide

Bounces: 27; Miss Rate: 0

Martin 22
Grigg 22 wing
Cotchin 20 (19i, 1w)
Edwards 17 (16w, 1i)
Prestia 17
Graham (inj) 12 (7w, 5i)
Higgins 11 (7i, 4w)
Caddy 11 (9i, 2w)
Rioli 2 (1i, 1w)
Castagna 1 wing

Nankervis 23
Grigg 4

Notes (stats refer to analysed matches unless noted - 8 games analysed this season - Rds 1-2, 5-6, 11-12, 15-16):

  • Most starts Higgins this season.
  • Most starts for Caddy since Rd 1
  • First inside mid start for Rioli since Rd 23, 2017


Seedsman 21 wing
M.Crouch 21
Gibbs 21 (20i, 1w)
Sloane 20 (18i, 2w)
Lynch 14 wing
Kelly 13 wing
Greenwood 11
Douglas 9 (7i, 2w)
Hampton (FC) 5 (4i, 1w)

Jacobs 23
Jenkins 4


  • In the first half you utilised last year’s winger set-up of 2 players starting on the wing with a placeholder forward standing next to the opposition winger and the your actual winger starting 20m further towards the Tiger’s forward line. After half time, this reverted to a traditional man-on-man winger set-up.
  • First ever appearance for Kelly as a mid in an analysed match (entirely possible he played wing last week as well).
  • First time Lynch has finished in your top 6 mids in an analysed match since Rd 14, 2017.

Brisbane vs. Carlton


Bounces: 29; Miss Rate: 1 player of 145

McCluggage 26 wing
Beams 23
Berry 22
Cutler 22 wing
Zorko 16
Mathieson 12
Rayner 8
Taylor 6 wing
Robinson (FC) 4
Christensen 2 wing
Barrett 2 (1w, 1i)

Martin 23
McInerney 6


Miss Rate: 2 players of 145

E.Curnow 26 (24i, 2w)
Cripps 25
O’Brien 23 wing
Graham 13 (11w, 2i)
Kennedy 12
Lang 12 (11i, 1w)
Fisher 10 (9i, 1w)
Murphy © 8 wing
Marchbank 5 wing
Pickett 5 wing
SPS 4 (3i, 1w)
Polson (F) 0

Kreuzer 24
Phillips (inj) 2
Kennedy 2
Rowe 1

Murphy shifted to starting off the back of the square at bounces in the 2nd half, then became an extra mid in general play.

Melbourne vs. Fremantle


Bounces: 23; Miss Rate: 0

Viney 20
Jones 19 (18w, 1i)
Brayshaw 18
Stretch 17 wing
Oliver 16
Fritsch 9 wing
Petracca 9
Harmes 5 (4i, 1w)
Lewis (CB) 1 wing

Gawn 21
T.McDonald 2


  • For one bounce, you only started with 2 inside mids.
  • The least amount of midfield time for Fristch in an analysed match (8 games) since Rd 5
  • Second fewest starts for Harmes in the midfield (in an analysed game) after Rd 5
  • Tom McDonald’s first appearance as the back-up ruck in an analysed game since Rd 18, 2017


B.Hill 18 wing
Langdon 14 wing
S.Hill 14
Sheridan 13 (12w, 1i)
Mundy 12
Neale 11
Tucker 6 (5i, 1w)
Walters 6
Banfield 5
Brayshaw 5 (4i, 1w)
Matera 5
Giro 4
Cerra (CB) 2

Darcy 15
Apeness 8

Brad Hill back to his usual spot at the top of the list.
Stephen Hill’s first appearance in your top 6 mids in an analysed match this season.

Western Bulldogs vs. Hawthorn

Bounces: 32; Miss Rate; 0

Dunkley 29
Hunter 26 wing
Lipinski 23 wing
McLean 19
Bont 17
Wallis 15
Dahlhaus 12
Richards (FC) 9 wing
Daniel 5 wing
Gowers 4
Biggs (FC) 1 wing

Boyd 23
Cordy 9


  • Most starts ever for Dunkley in an analysed match (worth noting Mitchell was only at 24 so Dunkley was starting there regardless of tagging).
  • Most ever appearances for Cordy in the back-up ruck role in an analysed match
  • Most midfield starts for Wallis this season in an analysed match (9 matches analysed) and his most since Rd 20, 2017 when he played the game on the wing against Brisbane.
  • Most starts for Daniel in an analysed match this season.


Mitchell 24
Henderson 23 wing
Howe 21 (18i, 3w)
Shiels 20 (19i, 1w)
O’Meara 20
Smith 20 wing
O’Rourke (FC) 13 (7w, 6i)
Morrison (FC) 8 wing
Puopolo 6
Impey 3
Breust 1 wing
Gunston 1 wing

McEvoy (inj) 18
Ceglar 13
Roughead 1


  • First match in 3 seasons of doing this where Breust has been fit and hasn’t had at least a token start as an inside mid. Ditto Roughead. Usually Hawthorn run all non-KPP + Roughead through their inside mid rotation.
  • O’Rourke had 8 starts (from 16 bounces) to half time, but only received 5 (from 16) in the 2nd half - all on the wing - so he’ll presumably need time to build up AFL midfield match fitness.
  • Most starts for Smith in an analysed match since Rd 2 (11 matches analysed) - obviously he’s been starting off the back of the square at bounces a bit which would reduce his numbers.
  • All bar 1 of Puopolo’s starts came in the final 15 minutes.

Essendon vs. Collingwood


Bounces: 25; Miss Rate: 0

Heppell 23 (12i, 11w)
McGrath 19 wing
Merrett 18 (16i, 2w)
Myers 16
Smith 15 (9i, 6w)
Langford 9
Walla 8
Colyer 7 wing
Guelfi 5 wing
Stringer 5

T-Bell 20
McKernan 5


Pendlebury 22
Mayne 21 wing
Adams 17
Sidebottom 16 (9w, 7i)
Sier 15
Phillips 14 wing
de Goey 9
Daicos 6 wing
Thomas 5

Grundy 25


  • Grundy is only the 2nd ruck (after Goldstein in Rd 14) to attend every bounce in an analysed match this season. Cox has averaged 5 bounce attendances over the 10 Collingwood games analysed.
  • Sidebottom moved into his old wing role for the 2nd half, largely at the expense of Phillips
  • Second lowest appearances for Phillips in an analysed game this season, the only game lower was Rd 8 where he got injured.
  • On a couple of occasions in the first half, when Sidebottom was starting off the back of the square and Sier in the midfield, Sier would attend the bounce then run away from the next stoppage to play as a forward with Sidebottom replacing him as the 5th mid.
  • For a 2nd game player, a lot of trust was placed in Sier as he attended 5 of the 8 bounces in the last term.




He’s behind Darcy every day of the week.
Looks like they’re going to let Darcy take the ruck on his own (which suits his game).


Averaging 92pp after five players.
Can’t complain.


Kruezer injured 5 minutes into a game? Say it ain’t so!


Your team has lifted. Was hoping for a slightly down week from you and an up week for me. We’re 5 goals down early in the first


Would Bont have even got a game this week?

151 from Dangerfield
100 before halftime for Mitchell
83 from Fisher
Gaff to come
Whitfield to come

Strewth, what a midfield!!!