2018 FF Original discussion thread


Zach looks like he can football.
I’ll race you to him.
Mind you, my last pick is 110.


He’s pretty much yours unless someone else takes him earlier.
I’ll be focussing on forwards and midfielders. Probably only need 1 more defender for insurance and maybe a spare ruckman.


Despite the fact my team is very average I’ve had a hard time picking my 20th keeper. I’ve been tossing up between Atley, McCartin and Josh Thomas for a while now. I really wanted to keep McCartin as he’s looked really good in the first 2 JLT games but his issues with concussions has me concerned. He still looks to be behind Bruce and Membrey in the pecking order and I need guys who can play. Thomas I really rate but not sure how he’ll fit at Collingwood. When he plays he can score really well. If he didn’t miss those 2 years of footy I think he’d be a 80+ average forward. I went with Atley in the end mainly for team balance. He always gets games but hasn’t been the best scorer. He showed signs towards the mid/end of last year that he was improving and pushing up into the midfield a bit more.

Missing Brodie Smith for the year is going to suck. The Aaron Francis trade doesn’t look good for me so far. I think if he can get back to SA we may see the best of him so that’s my hope for him at this stage.

We will need to focus early on some more backs to cover him and other developing kids across the backline. A couple more best 22 mids will also be handy for cover.

Not sure how this year will pan out. I think my side will struggle again. I think I have a good core of 12-16 players who can make up a strong side, but I think that’s still 2-3 years away.

My keepers and 2018 side:

B: Bachar Houli, Martin Gleeson, Jack Crisp
HB: Jackson Thurlow, Shaun Atley, Ciaran Byrne
C: Stephen Coniglio, Taylor Adams, Matthew Kennedy
HF: Devon Smith, Hugh McCluggage, Darcy Lang
F: Orazio Fantasia, Tom Lynch, Jade Gresham
R: Toby Nankervis, Ryan Clarke, ???

B: Jack Scrimshaw, Brodie Smith (LTI), Aaron Francis,


Cameron Pederson
Jake Barrett
Josh Thomas
Nathan Vardy
Paddy MccArtin
Marley Williams
Archie Smith
Daniel McStay


Tip on UF for selecting Keepers…

Make sure you pick 20 players. It doesn’t lock when you reach 20 so you can accidentally pick 19, 21 or 22.


My final Keepers. Lodged on UF and ready to draft

B – Ryan Burton – Nick Vlastuin – Alex Witherden
HB – Andy McGrath – Jimmy Webster – Lee Spurr
C – Dyson Heppell – Jared Polec – Dayne Zorko
HF – Josh Caddy – Angus Brayshaw – Josh Dunkley
F – Ed Langdon – Peter Wright – Jack Silvagni
R – Nick Natanui – Josh Kelly – Nat Fyfe
Int – Harrison Wigg - Josh Walker

Walker takes the final spot. He is going to be a 70 average forward and gives me a third ruck option meaning I can go to the draft and not worry about rucks at all which is great.

I am really happy from a Back, Centre and Ruck perspective. I am two or three quality forwards short of being a genuine challenger. Thank being said, Langdon and Silvagni could surprise this year. At some stage I expect Langdon to become a very good FF scorer. Lets hope its sooner rather than later.

I have a team that should consistently be in the 1400-1500 range and hopefully above that as well.


My hot mess is looking something like this (subject to last minute change of mind)

B - Rampe, Logue, Howe
HB - Langdon, Weitering, Salem
C - Hall, Zaharakis, Miller
HF - Crozier, Dahlhaus, Keays
F - Laverde, Amon, Bruest
R - Lycett, Parfitt, Cockatoo
Int - Cuningham, Dumont

Aish ,Lewis Young, Tippett, Butler, Hickey, Conca, Karpany, Harry McKay, Webb, Sheridan

We’ve ditched representing Kozza and since having the #1 pick (and going to be shit again this year), we’re going to Trust The Process moving forward.


Exciting squad that one!


Oh, I’m going to take my rightful time on the #1 pick and wont be unofficially starting the draft early until i’ve seen what’s happened in the Freo V WCE game (AKA Brayshaw watch)


That makes me curious. What could happen in that game to change anything?


Probably nothing, but just due diligence.


Is it delistee day?


Yep! Torn like 5 ways haha


Well, bugger.
I need more time…


I’m trying to decide between three keepers for the final spot…one has a finger injury and hasn’t played JLT yet but is a lock for his side, one had just played one and had a poor game and scored low but has good upside, and the other scored well from limited game time and am unsure if he’s best 22 yet. HALP


Reminder the deadline for keepers is tonight 10.30pm AEDST.

As long as I’m not having to chase anybody up, I should have the spreadsheet out sometime between midnight and 1am.

Also like Blummers has pointed out, make sure you’re submitting 20 keepers into UF - last year one person submitted 19

Ignore if not drafting internationally

@topdon can you please let me know what US timezone you’ll be drafting in
Also @You_Shall_Be_Smoten and @Awesome_Scotty can you confirm you’re still in your usual timezones


It’s 1:45am in St. Louis right now which is where topdon currently resides.


Wow - that was the hardest keeper selection I’ve had to do in this comp, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, like CB probably would have liked 22 keeper spots and am putting two guys into the pool that I really didn’t want to, one in particular.

Playing the long game with guys like Tim English certainly hurts sometimes!


Ah yes, I forgot, get your LTIs in - either here or via PM - any confirmed LTI submitted before the start of Rd 6 will receive a replacement pick at the end of the draft.


Do you go the safe and reliable option or go the risky more upsidey player?


Upside, but was a tough call, worst thing is not cashing in for any value at trade period…