2018 FF Original discussion thread


It doesn’t look like Dill is going to do enough…


You forget to set your team? Or just chosen not to play Walker and Greene? Ballsy if so.

Ahern possibly swung our matchup.


Albert 1095 vs. Dill 1262
Stoops 1452 vs. wimmera 1584

Stoops 101.36
Windy Dill 100.97

Stoops still has effectively around a 100pt percentage lead.


Need Johanissen to move from deep forward!


Sorry about the sixty points from poor selection, Dill.


Fair question.

No that was the side I named. The one I’d have back isn’t either of them it’d be Dawson over Daicos.

Tex wasn’t close to selection and has only played 1 game for the Seagulls since their bye. He’d only managed 1 score above 60 in his last 7 and even in that game, he’d scored half of it in 1Q. Banfield, Cerra, Higgins, Florent and Spargo have been outperforming him. I’m not sure what Burton & Haas have done to him, but he doesn’t have the tank to get to as many contests as he has previously and even when he does he doesn’t have that burst speed to get clearance on his opponents that often.

Greene had averaged 59 since returning, he didn’t have a pre-season and was rushed straight back in 11 weeks out with no NEAFL game to get touch. I watched him closely last week and was seeing the same issues that led me to not put much faith in Tex turning it around - he didn’t have the tank to get to anywhere near as many contests as normal, plus he was spending more time than usual deep in the forward line which was hurting his scoring. I came away thinking he needed another 2-3 weeks before he’d reach match fitness and able to perform like he normally does. 15mins into the last he only had 48 and it was looking like a good call, then he added 40% in 10mins to make things uncomfortable.

Brown was playing a full game in the midfield with Collingwood’s outs, he’d averaged 66 in that role previously this year, with 2 70s & a 80 and Dawson was coming off 220ish in the NEAFL. I just thought they both presented better options this week than Greene.


I’m cooked here


I wish I had that kind of depth!


I wish I had hung on to Dawson. He looks a likely type.


How do you figure, sportsfan?
You’ve posted a big score, Walters is on 9 for the half…


Shiels is on fire, so too Henderson, plus Dill has Duman going nuts on the bench and Gunston can only improve.

Going to be tight but I think Albert being one short will cost me, it will be barest of margins, unless O’Meara can get going.


Actually, if that 100 point margin is correct, you do look kinda cooked.
I have mixed feelings about that.


There’s 0.5% in it on live scores currently and my percentage will only decrease and Dill’s should increase with 2 v 1.


Shiels and Henderson have combined about 12 times this game I reckon


If the Dees played Pederson…


Oh well, better pick in the super draft. I can’t get through from here.


So looking like it’ll be:
Neela vs Fudge
MB vs Wimm
Westozzie vs Dill
Allblack vs Foggy


Predicted Scores
Albert 1079 vs. Dill 1301
Stoops 1419 vs. wimm 1599

Predicted Percentage
Dill 101.19
Stoops 101.17

EDIT: To put another way 10pts either way changes who plays finals


How many points is 0.01%?


Who goes through if percentage is equal?