2018 FF Original discussion thread


Just saw what May did.


.0000001% chance of percentage being equal given I’m running things via Excel, so it can run to as many decimal places as possible to split things.


O’Meara digging deep…


Gunston getting huge junk time though, Walters floating around half back chasing kicks, I can’t get through


Myrma passed predicted already…


…but Dill is going to cruise past his predicted too…


10mins left

Current Percentage based on Current Scores
Stoops 101.3
Dill 101.2


Teams out of the 8 can or can’t use free agency again?


Also, if I hadn’t traded Crouch for Berry…




Dill will need to send roses to Alber, not bothering to pick up a ruck again has killed Stoops’ finals chances.


Not yet

5mins left

Stoops 101.3119
Dill 101.1183


I had a look, not a lot of rucks to be had.
I think any reasonable person would have chanced their arm with Pederson.


O’Meara GOALS!!




2:29 left

Stoops almost home barring late adjustments

Stoops 101.2756
Dill 101.0823


There was Dawson Simpson, Matthew Lobbe & Scott Jones available, with Jones going unpicked.

Considering Pederson has played 1 game since Round 2 and he’s played without a ruckman in 2 of the last 3, I definitely would not have chanced my arm.


Did Stoops make it, or Dill? :hushed:


Looks like he’s done enough, regardless.


Well done Stoops. You’ve got me covered.