2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


General Draft Tips

Q> What is the optimal setting for awesome drafting*?
A> For starters don’t touch the edit pre-draft rankings section otherwise the entire list will start as your contingencies and it’ll be more time-consuming to set them later. The draft will start with everybody on manual selection, but to avoid disappointment you’ll want to change the setting that asks what to do if you time out to “skip pick” rather than autopick. If you miss a pick you’ll then be able to draft for the missing selections when you’re back online rather than cop the autopick.

*Actual drafting results may vary.

Q> How do I set c’s?
A> Next to each player you’ll be able to select or deselect a star, this will move that player to your c list. Select all the players you want, then move to second tab in the general draft window to order them. Once you’ve done that change “manual selection” to “automatic if ranked” - that setting will use all your c’s and then revert to manual selection when no c’s remain. Make sure to return things to manual selection when you’re back online.

Q> Help! Its my pick, but I’m having net issues and can’t draft!
A> Never fear there is a backdoor method for the league manager to write-in a pick if someone has issues with UF.

Q> What happens if I select either of the autopick options?
A> The computer will employ Pazza to temporarily draft for you…occasionally you’ll be pleasantly by the results, but mostly it’ll draft you rubbish.

Q> How smart is smart autopick?
A> Not very.

Q> But how can something that says “smart” make bad selections for me?
A> Try now, whinge later. For our draft think of it like autopick has gotten into a dress-up box and put on glasses - same autopick, you may just perceive it be to be “smarter”.

Q> I couldn’t resist seeing what pressing the red button does and drafted via autopick, please help me!
A> Get in contact with me and the committee will discuss whether you get a replacement pick or not.

Q> Help I’ve automatically drafted from my c list when I wanted to pick manually.
A> Based on precedent (Mad Bomber, Vandrs) we can’t help you in that instance. If you ■■■■ up and it is clear the player had to come from your own c list, you’ll just to wear it.

Q> What are the time limits this season?
A> We’ll be starting with 6 hours during the day and 11 hours overnight (11pm-10am). Given the time crunch, if we’re in danger of not getting the draft done before the season starts later rounds may move to 4 hours.

Q> Happy drafting?
A> Happy drafting.

LTI Reminder: The deadline for putting players on LTI to receive an end-of-draft replacement pick is the start of Round 6.


Surely Wezza can pick Brayshaw and be done with it?


If I had pick 1 I’d take Brayshaw. Looks like a can’t miss.

Then again…
I took Daniel Rich and Jack Trengove.


Just as a head’s up unless we get to topdon’s pick tonight there’ll be a midnight cut-off for Blitz drafting.


I’m not picking Brayshaw if available at two :wink:

Concern is losing his F eligibility.


I’m ready to go with pick 3!


#1 Wezza picks - Paddy Dow (Fark Carlton)


  1. Temple of Bont - Cam Raynor (Brisbane Lions)

@Stoops with Brayshaw?

  1. Nick Coffield (St Kilda)


Haha he was gonna be my pick if Raynor was off the board


Are the picks supposed to be taken here or in the draft thread?


Ridiculously hard. Before the draft I was set on one particular player and thought was going to pick them without any doubt. But I changed so many times over the last couple weeks.

Unfortunately I havent been able to see JLT games, so going on 2nd hand reports and pre-draft notes.

But Dow’s CBAs and hitting the scoreboard swayed me.

I’m also not any chance to challenge for the flag anytime soon, so I figured I can be patient waiting for Dow to bulk up and be ready for his real role.

I’ve bound to have ■■■■■■ it up though.


I would have taken Coffield at pick one. Everything I have heard about him excites me from a FF perspective.


Rated by lots of people as the best player in the draft with no glaring deficiencies. Good pick IMO, was in my top 3 but I was pretty much set on Coffield for the last week and a bit - had been keen on Rayner all Summer but worried he won’t be FF relevant for 5 or 6 years. I reckon he’ll have big impact on games but will be a 10-15 disposals plus a goal a game for a fair while.

If I didn’t have Macrae, Cripps, Steven, Prestia in my midfield I definitely would have taken Brayshaw at 3


Me too.

  1. LDU


LDU was guy I thought I was going to pick for 4 months. It’s going to be tough to follow.


Yep he was number one on my board for the longest time.


Genuinely thought Raynor may slip to me nerdier today. Raynor, Coffield, LDU and Kelly were my 4