2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Cole, Bell and Carlisle were on my list. I just think Bell could be in for a breakout this season.


I am going to bed, will be back on from about 6:30 tomorrow. Does anyone know if the UF app is working this season? I tried to install it but I have been unsuccessful so far.

I will be on an excursion tomorrow so I should be around to take any picks that may be due (via the website on my phone).


Might be a couple of hours before I can pick. Lots of meetings today.


LTI Reminder

Get in quick, the way this is travelling we’ll be through Round 5 by midday tomorrow.

Wow, couldn’t get any takers for Kerridge for a 6th rounder - @Vandrs takes him early Round 3.


Thought the advice last season was they were scrapping the app and just making the website more mobile friendly?


Maybe I cannot remember for sure. I have had to do a reset on my tablet and it came up in my library so I tried to install it.


Haven’t used their App for a few years now.
Their website is very mobile friendly.


Is there an updated AFL injury list somewhere?


backs were the flavour of the night it seems.


Going in to the draft I had 5 so I needed a few. Now I have drafted 3 that need has been somewhat filled.

Bring on the ruck rush!


Very hard to find any info on injured players. You need to go each clubs website, and even then they may not have anything.


Struggled to fit in 20 keepers already. Trading for Kerridge would’ve stuffed me even further.

I don’t have many pure C’s on my list so I needed some flexibility and he seemed the best available who gets games regularly.


I’ve taken Reilly O’Brien with a fourth rounder, but I suspect he would’ve been around for my last pick. He’s future proofing my side as Sauce Jacobs likely replacement. Also, should Jacobs get injured, his backup will be ready to go.

Was keen on Mullett, but Vandrs took him a few picks earlier in what could be his first solid list management decision in years.


I’m off to work now but feel free to message me if my pick comes up.


I’ve got a meeting this morning and my picks are likely to come up.
I’ll take the picks during my lunch break.



I will be free from 12-2 today, feel free to message me.


Oooiiiiii wait! Nope, seems about right


Surprised McVeigh lasted that long Fog. Great pick up.


Sorry for holding it up. Thanks Wezza for the sms.


Just selected