2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Cant tell you how much I regret trading away draft picks every year when the draft comes around. I have my heart set on a player and I need him to stay available


Just mention the name here and we will all overlook him. Just like the players you mentioned earlier.




I want to personally thank everyone for yesterday - we got through more than a third of the draft (66 picks) within 24 hours which is truly phenomenal.

@Allblack - Its Casplank isn’t it? Don’t worry I’m sure Craze will draft him next and put you out of your misery. Craze just loves him some Casplank.


Lol. If there is anyone without a pick before me… I will message the name…


Just because I am nice (and the numbers work for me and who I want)… here is some interesting reading


Craze update: On the way home and then will have to assess options - aiming to pick between 4:30-5


7 clicks already.



No influence at all on this clicker, if that makes you feel better.
Got bored less than a quarter of the way through.


Yeah I didn’t get past Brisbane lol


Done and done.



Tossing up between Liam Jones and Nathan Brown. 1 sec


In my best 12th Man Max Walker voice “You little Anzac!”


Went against my previous drafting form and grabbed Liam Ryan. Probably my one and only rookie in this trade period. Liked what I saw of him against Freo. He looks like a very lively type who can tackle for days!!


Love a player who loves a tackle


yep! haha 35+ picks away


First you get da tackle
Den you get da points
Den you get da tonn


Same here. Didn’t get through Adelaide. It’s just another allblack “distraction”.


It’s the players not in the article that he doesn’t want you to concentrate on.