2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Wimm just drafted a praying mantis


I found some value in it. Liam Jones looks to be building nicely.


Gimme 20mins fellas.

Hipwood, Weller, Holman, Sargo, Aish and Taylor were my C’s and all gone.


Obviously a longer term prospect.
I’m happy to mothball him for the year and have first refusal on next season.
At this point of the draft I was thinking, ‘who would I be most annoyed about missing out on.’
And it was this guy, so I don’t mind if I picked him up early.


Hipwood, Weller and Otten were all on the list. More blind hope than anything.


Good pick Wim.

Fog slowly killing it.


Yep, he’s made me go back to my notes a few times.
I don’t know who this Charlie Spargo is, but Dunners has done very nicely too.


Enough of the niceties, Hipwood will barely scrape a 50 average.


He’ll score more than Mav Weller :wink:


Dunlop getting Higgins at 14 is steel of the draft for mine. Thought he might even slip till my pick at 18 for a while here.


I think Hipwood will reach 60.
Have some better gamed towards the end of the year.

Next year is his year when Brisbane stop playing crabs in their midfield.


Quite aware of that.
If he puts together a few 70s and 80s towards the end of the year then I’d count it as a win.


He wasn’t going to make it to your pick if Dunlop didn’t take him.

He was top of my list before Dunlop took him.


about to pick


@fogdog, if you are taking your pick in the next 30 mins, message me when done and I will take mine.


I was tossing up between Stewart and Menzel.
Think they’ll both score about the same through the year but Stewart will be a bit more consistent.



My draft is done.


Wow, that’s nice and quick. I’ve still got 6 to go.


Pick 65. Mad Bomber - Cam Sutcliffe (Fremantle)

Pick 68. Mad Bomber - Trent McKenzie (Port Adelaide)

Pick 86. Mad Bomber - Jack Lonie (St Kilda)