2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


friggin’ sigh
I’m gonna have a power nap and then get ready for work.


Sorry for the delay.
Not happy with the options I had.
Mason Cox could end up being my first player delisted.

Hopefully I only need him for round 1 only.

Very unsure whether I should take big swings and go into round 1 underdone or try and scramble together a team.


Best of luck with Jack.
I’m a fan, but he just doesn’t get a straight run at the Saints.

Did you have him in 2016?


Maybe I will, from the top of the ladder! View is great up here! :ok_hand:


I agree, but I think his best is good enough to get him into the aints best 22.

YesI drafted him originally. 2015 at pick 59.

I had a feeling I had better pounce when I did. I nearly telegraphed in the few picks before mine but I saw that you had a pick a few spots before I did so I said nothing.


Gregson could be a great pick Wimm.



Gosh darn it dill, I liked the look of Glass.


Dill. Of course you’d take Glass on me :confused:


At least I’ll be able to drown my sorrows with my multiple premiership cups…


It is a real pane for you guys that your window of opportunity to take Conor Glass was closed by Dill.




Had a hard line next to him on my spreadsheet printout and everything.
Wasn’t even a question mark.


He heard Andy Maher talking talking about him today.

Oh and just on Andy Maher, Dill looks like a “fuller” version of him IRL


Not happy with the pick, but needed a R eligible player. Only have Lycett.

Annoyed to have Cox and Glass on my pick list and miss out.


I don’t think he’s best 22. Sinclair, Gresham and Billings pretty much own the little man spots at the Saints.

I was intending to save one of my last two picks for him, but have others I’d gladly use one of those later picks on them.


I can see a lot of decent valued B players available. I’ve run out of forwards though.
I just didn’t notice all the forwards being taken off the board gradually. Today was a total whitewash of my C’s.


I have a number of players I am considering with my next few picks, I just hope you guys aren’t thinking of the same ones.


Josh Thomas was clearly at the top of my list for the next pick.

Not liking the way this draft is turning out for me. There aren’t too many forwards that’ll play round 1 with upside.

May need to switch tactics now.


Very very happy with my 2018 drafting. Historically my strength has been trading for need. But that trend is slowly changing after successfully drafting keepers over the last few seasons like Heeney, Mathieson, Setterfield and Stewart.

My overall strategy was to find two Cs that would fill a current hole as well as replace Selwood. Then it was all about depth and making sure I could fill a full side every week.

Here is my drafting summary:

10 - Tim Kelly (was not even considering him given the preseason he had. Fully expected him to go top 5-7. Once he slipped to 10, was a no brainer)

20 - Isaac ■■■■■■■ (was on my list at pick 10, thrilled to get him and hope he gets game time soon. Ready made for the HBF and a probable replacement in my keepers for Suckling)

28 - James Worpel (one of many Cs I drafted in hope they’re the next Mitchell or Neale)

34 - Jackson Trengove (probably my favourite selection. I needed both F and R depth and I got both in one. A regular starter that will score well in the ruck)

46 - Jake Kolodjasnij (a fogtrotters favourite that will hopefully play more like Mackie as well as push up into the midfield)

59 - Sam Gibson (tried to recruit him via the trade table unsuccessfully. A good consistent backup mid that can score and will get games)

70 - Jarrod McVeigh (big fan of him as a player but this is purely for depth)

72 - James Aish (could he finally have a breakout season and reach his potential? Hard midfield to get time in. We’ll see)

82 - Nic Holman (big wraps after his season in state football. Will be interesting if he gets much mid time in a full strength GC midfield)

85 - Kobe Mutch (nearly made my keepers ahead of Mathieson. Surprised he was available at my tenth pick given the interest at trade time. Very happy to have him back)

Overall my side now has 9 defenders, 9 forwards, 2 rucks and 11 pure Cs.

Very happy. Bring on round 1.