2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Has @The_Mad_Bomber1 been notified ?


Don’t think anyone has his number so may need to wait.
Two hours away from skipping his pick.

My next two picks are too close so cannot set to autopick.


I’ve got his number and have just texted him.


so sloooooooooooooooooooooooooow

Where’s TMB?


Just beat the autopick by 30 min with Masten


All that for Masten?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have changed my drafting style.
Have taken Daniel Rioli.


I’ll be in the burns unit if anyone wants me.


Where’s pazza with the water when need him?


Aaaaaand I’m out.


If only I took Allen before Rioli…


I thought I’d well and truly screwed it with my Jed Lamb pick.
Literally thought, ‘You idiot, Blummers has two picks before your next one.’


Haha Dunlop is about to cut my lunch.


If anyone want a no-holds-barred draft critique I’m happy to do one if you’re prepared to do one for me (once I finish drafting).


Yep! I’ve done a pretty ■■■■■■ job this year compared to normally in terms of drafting but go nuts and i’ll get yours done!


Ya did ■■■■.


Oooooh, shiny new squad.

Jake Lloyd SY - B Tom Doedee AD - B Steven May GC - B
Jarrod Berry BL - B,C Ricky Henderson HW - B,C Brandon Ellis RI - B,C
Jake Kelly AD - B Oscar McDonald ME - B Darcy Gardiner BL - B
James Sicily HW - B,F Easton Wood WB - B

Ed Curnow CA - C Will Brodie GC - C Liam Shiels HW - C
Brad Ebert PA - C Cam Ellis-Yolmen AD - C

Sam Gray PA - C,F Michael Walters FR - C,F Tom Phillips CW - C,F
Sam Powell-Pepper PA - C,F Billy Hartung NM - C,F Sam Reid SY - F
Darcy Moore CW - F Eric Hipwood BL - F Cory Gregson GE - F
Jed Lamb CA - F Oscar Allen WC - F

Jordan Roughead WB - R Ben Brown NM - R,F Josh Jenkins AD - R,F

Yep, go your hardest, DIll.
Can’t be worse than last year’s.


Ya pinched Roughy! Bastardo


Dea must be a shot for some time with Gleeson going down


Last year’s analysis was savage.