2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


He was right about Witherden, I’ll give him that.


Thanks Dill, I had no idea I was up, phone was on silent or as good as so I didn’t know of your message until about 5 minutes before I took my pick. I had a 40 minute window at about 11:00, and a 20 minute window from about 1:50, I checked my phone in those times but there was nothing. Most schools take a dim view of teachers using their phone during class time, so I could not do it in class time.

There are at least 3 coaches who have my number. Apologies if I inconvienienced anybody.


I almost took him instead of Masten, truth be told I selected him and opted to go with Masten when the confirmation to take Dea came up. Needed another local in the team since Dow (I think), O’Brien and Mutch went.


It is all a lottery at this stage. If Masten breaks back into the team you will have a very handy player. Seems though that Simpson isnt a massive fan/


Pick 104. Mad Bomber - Chris Masten (West Coast)



What did I say about Witherden? Would love to have him now!


It’s possible that I chose Lachie Henderson over him, and you rightly said…wwwwwwwwwwtf?!


Witherden was an unknown entity to a large degree. Highly rated junior who sufferred a potentially career threatening injury. Was a late pick which made the risk relatively low. He will die in the All Blacks. Marked never to leave.


Panicking over nothing. Its the “I’ll be dirty if…” stage of the draft. Only Marshall escaped me from my list of re-drafts.

If you get the player you want, I’ll let you know if I was circling though…

1:30am topdon time, so it is entirely possible we’re done for the night already


I think my assessment had more to do with Henderson than Witherden.


Got the player pictures ready to go for my next pick, just need the picks to come around and I will be good to go.


Hell yeah. I love your reviews. And would be happy to return your favour.


In theory this is fine if you have five or six gun pure Cs. But apart from the top sides, most teams don’t.

Some of the non finalist teams focus too much on trying to secure FC or CB eligible players that will only ever get 60-80 point averages and possibly lose the F or B status throughout the season. The high scoring FC or CB players are usually already in teams or they’re top 20 draftees.

They end up missing out on recruiting a 80-100 averaging C and settle for 60-80 averaging Cs and FC/CBs.

With 11 pure Cs in my squad, I’m hoping I can add to Crouch, Shiel, Selwood and Tyson by finding another two guns. Hopefully one could even end up with dual positions.

Probably makes no sense at all what I’ve said above but I think I know what I’m doing. Well I hope so anyway.


Please sms me if Vandrs pick comes up.


My drafting this year seems more like my 2016 draft than last year. Sam Murray pick was fine. Marshall taken too early, but he looks a DTer. Melbourne apparently rate Maynard highly internally so I’m hoping he gets to replicate his VFL DT scores.
I’m luke warm on Menzel. Think with no Motlop, he might run through the midfield a bit.

Varcoe, Cox, Daniel Rioli and Edwards are all likely busts. Varcoe, Cox and Edwards will help me with my round 1 team then are likely to be free agent fodder. Rioli isn’t DT relevant.

I still have two more picks, but I have my work cut out for me finding anything that helps me field a team in round one.

All in all, I’ve probably got 1 keeper. The rest have virtually no trade value.

Am going to have to nail some free agent picks during the year.


I’ll give it a go too!


Sure thing. Happy to do five in total (short of time and can’t do them all). So far:

Next coach who asks


Me please! When I finish drafting that is…


Not me, it won’t be pretty reading with me starting in the 100s


You’ll redeem yourself when you draft Josh Green.