2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Windy’s review of Wim’s draft selections:

Pick 43 - J. Kelly (Adel)
This guy looks a like a lock-down defender to me. I can’t see him developing into an attacking ball-winner or making your keepers.

Pick 55 - O. McDonald (Melb)
He’s a key defender, and key defenders are fantasy poison. You could have grabbed him with your last pick I suspect.

Pick 64 - D. Gardiner (Bris)
Another defensively minded player. Maybe you see these guys getting off the chain and changing role, but I don’t see it.

Pick 79 - E. Hipwood (Bris)
I like him as a player, but not as a fantasy prospect. I just steer clear of key position players. Glass or Holman may have been better options.

Pick 88 - C. Gregson (Geel)
I think he can play, but just hasn’t had the opportunity due to injury. His job security is poor, but as a speculative selection I don’t mind this.

Pick 95 - C. Ellis-Yolmen (Adel)
I like the pick. He looked in good nick in one of the JLT games I saw. He may struggle for opportunities, but I reckon he’s worth the gamble.

Pick 97 - J. Lamb (Carl)
He’s going to struggle to score well and consistently playing starvation corner. Maybe you know of a change of role?

Pick 106 - O. Allen (WC)
I’d typically steer clear of key forwards, especially first year players. He may develop into a lead up player at his size, so perhaps you are on to something here.

Pick 109 - J. Roughead (WB)
Not sure what you were going for here. I would have rolled the dice on trying to find a keeper if in your shoes. You’ve already got Ben Brown and Jenkins, which is enough ruck depth in my opinion.

Pick 110 - E. Wood (WB)
Fair enough. You need to ensure that you’ve got a full side to pick, and Wood will play and score reasonably when available. I perhaps would have rolled the dice on someone like Lovell who has produced huge numbers as a junior and may see opportunity this year.

I think with your squad you should be looking for up-side players Disco style. Players like Wood (28), Roughead (27), Lamb (25) and Ellis-Yolmen (25) have been in the system for some time without producing big numbers. A few more speculative young players who have put together big scores in lower or junior leagues would have been my preference. Your first three picks in Kelly, Oscar McDonald and Gardiner are all defensively minded players who I don’t think have the scope to play a more expansive game. Similarly, Hipwood and Lamb play positions that don’t traditionally produce good numbers.


Sorry Wim. I said I’d give an honest “no-holds-barred” assessment.




Windy’s review of Fog’s draft selections:

Pick 10. T. Kelly (Geel)
I liked what I saw in JLT, and he has already produced well at senior level in the WAFL. A pretty safe selection, but I wouldn’t have passed up on Higgins who I think has more upside with his scoring.

Pick 20. I. ■■■■■■■ (GWS)
I like this selection. Someone like him or Perryman could be getting games as there are a couple of openings in GWS’s back line.

Pick 28 - J. Worpel (Haw)
I suspect he could have been drafted with your last pick, and you’re carrying a lot of midfielders on your list.

Pick 34 - J. Trengove (WB)
If he plays in the ruck, he could be handy, and he’s now at the club with the weakest ruck stocks in the league. I suspect that the Bulldog’s will be desperate to get games into English, who I rate highly, but I doubt he is ready for a full season of AFL footy.

Pick 46 - J. Kolodjashnij (Geel)
I know you like him, but he screams “lock-down” defender to me. He did play wing at times, but his numbers weren’t that good. He seemed to be playing exclusively as a defender in the preseason games I saw of his.

Pick 59 - S. Gibson (Adel)
I reckon in a keepers comp you there are two viable modes of list management: Premiership mode and rebuild mode. You’re rebuilding admirably, but you’ve missed an opportunity to find another keeper.

Pick 70 - J. McVeigh (Syd)
As above.

Pick 72 - J. Aish (Coll)
Too much of a squib for AFL footy. Destined for the scrap heap at the end of this year. Also, why draft a pure mid as depth?

Pick 82 - N. Holman (GC)
Another pure mid, and I don’t see the upside. Delisted by Carlton, but has produced in the AFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if he played plenty of footy and scored reasonably well too, but I would have gone for a speculative upside pick here to accelerate the re-build.

Pick 85 - K. Mutch (Ess)
Another pure mid! This one I think has merit because his junior numbers were big, and he put together some good numbers at VFL level. What I think holds him back is that he’s outside player without much penetration in his kicking or pace to break the lines. But if he does make it, I expect that he will unobtrusively accumulate possessions, which is what you want from a fantasy prospect.

I’m surprised by how many pure mids you are carrying. You made the point earlier that the best teams have an excellent starting midfield, which is true, but the likes of Holman, Aish and Gibson are not likely to develop into starting mid players in my opinion. I would have preferred to see more speculative up-side selections, and a bit more versatility in with some dual position players selected. When injuries inevitably hit, you may struggle to field a full side at times. I like your first two selections, but I think you went a bit safe thereafter.


I found Dill’s review from last year. Pretty bang on.

Only ended up with 2 keepers from the draft, one ended up being turned to Cam Rayner this year.


Thanks. Interesting and constructive assessment. I will assess yours once you’re finished.


It’s all good.
I think some of your calls are perhaps a little narrow, but overall I think it’s fair.
Particularly Edenhope’s own.
Definitely could have picked him up a lot later.
Having said that, full back’s not bad at 21, and I’m hoping he can venture out from the goalsquare a little more as he gets older.


What a shame I missed the Dill draft review cut-off, I was hoping for a re-do after last year’s evisceration - though calling my efforts last season “solid” was being extremely generous. I call it my worst ever draft performance




Fairly sure topdon timed out given Graham was the top UF choice and the timer was down to 36mins when it was roughly midday his time.

He’ll have to wear Graham as he evidently didn’t check UF when he got up and I advised everyone to change the time out setting to skip pick to avoid the system autopicking for you in those circumstances.


Graham is predicted to average 82 this year so it’s not all bad.

Oh and I’ll rip through a few of the draft reviews once the draft is done.

But just a quick preview for Dill. I think Vince was a terrible pic so early. Fog has waaaayyyyy too many mids. Wimms draft may be worst in BBFF history.


Who would you have taken instead of Vince considering I was after a ready made defender?


It’s amazing Graham is still on a list. Will average 80+ in the VFL


More than happy to do a review of your draft.


I think Vince is one I will regret cutting. I probably would have taken him if he was available at my pick. I wondered about his job security but on his day he can light it up no doubt.

For what it is worth I think he was a great pick Dill.


I just think he’s getting pushed out of the side. He doesn’t run both ways and isn’t the best user. Plus he’ll miss 4-6 through suspension again.


I think fogdogs plan with midfielders is fine. It does seem excessive but if he finds those midfielders he’s looking for within that group, it was worth it.
Also, he doesn’t need to find them straight away. I’m sure throughout the season he’ll monitor them and make decisions through the season on the players.
As far as struggling to field a team, I think he’ll do okay and use free agency to fill gaps.


When does the 4 hour time limit kick in, round 8?


Good pick up WOB!


Wim’s gamble on Oscar Allen was worthwhile.
There are Pavlich like similarities that differ to the similarities given to Darling and Weideman in the past. Allen has been able to actually play through the middle and high half forward. The only problem is it’s unsure if it’s because he’s physically stronger than midfield opponents.

I don’t think he’ll get games until later on in the season, but he was one I was hoping to use a late pick on. I knew he’d be gone by my next pick in the 150s, so my early 100s pick was the go.

I thought maybe Dunlop and MB may have been onto him so that’s why I picked Rioli then was going to take Allen after wim’s pick.