2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Pick 121. Mad Bomber - Dylan Moore (Hawthorn)

He can barely contain his excitement at joining the Crunchas!


Had De Boer down for my next pick. They love him there. Will play plenty and will be handy


Not much to choose from but I like what I saw from de boer in the pre season. Being elevated to the leadership group and two solid pre season scores hopefully is the start of a solid year.


He was on my shortlist at the end.
Loved a tackle at Freo.
Not as old as you’d think, either.
I’d quite like it if he could reinvent himself, because I admired him as a player.


@fudge ready to go bang,bang,bang and take all the pre-ranks.


Wow 3 picks in a row, that would be kind of fun to go bang, bang, bang!


Haha jinx @The_Mad_Bomber1




Sam Wright the harlot of BBFFL I wonder how many teams he hasn’t been on? He seduces us with what he can do and then leaves us high and dry! Might be a great pick he is surely due some luck.


Texted Dill


If anyone else wants to assess my drafting, feel free to do so (and be as harsh as you want) then I will return the favour.


This one could actually be my pick of the draft. I did a bit of work recently where Hawthorn were training. They were doing some match sim stuff and he was turning it on. I pencilled him in for one of my last picks (which was round 5 anyway).

When I saw him go so early in the other draft, it spooked me! Plus I ended up getting the next three that were on my list anyway (Trengove, Kolodjasnij and Mutch).


And if three end up dominating, I can trade someone like a Selwood during the trade period.

Or just delist the duds.


He wouldn’t have made it to your last pick.


First De Boer and now Guelfi. Getting thin on my list


@Jefferson you’re up mate.


Thanks, picked


Stoddart is a risky one but played both JLT and is a running half back. We love those. Swans dont mind playing a kid so hopefully he can find his way in the team.


Bugger. I was going to get him with my next pick, thought he’d last one more round.


@Vandrs you’re up mate!

Stoddart risky but could be a good pick up. Haha, a bit slight so hoping Ling gets the HBF role before him once he’s back from injury.