2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


If they’re an academy gun they got for nothing, sure.


Reckon Stoddart’s speed may place him ahead. Will be an interesting one.


Yep Stoddart tested quicker but Ling’s speed in the GF last year was insane and uncanny


I try not to draft Adelaide players for this reason. Sydney played a few last year. Depends on injury I guess


Haha ditto


I’ve got a feeling that Dunners going to take my pick.


A reminder to message me when it is vandrs pick.


I think he’s up now.


You drafted him first, I picked him up a day later with 17 in our other draft. I had no problems taking him early, I rate him

He’ll get a opportunity this year. They need a hard nut in there to help Mitchell


I also rate Worpel, was looking at picking him with one of my picks in the 30s. Hawthorn mate reckons he will be a gun and I’ve liked what he’s shown in pre-season.


I’m going out to get some lunch if @Dunlop picks soon. I’ll be back in a jiffy.


Atley was on my ranked players list but dont know what to make of him. Could be a very good player but think with their recruiting, he may struggle


I want to believe, but he looks so very much like the type of player they’ve tried to…create(?)…for the last five years with next to no success.


Will message you when I do…just deciding whether to further eschew any rational depth structure by omitting ruck depth and any 100% certain back depth.


Isn’t he a pure C? :wink:


Uh-oh… who’s Mitch Crowden @Dunlop


Stupidity rules


@topdon you still up?


You made a very solid argument. I am convinced


6 hour limit as it’s 9.30pm?