2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Posted in the wrong thread…
Was wondering where LDU would go.
The most disappointing rookie since Lonzo Ball.


Lol. Lonzo is coming good


He’ll be fine once he adjusts to the pace of the game IMO


You haven’t met his old man yet.


Thought LDU started to find his way in the second half of the last game


So close to my pick…


Brayshaw sliding a surprise. He looks a total gun. Built for FF


We should be able to get through a good chunk of the first round tomorrow as it should be awake time for most time zones and topdon has three picks in the first :slight_smile:


Can’t believe Brayshaw wasn’t top 3

BBFL#2 Draft Discussion 2018. League 2 goes Ultimate

It’s the most difficult pick i’ve ever had to make. All the top 4 plus Brayshaw were in my thoughts for #1.

Can understand how Brisbane still had 4 on their list a week before the draft.

Plus there’s still a bunch more rookies who are at the same level.

Such an even spread.


I wouldn’t be waiting around for topdon tonight if anyone is doing so. It’s 6:30am Sunday morning where he is and I know he was planning on prioritising his picks on Sunday.


#5 topdon selects Andrew Brayshaw


Cerra is a brave call. Was interested but really want to see someone before I pull the trigger


I messaged Jefferson at 9:40am.


I select Jaidyn Stephenson


Gotta put it through UF now.




Charlie Constable is a nice pick.
I had him pencilled in at my pick unless there was a slider.

I’m not sure if he’ll play a lot of games this year or score well, but in a few years time, I think he’ll get the opportunity and score very well.

Two surprises so far for me:
I didn’t have Naughton or Richards in my top 15. Haven’t really looked into the Bulldogs much though.


I thought Naughton may of been a chance to slide to my first pick in Round 2. With the dogs backline being in a shambles I think he’ll see a minutes this year. Topdon looks to have nailed his 3 picks.

Foggy probably couldn’t click on Kelly’s name any faster.


Seems early for Naughton by my list and Fogarty in any other team would be a top 5 pick. If he breaks into the team, he is a bargain. Just as possible you spend 22 rounds looking at his SANFL numbers and wondering what else he has to do