2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I’m here and awake (barely). I will make my pick in the next 10 mins.

The last pick in the draft is always the toughest.


Nicholas Shipley. Kid is a decent chance to play Round 1.

With that, topdon is done and dusted!


was next on my list.


If my next pick (around 150) comes up between now and 8pm, please skip my pick (if that can be done) and I’ll take my pick later on tonight.

Appologies. Haven’t had time to put a list together and having a rough day at work.



@westozziebomber you’re up wobbie


I can totally see MB or CB getting in on my next pick!




Pick 138. Mad Bomber - Joel Garner (Port Adelaide)

Oops! Wrong Joel Garner. (I could not resist).

Pondering what might have been…


back up!


I didn’t get your man did I?


Nope! 2 picks to go.


I’ve set some contingencies, leaving for the airport now to head to Australia to oversee the end of my drafting.

It’s about 24 hours transit time so realistically if it hits my pick and I’m out of contingencies then skip me and I’ll select when I can. Maybe give me half an hour just in case my plane has free WiFi.


Thanks Smotes and safe flight!


You’re up @Awesome_Scotty


Donezo and messaged Dill


Mason wasn’t on my radar, but on the way home I saw a quote from Dys saying that Dea or Redman are in line to replace Marty.


yo @Allblack


Sent him a facebook message too!


Thanks guys. Was living up to my stereotype and was at rugby training. Can’t believe someone took Cedric Cox.


You’re up @Fudge