2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Can we change the time limit? Haha so edgy to finish! :joy:


I feel ya.
I want to play with my whiteboard, too.


My draft is done, bring on the 2018 season! Open to thoughts and criticisms etc


Just saw Aaron hall has a broken thumb :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


And I’m done!


Other league is catching up!


Not really. We keep getting delayed. Still waiting for a pick since 8pm last night.


Anyone heard from CB?


@Crazy_Bomber is on the sms list, so i’ll let him know


Nope. HE just picked.


I have 4 picks right at the end or so. I might just select auto pick, lol

In saying that, I drafted Callum Sinclair with pick 170 odd last year, my last pick, and he’s now in my keepers haha


You’re up now though.


Il go in half a hour just trying to sort out traffic management idiots on a highway FMD


Just auto pick :stuck_out_tongue:


I am on the school run, will be out for about an hour. I can be messaged and I can take my pick if I am not driving. Failing that I should be home by 4:00 and can obviously take it then. I am assuming that Smotes is on auto or will be skipped, so if Wez picks I can go soon.



you’re up, see ya at 4?


I have never seen a draft pool as thin as right now. Just complete average plodders or blokes who won’t get a game, maybe ever


You’re up @Fudge


Last pick. I better make it a stinker like the rest.


Done. That was tough. Feel like he will be round1 FA fodder.