2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Who was that?


tall swingman (not great FA players), but was pick #13 . There was a hoo-ha because he was initially GWS zoned and people were thinking he may have been #1 for a while this year, but didn’t have the best year.


I have read worse, seems ok but maybe better in 2020.


yup. Last in, first out for end of r1 FA picks.


I am done. Neville Jetta who is nothing but depth in case of nuclear war when the rest of my players dont make the bunker.


I was considering him strongly for my last pick.


2 picks till I am up and I have 2 players that I want to take at this pick, I wonder if someone can do the hard work for me and take one of the 2 before I can? Has happened a bit towards the back end of my picks.


He has strengths, such as. He will play every game. Probably.


I know who one is :wink:


If you do then you are doing well cos he is a bolter for me contemplating him. PM me and I will see if you are right.


I can’t haha, he’s on my sights too and I’m picking 2 after you

Crazy picking in 10-15 min

@westozziebomber will be up shortly after


The All Blacks Draft Review (Feel free to go your hardest)

Pick 4 - LDU - a no-brainer. Seriously talented kid who I thought would go pick one (dont we all say that). Had a mildly slow start via the JLT but showed a bit in the last half. Has class and can play with the big boys from day one.

Pick 22 - Dan Houston - Wasn’t originally on my list but some time with google convinced me that he should have been. 16 games at 70+ last year with potential for further growth gives me good depth down back.

Pick 42 - Luke Partington - Drafted by me when he was first picked by the Eagles and then delisted when I realised he wasnt going to see senior footy for a while. Puts up serious numbers in the WAFL and is rated highly by plenty over there. I expect him to break out this year and to be a keeper next season

Pick 58 - Darcy MacPherson - Forgot I drafted him until I started looking back over my draft. I like the kid. Small but loves a tackle. Looks like Dew likes him too. His numbers in the JLT were actually pretty good when you look at then against his time on ground.

Pick 99 - Hamish Brayshaw - Real speculative pick against what I expect to be a miserable year for the Eagles. Hoping they are pretty quickly into “play the kids” territory and if they are, he is the sort of player that will be able to put up real solid numbers.

Pick 112 - Matt Dea - Sorry to see Gleeson go down but if there is an upside, it could be that Dea gets to play loose backman which is FF gold. Could also be delisted by round 3.

Pick 129 - Ryley Stoddart - Got a gig in the JLT and is a running half back. Not sure if the Swans will back him in but reckon he is a good chance. Plenty of toe and a pretty good user of the ball.

Pick 146 - Willie Rioli - Will get a game nice and early. Looked the goods in the AFLX crap and worth a watch from a FF point of view. Knows how to kick a goal and doesnt mind a tackle.

Pick 161 - Rupert Wills - What team doesnt need a Rupert in it? Good hard midfielder who has had injury worries. Seems to be on track to play early in the season and could surprise. Could also be garbage and available very quickly at the FA table.

Pick 170 - Neville Jetta - He is a backup as generally I have a young backline and want to have a little insurance in case of injury or players being rested.

I rate my draft currently at about a 6/10. If one or two of the risks pay off then it could be a great draft, if they don’t, it could be a disaster.


I’ve messaged WOB


I had thought about broadbent, but waiting till round 7-8 was too long.


We’re 8 picks away from finishing the standard portion of the draft which means it is time for…

LTI Replacement Round

  1. The normal time limits are still in place
  2. Take your picks in our Blitz Draft Thread. I’ll then take your players over on UF (UF locks all the players into waiver status post-draft, so it is pointless conducting this section of the draft there)


I effectively traded Stephenson, Bailey and Barry for Rayner.


I’m happy with that. Are you?


Not complaining! It’s a win win

Haha, Rayner better become a fantasy beast :wink:


Love the Lloyd pick @Awesome_Scotty . Very surprised everybody overlooked him

Messaged WOB


I overlooked him.
Was watching his JLT games last night and I just wasn’t confident enough that he’d replicate that form when the real stuff happened.

He seemed to skirt the packs and didn’t really hunt the footy. Preferring to be a receiver.

He may get games, but he’ll be overtaken quickly.

Having said that…
I regret not considering him earlier instead of Daniel Rioli.