2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


About to pick 10-15, WOB just took O’Rourke!


Knights of Columbus Draft Review:

Pick 40 - Jack Riewoldt - Starting the draft later ties your hand in regards to the best of the best kids, but Riewoldt still has a few years left at least and averages high 70’s. Is a good player and will most likely be best 22 week in week out.

Pick 45 - Lochie O’Brien- Perhaps my most speculative pick this year, but the kid has talent and at pick 10 he was too good to go past. Might not get the majority of games this year, but I’m happy to keep him and let him develop his game. Added bonus of showing that he’ll get game time down back was an extra sweetnener.

Pick 71 - Harry Taylor - I needed more backs and foggy beat me to McVeigh by one pick. Taylor is a good reliable scorer with the added versatility of being a FB.

Pick 76 - Alex Sexton - I honestly really like this pick and this guy. He’s young and is switching between forward and hopefully getting more midfield time. Has shown he can score in the 70’s often, he just needs a bit more consistency, and I’m hoping with Dew as coach he continues to develop.

Pick 81 - Mav Weller - Is apparently “in peak fitness” but we’ll see. Is fighting for a spot in the Saints’ 22 but he’s a coaches fave evidenced by the amount of games he’s played in the past 3 years and he scores well into the 70’s switching between midfield and forward.

Pick 140 - Jarryn Geary - Had a long break between picks and badly needed more backs. If you take out one of Geary’s games where he got injured on 2 he’s a good, best 22, mid 60’s averaging back that will likely get early games for me with a few first six defenders missing. There wasn’t much else in the way of decent scoring reliable defenders either and none of the kids really excited.

Pick 147 - Jesse Joyce - Upside pick here. Only finished his second year but already in Gold Coast’s best 22 and has a leadership role, and is a reliable defender and nearing an average of 60. Doesn’t seem to have an issue finding the ball it’s just his consistency that needs fixing and I’m hoping he can take the next step. With Saad gone there’s a chasm down back and he’s already a lock for them.

Pick 149 - Micheal Johnson - Finds himself back in the side again. His career is winding down no doubt but he’ll still be getting games for this year at least and scoring 60/70’s. For this late in the draft with barely crumbs for decent defenders left I needed more backline depth.

Pick 162 - Micheal Rischitelli - A little stab in the dark here but an educated one. He’s getting games and mostly playing off half back, so with a little luck he can find a new role off half-back. Could easily be delisted early but he’s worth a punt.

Pick 171 - Matthew Broadbent - I know his ankle is injured and he’ll be out for a month or so, but I’d rather wait for him to have an impact for the second half of the year then pick one of the scrubs left in the draft. He’s actually a very good scorer when he gets on the park.

B: Curtly Hampton - Ethan Hughes - Harry Taylor
HB: Cam Gutherie - Justin Westhoff - Grant Birchall
C: Jack Newnes - Tom Liberatore - Brad Hill
HF: Sam Menegola - Lance Franklin - Travis Boak
F: Jack Riewoldt - Josh Kennedy - Tim Membrey
R: Matthew Kruezer - Luke Shuey - Luke Dunstan
INT: Mitch Robinson - Kayne Turner - Jacobb Allison - Jarryn Geary

In Reserve: Tim O’Brien - Alex Sexton - Mav Weller - Jesse Joyce -
Lochie O’Brien - Micheal Johnson - Micheal Rischitelli - Matthew Broadbent

bold = currently injured. Feedback welcomed.


3 picks in a row. FML





I honestly think none of them will make your keepers next season.

Joyce was your best pick imo. I would have liked to see you take a few more risks with your first 3 picks, then looked for depth after that


Sexton/Weller/Joyce/Riewoldt/O’Brien are my potential keepers. To be honest I looked through the picks in the 70+ range and found nothing that excited me and looking back again, I’m not losing sleep. As you’d know, there was mostly plodders 140+. Maybe someone like Connor Glass was on the radar but eh. There were mostly either average plodders or kids that likely won’t get games. I know there will always be one or two but I reckon if you’re picking Lloyd at 170 odd and seeing that as a missed chance then it’s blind luck. I am to aiming find a few during free agents like I usually do.


Pick 167. Mad Bomber - Luke Brown (Adelaide)


Pick 173. Mad Bomber – Dawson Simpson (GWS)



I was reasonably happy with my drafting considering I did not enter until Pick #32

Pick 32. Mad Bomber - Marley Williams (B) (North Melbourne) Needed some backmen and Williams at his best is a great scorer. I imagine he will get plenty of work at his feeder club as they are one of my picks to be one of the weaker sides.
Pick 65. Mad Bomber - Cam Sutcliffe (CB) (Fremantle) Probably best 22 at Freo and could be a handy pick up.
Pick 68. Mad Bomber - Trent McKenzie (B) (Port Adelaide) It is reported that he is a Ken Hinkley favourite, so a change of scenery could be just the tonic for the canon to fire in 2018!
Pick 86. Mad Bomber - Jack Lonie (F) (St Kilda) I have been a fan of Jack’s ever since I read somewhere that they thought he could be the Zach Merrett of his draft class. Thankfully that prediction has not been true as yet cos if he was then Zach will have regressed badly.
Pick 104. Mad Bomber - Chris Masten © (West Coast) I brought in a high scoring pure C, but he has been a pretty handy player throughout his career so far the gamble will be whether he will be in the Eagles best 22.
Pick 121. Mad Bomber - Dylan Moore (FC) (Hawthorn) I drafted this kid purely on what I had read about his dominance in junior competition (not even a youtube clip). Probably one for the future, pleasantly suprised he was available at pick #121.
Pick 138. Mad Bomber - Joel Garner (CB) (Port Adelaide) A combination of wishing that Essendon drafted him and being a namesake of my favourite ever West Indian cricketer. I think this kid could be a pretty handy player. Absolutely rapt to get him at #138.
Pick 154. Mad Bomber - Anthony Miles © (Richmond) Oops I did it again (took a high scoring pure C. As I said at the time of drafting, I think the tiges are due some in midfield injuries and I would expect he would be next in line. Will kill it in the VFL until he is called upon in the seniors, when he will get picked and will hit it the AFL full of confidence. Hopefully he won’t be delisted from the Crunchas by then.
Pick 167. Mad Bomber - Luke Brown (B) (Adelaide) An unobtrusive defender who scores reasonably well and at pick #167 I was not expecting a world beater.
Pick 173. Mad Bomber – Dawson Simpson ® (GWS) Dawson won a race of two and was a late bolter to be selected by me. I am happy with my ruck stocks but with the retirement of Shane Mumford, his job security just got a whole lot better. He is probably not their first ruck but who knows what Rory Lobb is going to do so if nothing else Dawson will keep Grundy and Longer honest.

Feedback welcome, but if you don’t wish to then that is cool.


Windy’s review of Awesome Scotty’s draft selections

Pick 2 - Cam Rayner
I’m sure this would be a popular selection, but I probably had a few others ahead of him as a fantasy prospect. Junior form suggests he’s more of an impact player than an accumulator. I would have picked Coffield, only because his back eligibility makes him potentially the most valuable player in the draft.

Pick 33 - Matthew Ling
I think this is one you’ll need to be patient. Not a big ball winner as a junior, but has great athletic attributes.

Pick 35 - Brandon Starcevic
Worth a gamble on an upside pick here. Highly speculative, but could get some early returns playing at Brisbane.

Pick 51 - Paddy McCartin
I believe that McCartin will be a dominant player if his body affords him continuity, but key forwards typically find it difficult to contribute consistent scores.

Pick 52 - Darcy Cameron
Considering the state of Sydney’s ruck stocks, this could prove a savvy selection. Highly speculative pick, as most ruck picks are, but worth the gamble.

Pick 73 - Reece Conca
If he can recapture his form of four years ago, he’ll be an excellent selection. But the drought has been long, and injuries are a common theme.

Pick 116 - Lachlan Murphy
I think he has had some preseason form, so possibly a shrewd selection if that carries through.

Pick 141 - Cedric Cox
Another speculative pick, but you’re looking for potential keepers rather than fill-ins, so I like this move. He’s already played some senior footy, and could be a great upside pick.

Pick 175 - Daniel Lloyd
Wouldn’t be surprised if he played a few games for GWS. He’s got strong NEAFL form, which possibly means SFA, and has already forced his way into a strong senior team at times.

Pick 177 - Gary Rohan
This late in draft sometimes it’s just a matter of finding players who are likely to play, and you’ve done this with a reasonable player here.

Lots of upside picks, and you could strike some gold in this draft. You’ve also looked to address positional needs as well with a few safer picks. Rayner with the second selection of the draft is hard to fault, however I would have gone elsewhere. Overall, you’ve drafted to find a few long-term keepers, which I think should be your priority at this stage.


Windy Dill FC draft review

Pick 18 - Bernie Vince
I considered him best available defender, and thought there was little chance that he or McVeigh would be available at my next selection. Considering McVeigh has barely had a preseason, Vince was the standout candidate.

Pick 67 - Reilly O’Brien
There was probably a good chance that O’Brien was available later in the draft, but his is important to me both as a long-term successor to Jacobs in the ruck, but also as someone who will get games should Jacobs become unavailable.

Pick 89 - Conor Glass
Very happy with this pick. The injury to Birchall should see him locked into the side for some time, and his development has been rapid during his short time in the system. Looks like a designated kicker type coming out of the back line.

Pick 90 - Cam O’Shea
He has won a lot of ball at VFL level, and I’m banking on a breakout year where he secures a spot in Carlton’s back line. Feeling bullish about this one.

Pick 108 - Tim Broomhead
Probably an uninspired pick, but he has been a solid scorer and has scope for improvement. He found plenty of senior action last year during his first uninterrupted season, and with some improvement could be a solid contributor.

Pick 117 - Mark Lecras
I was looking for a forward who will see plenty of senior action, and there wasn’t much else left on the table.

Pick 125 - Matt Guelfi
Have liked the look of his in preseason, and wouldn’t be surprised if he forced his way into our senior team at some point.

Pick 142 - Jordan Dawson
Upside pick. His NEAFL numbers are just about unparalleled, and Sydney have a habit of finding players who can slot into the side and play a role. Got great physical attributes for AFL level.

Pick 150 - Jake Neade
He finished 2017 with some strong scores, despite typically playing 65-70% game time. With another preseason under his belt, perhaps he will move further up the ground and find more of the ball and spend less time warming the bench.

Pick 157 - Brendan Whitecross
I’m looking for players who will see senior action, and this is what I found at the bottom of the barrel.

Pick 183 (LTI replacement) - Jacob Heron
GC are short of running defenders, and this guy is a break-the-lines defender who has good ball winning ability. An absolute smokey, but this late in the draft, worth the gamble.

I think the balance of my squad is very good with 11 defenders, 5 pure mids, 12 forwards, two rucks and one forward/back offering flexibility. I’ve gone with a mix of upside picks and solid contributors. O’Brien, Glass and O’Shea are my favourite picks in that they have scope to expand their games and should see plenty of senior action. Vince is the only player selected who is part of my best 18, and despite him likely playing his last year, I think he was worth a round 18 pick considering I’m in the Premiership window. O’Brien is probably the most likely keeper as he future proofs my side, while the likes of Dawson and Heron are shoot-for-the-stars selections.


Glass is a good pick.
Hawthorn have a lot of up-and-comers, and they can’t all score, but the kid really looks like he can football and I think should have a long career.
Guelfi’s a good one, too.
I’m not as bullish about O’Shea as you. He’s had a lot of opportunities to cement himself in a best 22 and has never managed it.
The rest pretty much looks like cover, which is fine considering the talent in your first 18.
Why wouldn’t you pick understudies?
I would in your position.


Wind’s review of Stoops’ draft selections

Pick 3 - Nick Coffield
Typically I’d pick the best running defender if I had the number one pick, and this guy fits the bill. Others may score higher, but if turns into a 90+ average defender, he’ll be the most valuable player from the draft.

Pick 21 - Aiden Bonar
After missing so much junior footy, it’s hard to get a read on him. I don’t expect he’ll play any senior footy this year, but beyond that, who knows?

Pick 39 - Tom Hickey
Considering you are banking on English playing plenty of senior footy, finding another ruck was definitely a priority. Compounding matters is that Stanley is injured again. Problem is, I think St Kilda will favour Longer for their ruck position, and suspect Hickey will see plenty of VFL action.

Pick 57 - Tom Bell
If he can recapture his Carlton form and stay on the park, Bell could prove to be a great value pick.

Pick 75 - Brad Sheppard
He should see plenty of senior action, but he’s never been much of a ball winner. As defenders Glass and O’Shea have more upside and probably would have been better picks considering your list profile.

Pick 93 - Kaiden Brand
After Crazy talked this guy up so much I’m surprised he was available to draft. I usually steer clear of key defenders and would have gone elsewhere.

Pick 111 - Kieren Lovell
Great upside pick. Lovell’s junior numbers were very strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him work his way into the senior team.

Pick 128 - Mitch Hannan
I can’t see this guy being a great scorer, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play most games.

Pick 145 - Stefan Giro
Has won plenty of the footy at lower levels, so well worth the gamble with a late pick.

Pick 160 - Jake Patmore
Similarly to Giro, a great ball winner at junior level. Opportunities could be few and far between at Port, but worth a gamble.

I’d be very bullish about Coffield. It will be interesting to see how St Kilda develop him. You’ve loaded up with speculative picks, which I think is fine considering where your list is at. Finding keepers and turning over your list should be a priority, and you’ve drafted accordingly. Fielding a full team early may require finding relief through free agency, which isn’t a big issue.


Windy’s review of Crazy Bomber’s draft selections

Pick 40 - Jack Riewoldt
Too early to be grabbing players like Riewoldt with your list profile in my opinion. I would have targeted a potential long-term keeper, and this is a wasted opportunity.

Pick 45 - Lochie O’Brien
His junior numbers aren’t anything special, but Carlton obviously see plenty of scope to improve buy spending pick 10 on him. A good speculative pick.

Pick 71 - Harry Taylor
A safe pick. I would have gone with someone with more upside if in your position.

Pick 76 - Alex Sexton
I think this guy has talent, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a running defender given his skill set and Gold Coast’s deficiency in this area. If given the right role, he can score well.

Pick 81 - Mav Weller
I think others will go past him and he will be forced out of St Kilda’s side. His kicking is too much of a liability, but he will try his heart out.

Pick 140 - Jarryn Geary
You’re short of defenders, so I can understand picking someone like Geary who will play whenever fit. I think you’ve gone a bit safe again here however.

Pick 147 - Jesse Joyce
Not much of a ball winner, but with his kicking skills Gold Coast should be keen to get the ball into his hands. I like this selection, as a I think he will secure a spot in their team and improve with experience.

Pick 149 - Micheal Johnson
You need back line depth, and Johnson provides it. This late in the draft finding an upside gem is unlikely, so solid pick. Perhaps I would have gone for riskier pick with more upside in this instance.

Pick 162 - Micheal Rischitelli
If he gets plenty of games, it’s an indication that Gold Coast are really struggling. I expect that this will be his last year on an AFL list.

Pick 171 - Matthew Broadbent
He’s a solid scorer, and you’re obviously fishing around for defenders who have senior experience. Port have so many half-back flankers that it may struggle for opportunities.

I think you’ve drafted as if you’re a top four team when I think you should be looking for long-term keepers to rebuild your list. Spending your first pick on Riewoldt was a wasted opportunity to find a good young player, and selecting Harry Taylor, Weller, Geary, Michael Johnson, Rischitelli and Broadbent thereafter was more of the same. I would have looked for more upside players if in your position and gone for a hard reset.


Windy’s review of Dunlop’s draft selections

Pick 6 - Adam Cerra
He is a ball winner at junior level, and Fremantle is a team that should afford good young players opportunity.

Pick 13 - Jack Higgins
His stats are through the roof as a young player. We are in the game of picking players who score fantasy points, and Higgins does exactly that. I would have grabbed him gleefully if in your position.

Pick 24 - Bailey Canfield
Considering he is rookie listed, perhaps you could have grabbed him later. But strong senior WAFL form is a pretty good indicator that this kid can play. Perhaps you are on to something here.

Pick 30 - Dougal Howard
I normally steer clear of key defenders, but Howard can find the ball. I think he will play plenty of senior footy, but I think there is a natural limit on how well key defenders can score, and would have looked elsewhere.

Pick 60 - Robbie Fox
Has had a taste of senior footy and has played late preseason games. That’s usually an indicator that he’s in the frame for early selection.

Pick 63 - Tom Williamson (Carl)
From what I’ve seen at senior level he looks like a defensively minded player. I think there were better options for running defenders.

Pick 78 - Charlie Spargo
Junior numbers suggest he can find the ball, but opportunities may be hard to come by at Melbourne. If you are patient, you may be rewarded. Good speculative pick.

Pick 96 - Brandon White
I like the look of this guy on a half-back flank. His VFL numbers aren’t great, but I think a more expansive game is within his capacity.

Pick 114 - Conor Menadue
Hans’t really got a game that translates to fantasy football. Perhaps a change of role will see him win more of the ball.

Pick 131 - Mitchell Crowden
A beautiful set of numbers as a junior, which I put a lot of focus on when picking kids. Freo need his type, so opportunities may present. A worthy shoot-for-the-stars selection.

You’re cast out plenty of bait in a search for keepers, and a good proportion of them are from up-and-coming teams that will be keen to give opportunities to young players. Higgins could well be the best scoring player from the draft and was a steal at 14. He looked ready to go in preseason. A few of your later sections don’t have a history of ball winning at lower levels, so I would have looked elsewhere if in your shoes. Your first three picks should all make your keepers list at year’s end, and a few later speculative picks are well worthwhile too.


My draft review:

Pick 3 - Nick Coffield
I’d been eyeing off Rayner for most of the summer at pick 3 but once positions came out it forced a bit of a re-think, I certainly wasn’t expecting 8 of the top 10 picks to be dual position. In any case I felt that LDU, Brayshaw etc. would only hold F status for this year so I wanted to find someone that was going to hold F or B status for a number of years as my current mids are stacked with younger talent. I then went a bit cold on Rayner as I thought he’d only really be an impact player for 5 or 6 years, 10-15 disposals and a goal max and Coffield became a no-brainer and my #1 ranked player in the draft.

Pick 21 - Aiden Bonar
Not sure what to expect here but went for him based on his junior form prior to injuries. The last two drafts have had success with guys coming off bad injuries (Burton, Witherden), so I’m rolling the dice in the hope that he pays off as well.

Pick 39 - Tom Hickey
Needed some short term ruck depth with English still a while away. I’m not sure who gets the #1 ruck position at the Saints but after an uninterrupted preseason Hickey has given himself the best chance after a bad run with injury last year. If he gets the nod he becomes my number one ruck.

Pick 57 - Tom Bell
Needed some forward depth and think he is better than the 57 average that he had last year. I’m hopeful he can push towards a 75 average and would love it if he became another Kane Lambert style selection, which I got in the same range last year.

Pick 75 - Brad Sheppard
Was just looking for a back that would play each week with some scope to post an 85 score here and there. Probably should have looked to re-draft Glass here but think he’ll play his role.

Pick 93 - Kaiden Brand
Had decided for a bit more defensive depth again that would play most weeks. Hawthorn game plan lends itself to kicks and marks in defence so should be ok depth, but could easily end up in FAs early.

Pick 111 - Kieren Lovell
Speculative C selection here in the hope that he gets a run and replicates his junior numbers, if he does I could have found another keeper or some trade value. Extended his contract at the club so he’s hopefully in the Hawks’ plans for the year.

Pick 128 - Mitch Hannan
Looking for a bit of forward depth at this selection.

Pick 145 - Stefan Giro
Speculative pick, only saw him in AFLX and looked ok, hopefully gets a run if Freo blood more kids.

Pick 160 - Jake Patmore
The only u18 carnival match I watched was the one that he dominated against Metro so I rolled the dice. I doubt he will get a look in at Port but I read that he was an outside chance for an early season debut. Likely in the FAs early though!

Reasonable draft, stoked to get Coffield and hopefully I can find another keeper or two out of the other picks. My list is slowly building and I think that I could push for a 7th or 8th position if my midfield all stay fit and I get some natural improvement from others. Best 22, assuming all players available and selected looks something like:

B: Rich, Saad, Coffield
HB: Cutler, Johannisen, Lever
C: Atkins, Cripps, Macrae
HF: Lambert, Stringer, Wood
F: Parish, Garner, Bell
R: Hickey, Prestia, Steven

Int: Graham, Sheppard, Hannan, English

Rhys Stanley,
Daniel Venables
Aiden Bonar
Jy Simpkin
Kaiden Brand
Kieran Lovell
Stefan Giro
Jake Patmore


My review of Windy Dill’s draft

Pick 18 - Bernie Vince
I like this pick given your list profile and need to have high-scoring backs, especially with Docherty and Hanley unavailable.

Pick 67 - Reilly O’Brien
Logic in this pick very sound, but agree you probably could have waited til later to get him.

Pick 89 - Conor Glass
I rate him highly and probably had him 23rd on my list of keepers from last year and was disappointed to let him go. If Saad hadn’t been traded to us I may have considered keeping Glass ahead of him. Should get a look in early at the Hawks and I think this could be shrewd selection.

Pick 90 - Cam O’Shea
Like this pick as well, has proven he can score quite well at AFL level in the past and should score well if given a run early at Carlton.

Pick 108 - Tim Broomhead
Job security probably the big question mark here but has scored reasonably when given the opportunity. If he plays he could be an inspired pick and not sure there were too many others available around here that fit that mould.

Pick 117 - Mark Lecras
Prepare to be frustrated having held him for 6 seasons in the other league. I wonder if he will be in the best 22 by the middle of the year as they look to get games into Venables, Rioli, Ryan etc. and wouldn’t be surprised to see him play in the WAFL.

Pick 125 - Matt Guelfi
Not sure if he gets a game with us so perhaps could have looked elsewhere for speculative talent.

Pick 142 - Jordan Dawson
Don’t know much about him but could be a good pick up if he translates NEAFL form.

Pick 150 - Jake Neade
Not sure if he is in the best side at Port with new players coming in

Pick 157 - Brendan Whitecross
Unsure where he fits into Hawthorn’s plans but will score reasonably if selected, good depth.

Pick 183 (LTI replacement) - Jacob Heron
Know absolutely nothing about him!

I think you’ve done what you have to do with a side that should go very close to winning another flag. The backline has taken a hit with injuries and I think you’ve found some able replacements in Vince, O’Shea and Glass. I couldn’t find myself disagreeing with too many selections, especially when looking at who was available after, my only question mark would be the number of players that may sit outside the best 22 of teams (Broomhead, Neade, Whitecross, potentially Le Cras in time), but I think you’re well-stocked for another premiership assault.


you’re not the only one. Had to google him after the pick.


|3.7 |(43) |Jake Kelly AD - B|
|4.1 |(55) |Oscar McDonald ME - B|
|4.10 |(64) |Darcy Gardiner BL - B|

The thing about Kelly is that I kept Doedee. There’s a Lever-shaped hole in the Crows backline, and I think one of these two will fill it. That’s the plan, and if one of them makes it and the other doesn’t, then I’ll still very much count that as a win.
McDonald has a little local bias, but I do like the way he plays. He looks very agile for such a tall player. I do expect scoring improvement. Not a lot, but enough. And being a best 22 lock in a key position at 21 years of age is pretty good, too.
Has tonned. that’s very important to me, to know that a player can ton.
Gardiner hasn’t tonned, but a couple of high 80s in his last two senior games bodes well.
As does 37 games in the last two seasons for a 22 year-old.

|5.7 |(79) |Eric Hipwood BL - F|
Tall forwards are always a risk, but I think most would agree this kid could be something really special. True, perhaps not this year. I’m happy to give him some time if injuries allow.
And with the midfield the Bears are building, his delivery should be pretty good, too.

|5.16 |(88) |Cory Gregson GE - F|
Was excellent before injury. Not sure how much upside he actually has. Have to wait and see.
|6.5 |(95) |Cam Ellis-Yolmen AD - C|
There just might be a Thompson-shaped hole in the Crows midfield, too. This guy looks strong. So he should for his age, but I think there’s decent risk/reward here.
|6.7 |(97) |Jed Lamb CA - F|
Terrible pick. Plays for ■■■■ Carlton. Has tonned but is very inconsistent, which I hate.
|6.16 |(106) |Oscar Allen WC - F|
Was rapt to pick up the number 21 draft pick so late. He’s a good height and has long arms. I can see him playing third tall forward and up to the wing, just racking up the possies.
|7.1 |(109) |Jordan Roughead WB - R|
Sometimes Jenkins and Brown are out of form. This guy gives me a bit of consistency and flexibility.
|7.2 |(110) |Easton Wood WB - B|
Last pick. Team captain. Solid. Can take a mark. Talk of being a swingman. That’ll do me.

Thanks for the assesments on these guys, but I’m…pretty happy with it considering I didn’t enter 'til 43.
No, very happy with it. I think I’ve got some good future prospects here, and some pretty decent cover.


Only fair I do a review for @Windy_Dill if he’s taken the time to do one for me. This is just my opinion and just what I would have done with your list.

Pick 18 - Bernie Vince: I can understand why you picked him with little good scoring defenders available, but I feel he’ll be outside their best 22 by the end of the year and think he’ll regularly be near the outer. He’ll be 33 by the end of the year and feel this year will be his last but he should be useful for you if he can stay in the side. In fairness I would have probably gone this pick too in your position, and a shame for you that you missed out on Sam Murray by such a close margin.

Pick 67 - Reilly O’Brien: I feel you over reached here by a long way. O’Brien will only get games if Jacobs is injured and I feel you missed an opportunity to improve your top 22 or so players. You’ll get injuries at some stage and you’ll need to count on these next rung, and I reckon you could have grabbed someone else here. They’re not sexy picks but someone like McVeigh/Taylor etc would have been a far better pick imo. With the strength of your keepers unless O’Brien has a great year you’ll either be delisting him or trading him or gathering rust.

Pick 89 - Conor Glass: I like this pick, it has good upside and he will get a lot of games. I was hoping he slid to my next range of picks in 140 odd after I had a 60 pick gap but alas. Obviously fighting for a spot in the side but I feel the risk is worth it. Not sure he’s a big accumulator but he does love a tackle, with Birchall out his spot looks more assured too.

Pick 90 - Cam O’Shea: I feel like he’s another of these “good scoring but always on the fringe” types. You’re just never comfortable. I don’t rate him very highly as a player but knowing Carlton he’ll be getting chances and he loves some cheap stats, long with Mullett and a few others. If he can stay in the team he’ll be useful but he’ll always be boderline 22 and you’re always be thinking about delisting him.

Pick 108 - Tim Broomhead: I think he’s mixed in with a large group of players like Oxley/Smith fighting for a spot or two, and once again he’s a fringe player. No doubt a decent scorer but I feel you’ve gone for too much upside at the cost of cementing your top 20 or so by going for some “boring” picks. On the other hand he’s probably worth the punt this late.

Pick 117 - Mark LeCras: He’s your typical ton up and down the next player. I think this late it’s a decent enough pick but I fear he’s going downhill fast. He’s someone that might come into your side and ton up for you and save your bacon but he should be good enough depth for this year.

Pick 125: Matt Guefli: I don’t really understand this pick in your teams position. I think he may at best get some games later in the year but I’m not sure what value a pure midfield pick with little chance for games has in a midfield over stacked with a talented, premiership contender. I reckon you’ll delist him by mid year.

Pick 142 - Jordan Dawson: I don’t know much about him. Sydney will be a tough team to crack. Worth a late crack from his numbers.

Pick 150 - Jake Neade: I don’t like this pick, I think he’s up against it to get games and I don’t think he’ll improve much fantasy wise for his style of play.

Pick 157 - Brandan Whitecross: You can’t be too negative here as there wasn’t much there. I just don’t think Whitecross is a very good player having watched him more and more and I don’t think he’ll be a regular for long. Still, if he gets games he’ll be useful for depth as a solid 60 ave scorer but not much else.

Pick 183 - Jacob Heron: I’ve never heard of him.

Summary: I think in your position in gunning for a flag you need to go all out in doing anything to improve your list. unless they are top picks Winning premierships is hard and personally don’t see much logic in going for speculative picks over players that could better your immediate side. I think with the strength of your list you’ll be fine regardless of how you draft as I’m tipping you to win it again, I just would have gone for more ready made players who can make an impact. I reckon Conor Glass was the best pick of your crop and Vince should be useful backup.


Harsh but fair.
Although I think Guelfi is a decent chance to be offloaded for a pick in a better draft midyear, so in that sense I don’t mind that selection for him.