2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Noughton could be an outstanding recruit by @topdon especially not that Marcus Adams is out for 12-14 weeks!!


Yeah, he looks pretty good.


Thanks for the review.

I did intend to go with a few safer selections, however all of the players I was interested in went pretty early eg. Hill, Douglas, Riewoldt, Bell, Gibson, McVeigh, Mullet and Thomas. My third pick was a fifth rounder, and there wasn’t much proven talent beyond then.


My review

Pick 7 - Jaidyn Stephenson
Have liked the look of this kid since joining Collingwood, despite his past history with injuries, felt he was worth a punt and is a long term mid prospect to replace the likes of Pendlebury when he hangs up his boots.

Pick 15 - Zachary Bailey
Identified midfield as one of my weaker areas and with a need of overhauling these last few years. Saw Bailey as getting some game time at the Lions sometime this season, and expect him to develop and play in the NEAFL for the near future.

Pick 31 - Dom Barry
Ready made player with plenty of experience and who will slot straight into the Port team. His 2nd chance at AFL level, and all signs point to him being mentally prepared/ready this time around.

Pick 38 - George Horlin-Smith
Bit of a riskier selection due to his injury history, but has had a good pre-season and still at a reasonable age. Fingers crossed he can keep on the park. Averaged 19 disposals in his 7 games last season.

Pick 56 - Tom Cole
Like the look of this kid and Eagles are in a stage of rebuild and giving opportunities to a lot of players.

Pick 74 - Jayden Short
Just on the outer of the Richmond team, but expect him to get a few games this season.

Pick 94 - Mark O’Connor
Played well against us, and looks like the type of player Geelong wants to run off half back.

Pick 127 - Danyle Pearce
Probably in his last season, but picked up for mid depth and has played in pre-season with a few Freo players out.

Pick 144 - James Rose
I picked him up a few seasons ago in the same draft as Papley, but his opportunities at the Swans have been limited.

Pick 159 - Jordan Cunico
Punt pick, will play a few games this season.

Pretty happy with my draft. Traded the #2 pick for picks #7, #15 & #31 prior to the draft which raised a few eyebrows, but felt that was my best opportunity of selecting keepers for the next few years. Time will tell. Didn’t worry about ruck prospects like previous years, due to currently having both Bellchambers and Blicavs, and being able to play Blicavs in the midfielders. Have struggled in the last 2 seasons to field a full team, so haven’t gone for any rookies, and feel I will have a competitive team come round 1.


Feel free to rip apart

Clarke and Foggarty:
I don’t expect either to become a star, but I do see both becoming solid FF scorers. Clarke as a HBF will be very useful and Darcy looks a player that will become a more than handy mid. I expect both to get games this year but not regularly.

Ainsworth and Walker:
Ainsworth was decent as a junior inside mid without being spectacular and I’m looking to him learning his craft from Mitchell and becoming a solid player. should get games this year with the retirements of Mitchell and Priddis, and the delisting of that ex collingwood pelican whos name escapes me.

Walker: was a bit of a panic pick and definitely a reach at this pick. Hadn’t really heard of him before doing a bit of research pre draft. Has a bit of toe and can deliver a footy. Probably a bit light to play this year, but I’m hoping they pump games into him as his type of player fills a need for their team.

Part of the criteria for these two players was that they fill needs for their clubs were they are desperately short, which means they should be persisted with and get games.

Robertson and Barret:
Both will play regularly and while they won’t be FF stars will provide scores. both are young and should improve over time and provide depth/backup for B,F and C.

Pederson and Castagna:
Both are depth picks that play regularly. Hoping that Castagna can start pushing his average up this year and improve.

Speculative pick in the hope that he fills either mackie’s or enright’s role. only 19 so has room and scope for improvement.

When my starting midfield has 2 of the most injury prone Cs doing the rounds (O,maera and Swallow) a bit of insurance was necessary.


Looking at the overall draft results


Obviously early to make the call, but I think it was a very evenly spread draft. I dont think there’s a clear winner of the draft or someone who I thought drafted poorly.

Shows that coaches are pretty well informed.


I think your first three picks were excellent and the rest don’t really matter.
If I was going to make a suggestion, and this is only my opinion, it would perhaps be to target a few established players with your middle picks.


i contemplated that and decided to go with possible upside picks in Robertson and Barrett. they both played a majority of games for the lions last season and should do the same for the next 2 or 3 years. hopefully they pick up more points with exposure.


I think the timing of the draft had a lot to do with the evenness.

All games were pretty much finished prior to the first pick being taken.
I also think the depth of the rookies wasn’t as good as previous years meaning coaches turned to value delisted players earlier than previous years.

I can’t remember a draft where at pick 90, there were a lot of crabs around or players with a lot of uncertainty.

If we ever have a similarly timed draft in the future, I’ll make sure I have enough research to back me up during drafting.


The Fyling Dutchmen 2018 Draft Review.

The 2018 season started very badly with the loss of Brodie Smith for the year, then we suffered 2 more LTI’s in Gleeson and Francis*.We then had other queries over both Bachar Houli and Orazio Fantasia potentially out for round 1 we had to drastically change our draft strategies.
In the past we have gone for rookies with our first few pics and tried to find high upside players who may or may not be best 22 for their sides yet. Our recruiters have finally figured out that isn’t working and that also changed our plans.
Now we did take a very very big risk during last years trade period and moved on our first round pick, which was pick 5, and welcomed one of the most hyped kids in Essendon FC history. The Dutchmen have watch glimpses of what Francis has to offer and thought he may be ready for a shift in attitude after a turbulent of season, but couldn’t predict what eventuated. But we received some very thrilling news last week that he is back at club rearing to go.

So in the days leading up to the draft we sifted through a list of 200?+ players available for selection. Our early plan was to take a few selected rookies who showed signs they could play the majority of games in 2018 so we weren’t left short each and every week. Alas the draft panned out as follows.

Pick 23 - Adam Tomlinson - GWS
Going into the draft I had a big underlined circle around Aaron Naughton, praying that he may he may of been overlooked, as there were a lot of mids who performed well in the JLT and him being a more key position player, he may of been overlooked. I was foolish to think so. He was rightfully snapped up at pick 8 by topdon ( who I believe had the best draft). As backs are some of the hardest commodities to obtain Adam Tomlinson stood out for us. Whilst he hasn’t been a big scorer so far he showed what he can do in the GF and we think this will see a new role for him at GWS and he’s scoring should improved. If and when it does he’ll be a 8+ year player who can average over 80. He’s also best 22 when we needed desperately.

Pick 25 - Mitch Hibberd - NTH
With a few HBF leaving the Roos last year we think Hibberd can fill one of those spots and cement a spot in theor starting 18. I liked what I saw of him in the JLT and there is plenty of room for upside. The plus is the ball will be in Norths backline for a fair bit this which helps. It was a toss up between Hibberd,Howard and Houston at the pick but I was unsure of the security with the others and hoped one may slide to my next pick.

Pick 41 - Sam Kerridge - CRL
My side doesn’t have many pure C’s so we thought we could reach a bit earlier than normal for him. He’s been a very handy scorer at the blues and this should continue. Job security looks very safe and that’s what we needed. I did make Dunlop upset though so he may hand me out a random strike during the year.
Pick 54 - Aaron Young - GCS
I actually like this pick a lot. 2 years ago at Port he was averaging over 80 then they just pushed him aside. He’s in the suns best 22 and should be able to crumb of our very own Tom Lynch flat out. Whilst our forward line is a strength of ours he adds valuable cover and potential to start during the year.

Pick 61 - Aaron Mullett - CRL
Another Fark Carlton player on the list!! I think I drafted Mullett last year but dropped him at some point. Guy can score if and when he’s on the park which he struggled to do at North. I don’t think it’ll be the case at carlton and they are hopeless and need cover for Sam Docherty ( which I’m hoping is Ciaran Byrne).

Pick 77 - Liam Ryan - WCE
After watching him in JLT2 he jumped on our radar. He looks to of cemented his spot in the eagles side for Round 1 and could be anything from there. He reminds me a bit of Jamie Elliott but with more tackling! and we love tackling at the club. Plus he’ll make it exciting when I’m watching random west coast games for no other reason that to see if he’s getting touches.

Pick 94 - Josh Thomas - COL
We like this pick too. He showed at the end of last year he can score when given the chance. If he didn’t have 2 years off he probably would’ve made our keepers each year. With Collingwoods early season injuries he should get the nod round1 and hopefully he shines.

Pick 100 - Harris Andrews - BRI
A best 22 guy in a developing brisbane side. Our thoughts behind grabbing him was that Hodgey may teach the backline about sharing the ball around. We also remember fogdog sprucing him last year which is good enough for us.

Pick 113 - Harry Marsh - SYD
Most of our earlier list was gown and only left Marsh. Got a few games last year and looked okay. If he’s not best 22 up there he’s very close. He adds some more backup and he’s a better option that Darcy Gardiner.

Pick 130 - Joe Atley - PORT
Didn’t Blummers use a top 10 pick on him last year? He’s a more speculative pick than we’ve had so far but he’s played 2 JLT games so port must see something in him. If it pays of for us then great!!

Pick 181 LTI - Archie Smith - BRI
Had him all of last year and he’s slowly on the improve. If Stefan Martin can do an ACL in week 1 that would be great news.

Pick 184 - Shai Bolton - RICH
Actually not the bummed to get him with the last pick. Played a handful of games last year and looked fine. Won’t be a great scorer but is good back up and may improve.

So pretty happy with how the draft went. We may not of grabbed many keeper prospects but we onto guys like Scrimshaw and Byrne on the hope they would cement themselves as keepers during the year. In saying that, Ryan, Atley and Thomas may make themselves keepers also. But we address an area we’ve struggled in which is depth.
I think we should improve our average on last year by 50+ which could see us around the 8. The league has improved so much that this goal might be tough, but we are on the improve and very excited for the future.
Thank for ready if you got this far.


My assessment of Windy Dill’s draft

Pick 18 - Bernie Vince
You said: I considered him best available defender, and thought there was little chance that he or McVeigh would be available at my next selection. Considering McVeigh has barely had a preseason, Vince was the standout candidate.

I said: I was surprised he was delisted but even more surprised he went pick 18. That was until I saw who drafted him at pick 18 and realised you didn’t have another pick until 67. When you have a solid squad like you do, you want depth and B depth is gold. The selection made sense.

Pick 67 - Reilly O’Brien
You said: There was probably a good chance that O’Brien was available later in the draft, but his is important to me both as a long-term successor to Jacobs in the ruck, but also as someone who will get games should Jacobs become unavailable.

I said: Was Darcy Cameron available? I can’t think of any other long term prospects in the ruck pool that could have been selected ahead of this guy so at pick 67, this could be your best pick.

Pick 89 - Conor Glass
You said: Very happy with this pick. The injury to Birchall should see him locked into the side for some time, and his development has been rapid during his short time in the system. Looks like a designated kicker type coming out of the back line.

I said: Could be a bargain if he gets a Birchall/Hodge type of possession game off half back but Hawks fans suggest he is more a Gibson replacement. Jury is out as a player and a FF scorer.

Pick 90 - Cam O’Shea
You said: He has won a lot of ball at VFL level, and I’m banking on a breakout year where he secures a spot in Carlton’s back line. Feeling bullish about this one.

I said: I don’t like this pick in fact see it as your Ruggles pick of 2018. Can’t see him getting much ball especially when Simpson, Marchbank and the Irish kid are the main ball users plus Docherty when he returns. At least it wasn’t an early pick wasted like the Ruggles pick was last year.

Pick 108 - Tim Broomhead
You said: Probably an uninspired pick, but he has been a solid scorer and has scope for improvement. He found plenty of senior action last year during his first uninterrupted season, and with some improvement could be a solid contributor.

I said: uninspired sums it up well in fact I don’t have much inspiration to write much more than he won’t be in your 18 at all this season.

Pick 117 - Mark Lecras
You said: I was looking for a forward who will see plenty of senior action, and there wasn’t much else left on the table.

I said: this is a classic Dill selection. A solid contributor and handy depth. Can turn it on at times and if you time it right, he has the potential scoring power to win games for you.

Pick 125 - Matt Guelfi
You said: Have liked the look of his in preseason, and wouldn’t be surprised if he forced his way into our senior team at some point.

I said: Love this pick. Not just cause he’s a C or cause he’s a Bomber. I wanted himat Essendon last year. The guy knows how to find it and you’ve done well to find him at 125. If free spirit was still around, he would have gone top 50.

Pick 142 - Jordan Dawson
You said: Upside pick. His NEAFL numbers are just about unparalleled, and Sydney have a habit of finding players who can slot into the side and play a role. Got great physical attributes for AFL level.

I said: I think he will play senior footy but just not for you. Could turn into something but not this year.

Pick 150 - Jake Neade
You said: He finished 2017 with some strong scores, despite typically playing 65-70% game time. With another preseason under his belt, perhaps he will move further up the ground and find more of the ball and spend less time warming the bench.

I said: he will be delisted into the FA pool quicker than you delisted Tendai Mzungo. Adds nothing to your side and will struggle to get a go at Port Adelaide

Pick 157 - Brendan Whitecross
You said: I’m looking for players who will see senior action, and this is what I found at the bottom of the barrel.

I said: I’ve had him on my list. He will fill a hole, just don’t expect much. A free hit at 157.

Pick 183 (LTI replacement) - Jacob Heron
You said: GC are short of running defenders, and this guy is a break-the-lines defender who has good ball winning ability. An absolute smokey, but this late in the draft, worth the gamble.

I said: who?

In summary, you’re a premiership coach so you know what it takes to win the big one. But your strength has been your trading and original draft plus concessions. I’m not sure you had a keeper in the last three drafts?? For your sake I hope one of your new recruits develops into a keeper or someone you can put on the market, but I doubt it. You only need depth for a really strong squad and you’ve added that plus taken a free hit at a couple of speculative picks. A good draft for someone in your circumstances.


Oh and I’d love any reviews on my draft. Doesn’t need to be in too much detail. More than happy to do some in return.




Nah I’ll write one up tommorow.


Thanks for the great review fog.

You’re right, my last few drafts haven’t been great in terms of finding long-termers. I’ve been focusing on getting back-ups while I’m in the window. No keepers from last draft, and three from the year before. From the year before, only McIntosh remains. However, I have always traded away plenty of picks from the first few rounds.

This year I’ve tried to find a few more long-term prospects and gone a bit more speculative. If I can find one or two from the draft, I’ll consider if a success.




I’ll be getting to draft reviews either tomorrow or Wednesday. Getting the draw done is my priority for the moment.


I’m sorry, but as his former coach you are straight up delusional if you believe that. He wasn’t best 22 last season, only played consistently once Ed Curnow & Cripps got injured and they’ve since added Kennedy, Dow & O’Brien to push him further down the order. He’ll need superb form, injuries and being able to grasp the chance if it presents itself (he shat the bed on his first opportunity last year). Easily your worst pick


Any reviews, even brief, of my drafting would be welcome. My review:

I delisted some long-time servants of the club in Jarrad McVeigh and Harry Taylor. My performance as a mid-table team last year demonstrated to me that I’m not a contender at this point in time and so I’ve taken a view that I needed to turn over some of the older players on my list. Whether it turns out to be a mini-rebuild or a full rebuild will depend on how I go this season. McVeigh was the last one to miss my keepers, due to injury I felt he wouldn’t net a decent pick in any mid-season trades, but perhaps I could have held on.

|1.12|(12)|Ed Richards WB - B|
I was really only looking at defenders with this pick and may come to regret not considering Higgins more seriously. Richards looks like a running, link-up type of defender. Hopefully he will develop in that direction rather than as a lock-down player. Gotta really grit your teeth with these types of picks as they can take a couple of years to bear any fruit.

|3.12|(48)|Jake Carlisle SK - B|
Not exactly a player for a rebuild, but might give 3-4 years good service. I’m hoping he will be better in his second year back from the suspension. I only had 4 backs in my keepers so had to tread a line between proven players and prospects.

|4.12|(66)|Lachie Plowman CA - B|
When I read that he was elevated to ■■■■ Carlton’s leadership group that sold me on this pick. Improved his average to 60 last year and only 23 years old. No guarantees that he’ll get that average to 70-80 region where I’d like it because he’ll probably get more run-with roles than I’d like. Someone who will get games, has scope to improve, and has the time.

|5.12|(84)|James Stewart ES - F|
I was a bit surprised that he was available but I get it. I think he’s in our best 22 and improved as the year went on so might see a bump in his average this season. A tall that plays small, we might see him in the ruck occasionally this season. He’ll get games and has scope to improve.

|6.12|(102)|Harry McKay CA - R,F|
I thought one of fogdog’s favourites might not have made it this far and I was considering him earlier. I understand Windy Dill’s concerns over tall players and this pick may end up being a waste as he could be a few years away from being fantasy-relevant. ■■■■ Carlton

|7.11|(119)|Marco Paparone BL - B|
Although I set out to rebuild my defence, I’d somehow picked a few forwards in a row. Looking at the available players… Paparone had one good season in 2015 followed by an injury-riddled 2016 and 2017 on the fringes. Is tall but also gets a share of possessions. I figure he is playing for his career, worth a shot. Only 23.

|8.10|(136)|Cam McCarthy FR - F|
Second season with Fremantle after his year off. He’s at an age where he should improve and he could end up being the main forward target for them. Seems like a bit of a douchebag. Will probably end up as a free agent at some point this year.

|9.8|(152)|Oleg Markov RI - B,C|
He had a down season last year, slipped out of the best 22. Young, seems to win a decent amount of possessions in the VFL, might be difficult to get a game for the seniors. But if Richmond get some injuries, or he manages to edge into the team, then he might be a solid pick-up.

|10.2|(164)|Tommy Sheridan FR - B,C|
He’d lingered on my contingencies list for a while and I needed another back. Had a down season in 2017 but was solid in 2015-16. Could bounce back, or maybe he has been found out. I’d have preferred someone a bit more prospect-ish at this point so if someone pops up as a free agent, Tom could be the first to go.

|10.4|(166)|Matthew Lobbe CA - R|
■■■■ Carlton


Shows how little attention I pay to what goes on at FarkCarlton. I figured he was just injured!


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