2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Does the one I am talking about have the code 441196?


Nah, same one, still 6 spots left.


Does the one you advertised on here a while back have the code 441196, or is there another?


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@Crazy_Bomber you still doing the questionnaire this year? I’m happy to take over if you’re busy.


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I was trying to make time, but I’m happy to hand over the reigns for this year if you’re keen mate.


Yeah I’ll give it a crack. Feel free to send me any questions you’d like included, I’ve got a few extras.


Yeah mate, I’m trying to get as many Blitzers in that as possible, don’t want randoms.


@Windy_Dill’s Draft Review

Last season you drafted worse than I did, which is saying something, with I think only Joyce spending significant time on your list (and not consistently playing state league). You managed to overcome this via a strong keeper core, but you’d probably not want a repeat.

18 - Bernard Vince - I was surprised that having ditched Hurn, Mad Bomber delisted the other part of the Pick 14 trade. For you a perfect pick given your premiership aspirations, but like Craze I’m not sold on him as a safe best 22 player this season. Last season his form was mediocre for stretches and was probably lucky he didn’t get a kick up the ■■■■ 1 week omission to the VFL. His pre-season form has been decent, so he is probably safe for the first month or so, but I don’t think he’ll be allowed a similar lag in form this season. That being said, aside from Houston, who also isn’t a safe best 22 player, there isn’t anybody that would’ve appealed both as a good scorer and a back that went between this pick and your next one, so ultimately hard to fault it.

Pick 67 - Reilly O’Brien - A humungous reach this early but a shrewd one as having the obvious back-up to your lead ruck is a smart strategy. However, in your shoes given Docherty’s injury and 2 of your back keepers including 50 average guys Barrass and Broad, I would’ve taken McVeigh or Taylor here and backed O’Brien to get through to your next lot of picks.

Pick 89 - Conor Glass - Good pick. Though his VFL numbers aren’t great, he has risen from playing a full season of development league in 2016 to debuting for Hawthorn last season, so he has excellent upside. He is also more willing to tackle than some of his Irish compatriots, which will help offset his low possession games. Whilst I think for now he is still fringe, I think at worst you ought to get half a season in the seniors out of him.

Pick 90 - Cam O’Shea - Boom or bust pick. He averaged 70 at Port in 2013 and 2014, however that dropped dramatically to averaging 52 over his final 2 seasons. If he plays he could score well, but my problems with this pick…are a lot frankly. If Docherty wasn’t injured, I don’t think they recruit him to be honest. Williamson is seen as best 22, they’d already brought in Mullett, they’ve been trialling Cuningham down back over pre-season and with O’Brien’s foot skills they could opt to ease him in as a back flanker rather than straight into being a winger, so he’ll need exceptional form to get a game and keep himself in there. He lost his spot at Port due to better players coming through, but also being poor under pressure and his decision making being iffy. Unless he has seriously improved these deficiencies and doesn’t again wilt at a higher level, I just can’t see him commanding a regular game, when there are so many youngsters they’re more likely to prefer getting games into instead. Gambling on Varcoe to have a bounce back may’ve been the better bet.

Pick 108 - Tim Broomhead - Another fringe guy. You’re uninspired by the pick and Pie fans are uninspired with Broomhead. He scores fine, but his impact on games has seriously plateued to the point that he’s being talked about by Pie fans as a possible delistee at year’s end. On paper with so many forward flankers missing, he should’ve been pushing for a Rd 1 start, but Stephenson and Smith in a new role are ahead of him, and Callum Brown and Thomas are ahead for midfield spots. Potentially could end up being OK if he pulls the finger out.

Pick 111 - Mark LeCras - Another guy who I believe you see as safer than he really is. His fantasy numbers might’ve been OK but his form in games was pretty woeful at times and might’ve been playing some WAFL if Rioli and Venables weren’t injured. Will start Rd 1, but needs to perform now to keep his spot.

Pick 125 - Matt Guelfi - Have to be honest and say I haven’t put any work into our draft picks so I’ll trust your judgment on his upside and potential for games. Given what you did with the next pick, I would’ve looked at Daniel Lloyd as he at least ought to start Rd 1, no guarantees he stays in the gig but he has performed well in DT at NEAFL level albeit as an inside mid. But hey what do I know, I drafted spuds last season and zero B22 cover this time around.

Pick 142 - Jordan Dawson - Good speculative pick. His numbers in the NEAFL are exceptional, however he has been injured for the past 4-6 weeks and will take time to get his fitness base up again. Given what happened last year when wezza had him and he was consistently overlooked for forward spots for Florent, Robinson et al, I think Longmire may only consider him as an inside mid replacement which probably makes his game opportunities solely dependant on injuries. Potentially something there, but you’ll need to be patient.

Pick 150 - Jake Neade - I thought you railed wimm last season for drafting pressure forwards? Now you’ve drafted a fringe one. Aside from that late 4 game flurry last season he’s never performed DT wise and with Motlop there and Rockliff as another person they could opt to use forward, the squeeze for spots gets tougher for him. I would’ve looked elsewhere.

Pick 157 - Brendan Whitecross - Can I assume you’re a regular attendee of the Fringe Festival? Clarkson has shown a propensity for favouring his older guys at the start of a season and Whitecross was inexplicably getting decent inside mid time during their JLT games. He is a fair chance to get a Rd 1 gig, but I think his spot in the side is most likely shortlived.

LTI Pick - Jacob Heron - I only know him by name, so I’ll back your research. With rent-a-spuds available that probably don’t make it to your FA pick and Heron not in the Rd 1 frame, I do think you could’ve left him hidden and FA’d him after Rd 1 or 2 without much danger.

Summary: Undoubtedly a better effort than last season, but you’ve still largely repeated last season with 8 of the 11 being fringe or worse and Glass could potentially be included as fringe as well. You’ve got at least one good speculative pick in Dawson and a good upside one in Glass, but for a contender I would’ve expected you to emerge with more than 2 B22 (for now) picks, maybe 3 with Glass. You could still win a premiership on your core alone, but you’ve missed an opportunity to assist your chances.


And then didnt get picked in the r1 team and daisy is named HBF. FFS :man_facepalming:

Was so frustrating. NEAFL scores through the roof and just kept expecting him to get picked, yet never did.



  1. Bernie Vince - Excellent choice for value and where your list is currently sitting at. A safe, scoring bacakman is always handy.

  2. Reilly O’Brien - bit of a reach and don’t see him taking a major role in the Crows side any time soon. There wasn’t too much in terms of ruck stock worth selecting at this point. I would’ve gone another reliable depth plaer here

  3. Connor Glass - Super good value pick here. On the cusp of making the Hawks team as a regular, has upside and young. I had him penciled at my next pick. Inspired pick.

  4. Cam O’Shea - don’t really get this pick. super fringe player. I had him a few years back and the Port fans just really didn’t like him and his brain farts.

  5. Tim Broomhead - seems like a Windy Dill pick. He can score, he is on the fringe but has had issues with injuries. If he can get over that and score a role in the side - then it would be a good choice.

  6. Mark LeCras - had him since pretty close to the beginning of FF. He’s a good scoring forward. However, last season he was horrible in real life. The younger players will probably overtake him this season but at which point he might be a cut candidate.

  7. Matt Guelfi - No idea about this pick to be honest. However, a boom or bust prospect if he makes the team.

  8. Jordan Dawson - DTer in the NEAFL. Good risk pick here, if he can make the team that would be great choice for you.

  9. Jake Neade - bit of a meh pick but you can’t do much this late in the game. May get 10-15 games with Hawthorn. However, not a huge regular scorer.

157 - Brendan Whitecross - fringe player again, will get a few games with Hawthorn. I guess your hoping he can cement himself and sccore a bit on a talent derailed Hawthorn team. Lets see if he is well and truly over his injuries.

LTI - Jacob Heron - Not sure who he is.


Great review. The only thing I’ll say is that with 7 picks outside the top 100, there isn’t much left but fringe players and highly speculative picks.


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This is going to come to fruition, sadly after an awful looking injury.