2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Reckon @fogdog probably didnt expect Kelly to be available


Yeah. It’ll go without saying…
Tim Kelly is a gun.
Was really hoping he’d be hidden away during JLT giving it a chance he’ll slide to my pick.

Thought he’d go between 5 and 10.


up to pick 14 and we havent taken the number one player from FF#2


No. Not at all. And I know it’s classic draft cliche “I didn’t expect him at pick 10” but I genuinely didn’t.

I had my preselections as:



I didn’t consider him until yesterday but he quickly came into the equation after watching him play us. If Kelly wasn’t there, Constable was a strong consideration as was Fogarty.


Very very similar. I think LDU has a higher ceiling but was a coin toss.


I doubt he’ll go before round 3 in here


He will go before that but is a risky one. I have drafted based on junior stats and it hurts. Being a small forward at Richmond is like being a half back flanker at Essendon. Gotta wait a long time for your shot


He will go at 20 if he gets there.


And Dunlop goes bang. I blame you Allblack for mentioning him.


I accept responsibility. Not sure he would have made it to 20 but certainly shows how different the comps are


He wasn’t getting past my pick.
I was hoping he’d slide.


Been a very productive morning. Love this public holiday drafting


We got anyone else bar topdon overseas? Should smash out nearly 3 rounds today if he has C’s set


Nice pick with Zac Bailey.

Good junior stats (for memory). Not sure he played JLT but he should get games eventually.


Close :smiley:


yeah i had eyes on him for my next.


Looking forward to Dill’s pick.


Played the NEAFL hitout yesterday. Hasn’t played JLT but I’m expecting him to get games this season and will wait it out.


I may have the lest amount of idea in this comp!!