2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I think he’ll take the guy I really really need.

He’s a prick like that


I’m expecting the guy I hope to be there at my pick to be grabbed by Dill too.


Smoten’s overseas until later in the week (12:30am his time) but he doesn’t have another pick until 48. Still a couple of hours until overnight topdon time as well.


Is Stephen Hill actually there or is that a mistake? Who has a list strong enough to delist Hill? Before a 80ish season he was averaging over 90.


Your mind tricks allblack are hilarious.


Nah man, that’s a mistake. Sheonmakers is definitely not a mistake though.


Well there goes my pick


I didn’t need a defender at this pick but Sam Murray was too good to let pass.
Scharengberg may screw up his scoring though when he returns.
Was worth a gamble.

Have 30 picks to my next pick so it looks like most of the recycled talent will be gone by then.
Badly need forwards and a good midfielder.




I delisted him.
Peaked four years ago and is 27 now.
No-one was interested at trade time.
Pick him up. Hope he goes well for you.


FU Blummers


You sure?


I wouldnt have talked him up if I wanted him. I am doing my best to avoid pure centres. Just stands out as a surprise.


Trying to spice things up. Didnt work. Was hoping to misdirect away from Murray


I was mildy interested as a massive backup to my backup options, until I got 4 other starting mids. And now Brayshaw and co are trying to take his spot and I’m not sure I wanted another fading 70’s mid in my side.


I thought you were trying to get Dill to take him. He’s the only one before your pick that needs depth.


You don’t have CB’s used car salesmen skills.


Literally the first thing I thought when you said that was “he’s misdirecting…but from who…oh Sam Murray’s still there?”


Hilarious. Still a surprise that Hill was there?


Not really.
I think there was a little at the end of the period, and I decided a third to fourth round wasn’t worth the luxury of deciding between a few keepers after watching the preseason games.
I don’t think Hill’s even played a preseason game, has he?

Anyway, comfortable with my call. Carry on.