2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I looked at Hill for my pick.

If Richards, Naughton and Zac Bailey hadn’t jumped up the list, I probably would have leaned towards him (assuming Fogarty from Geelong was also taken).


Or his good looks!


There’s always a silver lining.


Or not. Cheer Dill


Pimpinio Tigers drafting team rustles papers annoyededly


wow. back to drawing board


Thought Ridley may have slipped, someone has to step into Gleeson’s role.


Give me 5 guys. Plans have been shaken up a little


done. Wasnt initally on my list but worth a punt


Funny how the grouping can happen.
I was deliberating over Ridley, Houston and ■■■■■■■ for my pick.

Very nearly pulled the trigger on Houston (since Jasper pinged), but wasn’t sure if he’d make r1 or not.


Was on mine and was probably going with next pick


Tomlinson and Houston were both on my list at 28.

Still can’t believe Tomlinson was delisted.


Being honest… I had Jack Reiwoldt sitting there but just couldnt bring myself to take him with a second rounder. If he makes my next pick he probably goes there




He’s not on the spreadsheet, so didn’t realise was available.


Attention to detail


Quick question…
Who is James Bell from Sydney?
He’s in the UF list but I don’t think he’s on any AFL list.


He was a late delisting. Himmelberg was kept instead of Thomlinson.



I also believe he played Billy Elliott is the movie of the same name.