2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


You taking him for your next pick AB?


A player with the last name of Bell?


Was going at my pick.


Reiwoldt? He is in my calculations despite Fogs mockery. Plays every week and averages close to 80.


Not sure I get the hype of Tomlinson. He’ll be good on his day, but I don’t see him as a top notch consistent scorer.


Why would you specifically point out guys you want, before your pick?

If I was to believe your interested in him, but I don’t, it’s a pretty odd strategy to list the guys you want and highlight them before your pick


Bailey Banfield is a steal.
It was Murray or him at my pick and I would have been happy with either.


I concur, especially given foggy copped heat from it for doing it a few years back.


I’ve been hamstrung before this draft started loosing Smith and now Gleeson. I needed guys who are best 22 for their clubs and backs. Tomlinson stood out like a deer in headlights to me. Still young enough to improve but will get games each week.

Hibberd should be best 22 for Norf this year too and showed signs before he was injured last year.

Past years I’ve had terrible depth. I don’t need any more speculative picks.


I am weird like that. He clearly isnt the only one I am interested in. You will notice earlier I said I would take LDU if he was available at 4.

Its the joy of the draft


Hibberd hurts. Thought he would be around a while longer


Bailey Banfield is a good pick, thought he’d slip.


I looked through the UF rankings and had to do a double take.


I just realized that 3/4 of my Dons players won’t be available come round 1. Hopefully I haven’t cursed Devon Smith.


Only five have opted in to have their number on the sms list. So at this stage it’s not happening.

And I don’t have any contact details for Alber goodthur


I have Robbie Gray, Jamie Elliott, Riley Knight and Harley Bennell out for round 1 in the forward line.
Jack Viney is out of my midfield for round 1 and if Wallis doesn’t make it, that’ll be two midfielders.

Should be right in the backline.
I’m going to have to hope for some luck in the draft to fill those spots for round 1.


There is an email reminder in the UF system.
If you set your phone to receive notifications from the UF email address, it’s just like receiving a text message.

Has worked a treat since we moved the drafting to UF.


And the email alerts are pre selected when the draft starts and you have to turn them off if you don’t want alerts.


I dont mind that pick Fog. Think he will get a few games and should put up nice numbers


Haven’t yet caught up with all the JLT games - watching one now as I haven’t seen much of the person I’m leaning towards picking. Probably an hour away for anybody waiting