2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


I’m surprised Worpel didn’t get a run in JLT.
He looked good in AFLx.

Hawthorn’s NAB team selections were a bit surprising. Thought they’d give their youngsters more of a shot. Why they played Whitecross and Schoenmakers (to name a few) is perplexing.


Hawks still believe they are a contender.


Is it just me on the UF draft page hitting refresh every 20 seconds?


Mine is doing 90 seconds.


Bargey will be happy with that selection, Dunlop.

He was spruiking him this weekend and telling me he will be AA this year.


Spewing about Marley. I didn’t even see him on my list scan until after I made my last pick. Would have taken him instead of Ridley.


Sometimes it’ll load of cache.
So it might help at times to close the tab and open in a new tab.


I mentioned it before the draft…
Marley will be good if teams run many defensive forwards. He loves a contest so he will tackle hard. If it becomes an uncontested game, he disappears.


Sorry. I wasn’t clear. I mean that I am refreshing every 20 seconds cause I’m impatiently awaiting my pick.


Was holding slim hope I’d get Dougal with my next pick.


With pick 32 in the BBFFL Draft the Mildura Crunchas take Marley Williams from the NMFC.



Yeah good luck with him. Did sweet FA last year.

Saying that he’ll probably come good for ya now and average 90+ knowing my luck.


Wow! I’m sure Blummers would have taken a round 2 pick for Williams in trade week.


Ummm yeah I would’ve.

P.S I dropped him


I will give him to you, you know who I want. :wink:


I probably reached a little but he had a 97 in JLT2 so I thought he would probably go before my next pick.


I did enjoy seeing Weitering tonne up on the weekend.


I remember Sharrod Wellingham having a ton and a 90 last year in the JLT too. Ohhh the hype


My next ranked player goes. Dang.


Some genuine surprises right now. That seems real early Fog. You expecting a change in role at the DOggies?