2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Nah. I traded my round 2 pick for Bonner.
Wouldn’t have traded for him after his form last season. Too risky at that point in time.

I would have considered Williams no earlier than my third pick in the 60s. But given I got Murray, he wasn’t a high priority. I need forwards and centres now.


Sorry I thought you delisted Williams. And I meant you would have been stoked to get a round two pick for him.


I think he will definitely be more of a SCer than Dter. Barely wastes a possession. Gets intercept marks too.


Nice pick up fog. Really really like the look of him at the dogs and he should see more time around the ball. Could average 80+ this year.


He will play ruck and second forward until Schache and English become regulars. He gives me depth in the ruck and forwardline.


Like the Trengove pick.
He was on my list for my next pick.

Think he’ll score very well and could be 1st ruck. When he did that last year (or was it the year before) he smashed it.


It’s always a little frightening when someone who is pretty good at this drafting caper takes someone you didnt have on your list anywhere… and takes them earlyish


He was next on my list.

Guess I’ll take Jack Reiwoldt instead


Lol. he is second on my list…


And to put it into context, he’s my fourth selection. I’ve already taken three kids so I’ll be drafting for depth and regular starters for the rest of the draft.


I got your Marley Williams joke fog, even if it went over a few people’s heads.


@Jefferson you’re up mate

Edit: Texted/


Thanks, picked


George Horlin Smith could be a very shrewd pickup.
He has been a good scorer in the past but injured. His scores in JLT have been very solid but Geelong have only selected half of their best 22.

If he gets games, he’ll be a great pickup.


You can count on my mob to go for the old boring pick haha. I might pull one of the box for my next pick.


The All Blacks welcome back Luke Partington in the vague hope that he will finally start to bring his state league form to us.


Best of luck with Jack Riewoldt @Crazy_Bomber
Cannot recall what the trade offer was for him last year, but he’s in good hands.
He’s the most consistent scoring forward available. I do believe there is some improvement left in him especially if Richmond struggle and begin relying heavily on his goal scoring.


What’s the deal with Jake K?
I think you’ve ended up with him every year for the last two or three years.
I’ve never taken much notice of him but thought he was a tall lock down defender.


Was just gonna say that was a canny pick.
Scott mentioned a more active role for him this year, and the JLT game against us showed a little of that.
Wasn’t really on my radar, but still…nice.


They’ve always had plans to play him off half back and even through the midfield. They like the ball in his hands.

With Mackie and Enright both gone, I’m hoping he gets that running role and not Lonergan’s shut down role.

Surely he or Stewart will get a bit of the ball as an intercept mark. And now I’ve got both.