2018 FF Original Draft Discussion Thread


Good luck CB, He did not pass the Crunchas “no DH policy” for father’s and uncles. Plus they are both collingwood supporters and I suspect he was too. I guess that explains why he slid…


So now we wait for dawn in…is it San Fran?


Smotes headed to work and then gonna make a pick. We should finish up round 3 today or get close to it.


Smoten is UK time (I think).


In the drafting lull, when do we do position changes/polls again?


Ive messaged Smoten. He said I could anytime after 4pm our time.

He’s on his way to work now and will pick asap.


Thanks. I’m surprised he didn’t go earlier, pick 10 with some talent. Might not get early games but he should be a really good player. It was him or some other kids and I couldn’t go past him.


Yep good pick! Plus may get back eligibility if Carlton do end up playing him off HBF.


Yep sorry guys, Left contingencies for the first round only, didn’t want to let another 36 picks go by without re-assessing. Just got to work, having a look now.


Underway again!


I like Robertson. Think he has room to improve and the coach loves him.


Was really disappointed to let Ahern go, held him on my LTI for two years and now he’s fit he didn’t make my keepers. If he played a JLT game he would’ve been in but basically chose Simpkin and Venables over him as a young FC.


Simpkin, eh?


Ahern and Cameron were both on my list. Cameron was my backup if Trengove was gone.


Don’t think Marshall will get many games but his JLT performance was pretty darn good.

Might force Hickey and Longer to stop their bullshit ruck juggling act.


What time does the ‘after hours’ time limit kick in, looks like Wim only has 6 hours?


Yep had Ahern on the list!


11pm - 10am


Wim’s here.
Just a few last minute checks, weighing up who might go and when.

The Pimpinio Tigers welcome Edenhope’s own Oscar McDonald.


Boom, boom, boom.