2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread


Trade season kicks off at the commencement of this round, very little chatter so far! I’ll post up my available list tonight!

Actually, everyone is available at the right price, some more valued than others :wink:


My whole list is up for sale, just get them out of my sight!


Trade bait:

  • Heath Shaw
  • Shaun Grigg
  • Tom Hawkins
  • Lewis Jetta
  • David Myers

Seeking in return:

  • Picks preferred
  • Prospects considered


OK trade period is open I take it?

I am after scoring backs and more depth, like most will be.


I think my year is toast, so I’m open to trading a range of my stars/established players for picks. Will do a proper list later on.


When does trade period end?


Attention finalists: Does Your Backline Suck? Is your 7th defender underwhelming?

Then meet Heath Grundy.

Excluding his opening match where he came in severely underdone, he is averaging 69 for the season and 77 from his past 7 matches.

Whilst Mr. Grundy has enjoyed his time at the Seagulls, at this point in his career he wants to play finals and win his first premiership medallion.

Mr. Grundy believes he can be that good scoring, cool, experienced head that helps steer your backline towards a premiership.

Mr. Grundy thanks you for your interest.

Please note: Grundy will not be traded before the start of this round as he is required for Rd 13 to beat that dastardly Windy Dill and avenge Gwilty.


Start of Round 14.


can this year’s draft picks be traded?




I want midfielders. Hit me up. All picks on offer


Do you have one of the top fifty scorers in the league?
Are they under thirty years old?
Do you like draft picks?
PM me.

Will trade my first five picks for your last five for the right player.


I’ll post a proper list tommorow but needless to say if you want players then my list is for you!


Seeming as everyone is too scared to post a list, I’ll do one. Everyone is tradable on my list nowadays as I’m fckn sh*t. I’m after picks/younger players as a preference, but also willing to give up some picks to get something done.

Open to offers:
Lance Franklin (F)
Justin Westhoff (FB)
Josh Kennedy (F)
Matthew Kruezer ®
Luke Shuey ©
Mitch Robinson ©
Jack Riewoldt (F)
Jack Newnes (FC)
Cam Gutherie (CB)
Jarryn Geary (B)
Brad Hill ©
Luke Dunstan ©

On the table:
Travis Boak (FC)
Grant Birchall (B)
Harry Taylor (FB)
Tom Liberatore ©
Maverick Weller (F)
Alex Sexton (FC)
Matthew Broadbent (B)
Micheal Johnson (B)
Todd Marshall (F)
Tim Membrey (F)
Curtly Hampton (CB)
Lochie O’Brien (CB)

Best offer:
Jesse Joyce (B)
Jake Waterman (F)
Brody Mihocek (B)
Daniel Lloyd (F)
Matt Dea (B)
Ben Stratton (B)


Willing to trade…
Todd Goldstein. If you’re ruck isn’t averaging 85 and you’re looking to make finals, Goldstein can be had. He’s old but I think he’ll be good for 80 to 85 until he’s finished.

Harley Bennell. He’s close to returning. Maybe.

Brandon Matera. He’s been disappointing. If anyone wants to take a chance, you’re welcome to make an offer.

Billy Stretch. He’s very close to a game. Is a CB and can score well when given the opportunity.

Shane Biggs. Don’t know what’s happened to him this year.

Shane Edwards. Dependable FC. Good depth if anyone’s interested.

Josh Schache. Won’t be asking for much if anyone’s interested.

Doubt there’d be interest, but these guys as well…
Tom Murphy
Callum Moore
Tom Clurey
Jarrod Garlett
Jed Lamb
Aidan Corr


I’ve done my major trade for this period, and I’ll be looking to sell out any old iron at the end of the season.
As for saleable commodities, well I have Alber’s and my third round picks.
If you have a player you think would make my end of season keepers that you’d take two third rounds for, call me. Call me.

What I want is players.
I’ll take picks for any of my guys that I don’t see much use for, but I’d rather trade up to quality.
Pick and a player, two picks and two players…that’s what I’m interested in trading out.
Age is less of a hurdle for me now than it has been previously.

So…players on the bottom shelf…

S Gray
Reid (although…I might be a bit of a tool about him, still worth asking)
Ratugolea (although you’ll have to carry him)


After last week’s 87 Grundy’s 8 week average is now 78. His season average has ticked up to 67, but excluding the opening round jumps his season average to 71.

He’d make excellent depth for any finalist.

Other options - Sam Gilbert. He got through fine from his hand surgery. Richo is likely to rely more on elder statesman in the 2nd half of the season as he tries to save his job and Gilbert was a regular before injury.

Tim Smith - an injury affected game last time out pushed his average down to 80. Pedersen is unlikely to hold his spot, with Weideman or Smith the replacement. So he could prove an astute gamble.


If anyone is looking to trade a ruckman on their list that is currently playing for one of my late round draft picks, please PM me.
Not worried about age.


Hi Guys,

I’m back in business this week and will do my best to promptly answer PMs regarding the players I’ve put on the table.

Thanks for your patience.


Seeing Rory Lobb is going to miss basically the rest of my season - he’s on the table for a finalist that wants a 70pt depth forward, or anyone looking for a #1 ruck for next season.

He had post-season surgery and was in GWS’s modified group for the majority of pre-season.

The key to his success as a ruck is fitness. He outran guys around the park in the WAFL as a ruck due to his aerobic capacity - a full pre-season behind him next year and he’ll hit 80-85.

Fair chance I regret this and he surpasses Witts in a few years as he’d only just started playing football before getting drafted.