2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread


Let’s face it, the odds are stacked against me making finals. So for those contenders, I have the following on offer:

Suckling B (88) - reliable, consistent and one of the highest scoring backs in the competition

McVeigh B (80) - see above but not as expensive

Watts F (65) - had a shocking year but still averaging 65 and will increase that once he finds his feet in that team

Sam Gibson C (86) - this guy is such a reliable scorer. And with all the issues at the Crows, he’s going nowhere

Mitch McGovern F (73) - he’s one for those looking for a gun that is yet to reach their ceiling


Oh and don’t ask me what I want for player X. Offer me what you’re willing to give up and when can negotiate from there.


Currently have a surplus of forwards and willing to listen to offers on Taylor Garner - making his way back from injury currently, averaged 77 last year but averaged 87 over his last six games of last season.

Mason Wood is also on the table to, who I think is better than his 67 average.

Similar to Fog in that please come with an offer, Wood probably easier to pry away at this stage.


I like long, drawn out negotiations that start with us having no idea what we want but somehow making a trade anyway.
But you all know that.


AM here in the UK, I’ll be replying to PMs as soon as I can


I think I’m up to date with negotiations now, if I’ve missed your PM please let me know.


Does trade period end this Sunday at 6pm or when?


Before the first bounce of round 14 from my understanding?

or is it the end of round 14?


Surely we extend it to Sunday? (if it is meant to be the first bounce tommorow.) Give people the weekend to figure stuff out.


Here’s the post


Other than a potential Goldstein trade (which is dependant on me getting a ruck first) I’m pretty much done and dusted this trade period.

Regarding trade period during the season…
Can it be reviewed. It should close at the end of the round not the beginning. This way you don’t have the potential for teams making trades between FA and start of round going into the weekend’s game short bevause they traced away players for picks.


Trade bait:

  • Tom Hawkins
  • Lewis Jetta
  • David Myers

Seeking in return:

  • Picks preferred
  • Prospects considered


My second and fourth round picks plus potentially a player on offer for a decent midfielder


The trade period has been extended until the final siren of the Carlton v Collingwood game on Sunday.


I might put Justin Westhoff (FB) on the table, average 100+ to see what offers are put to me.


Who needs extra time?

Deals being smashed out left right and center


Grundy available for a ballpark 4th or 5th rounder (or best offer).

I can juggle things around to field a full side if Daicos misses out, so Tim Smith is available as well.


Wow!!! Craze is back!!! Absolutely cleaned up this trade period.


I probably paid overs but Westhoff is quality and could help us go further than we have before. I will miss McGovern however. Geary has scored well when he has played and should be depth at worst.


Jetta and Myers still on the table for anyone watching tonight’s game