2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread


If anyone wants to take a risk on Matthew Broadbent let me know. A big scorer historically, but he’s coming from a big injury layoff this year. He’ll be playing SANFL again next week so hopefully back before the end of the year, might be worth a punt.


Brandon Matera. He’s a keeper so I’m in no rush to trade him. I’ve just gotten sick of his form swings and willing to see what people are willing to give up for him.

Shane Edwards. Dependable mid 60s scorer. Is an FC. Handy depth. Can be had for a mid range draft pick if anyone’s interested.

Shane Biggs. He’s not a keeper. He’ll be traded at season’s end by the Bulldogs. If anyone wants to take a chance on him, now would be the best chance.

Goldstein is close to being traded so unless it’s an amazing offer, I won’t consider it.
The rest are either keepers, needed to field a team or won’t be traded until the end of the season.

I’m mainly looking for forwards and backmen to help field a team without having to use my FA changes. I’ll take scrubbers as long as they are currently playinges and would be willing to give up one of 8th, 9th and 10th round picks for said scrubbers.


These guys are still on offer and/or in talks:

Suckling B (88) - reliable, consistent and one of the highest scoring backs in the competition

Watts F (65) - had a shocking year but still averaging 65 and will increase that once he finds his feet in that team

Sam Gibson C (86) - this guy is such a reliable scorer. And with all the issues at the Crows, he’s going nowhere

Mitch McGovern F (73) - he’s one for those looking for a gun that is yet to reach their ceiling

I’ve also had interest in Langford, Daniher and Cameron. Happy to discuss them and anyone but they won’t be traded for a bag of chips.


I’m short a player.
I have 8 FA changes left this season and I’d like to hang on to a few for the last few rounds.

If anyone has a playing forward (preferred but would also consider a backman) who wants to ca$h in on an 8th, 9th or 10th round pick, then I’m your gimp. I’ll take any scrubber who is in their team’s best 18. Marley Williams, Ben Stratton and Harry Himmelberg are perfect examples.
You know they won’t be you’re keeper and there’s got to be someone on FA that you could get just as good as him. May as well ca$h in on a sweet late draft pick while you can.


Wow, if I would have known goldy was gonna go for a fourth, I would have taken him


What can my 4th get me then? Offer me someone who averages 75ish + and il take it


If anyone has a 75+ scorer for a fourth rounder then I’ll have some too :slight_smile:


I’d like to help you but I’m so drunk.


He literally said make me an offer.


Do you have prospect/young/project players? do you want a slightly better scoring “now” player? Then let me know!

I have these players on offer, all of varying worth, age and talent, and I intend to trade 1 before deadline tommorow:
Josh Kennedy (F)
Grant Birchall (B)
Maverick Weller (F)
Harry Taylor (FB)
Matt Dea (B)
Tom Liberatore ©
Alex Sexton (FC)
Jake Waterman (F)
Brody Mihocek (B)
Curtly Hampton (CB)


Listening to any last minute offers for Dom Tyson and Nick Holman.


If any finalist wants to gamble on Sam Gilbert (70) I’ll package him with my 8th for a 6th.


There’s a few hours left of trade period, throwing the door open for some late trades…looking for mostly picks in return or some younger prospects.

Grant Birchall (B) - Could be a genuine bargain, is usually a keeper lock and an 80 average scoring back.
Josh Kennedy (F) - Career average of 80+ and whilst working back to fitness will be back soon and a great scorer
Matt Dea (B) - Another potential bargain, has scored three 70+ scores in his last five. Is still only 26.
Maverick Weller (F) - Is a good reliable scorer putting out consistent 70/80’s scores regulary
Harry Taylor (FB) - Probably for anyone in the top 8. Career average of 70 and will be back in a week. Not bad for a back.
Brody Mihocek (B) - Kicked 4 goals and a 79 in his first game, is currently the 5th highest scorer on the field right now with 34.
Alex Sexton (FC) - If he ever got a midfield to deliver it to him he’d be a tasty flanker but he’s a mediocre scorer in the meantime.
Curtly Hampton (CB) - Is young and a good scorer…but I can’t work out why they refuse to play him, even with injuries. Must have got upset at something that happened pre-season…
Jake Waterman (F) - Is purely your future prospect, but has put enough 60’s on the board to show he’s better than a kick up the ■■■.
Tom Liberatore © - Was a 100+ ave midfielder but won’t be on the park until next year.


Trade period ends in about 15 minutes.


@fogdog, how did you get @topdon to reply to a PM?


I called his wife and asked her to wake him up.


Has he been asleep for 2 weeks?


He lives in the US and pretty much works 7am-8pm. The life of a scientist…


You’d think that’d make trading pretty difficult. Not that half the coaches on here reply to PM’s anyway haha


Some deliberately don’t reply when they feel they’re offered very one sided offers.

I found everyone that I spoke to very good this trade period.