2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread


Geelong put their captain up for a trade??? Do you mean Scott Selwood???


Cam Ellis-Yolmen - 25 years old - 81.5.


My pick 3 + other many picks on offer for the right players. If you have borderline keepers or prospects I’m happy to hear offers.


trade gone through on UF before being posted in blitz? Or am I mental?

edit: Trade posted now.


If anyone is after some ruck depth I have Ryan Abbott and Tom Hickey available.


And I have Shaun McKernan and Matthew Lobbe.


Speaking of ruck stocks I have Billy Longer, Lewis Pierce or Brodie Grundy…

Jokes about Grundy he is the keeperiest keeper I have.


I have Nicnat if you aren’t expecting to challenge next year


Not a heap of action early on in the trade period! Will throw my list out there again with some additions and taken a few off.
Am willing to part for these guys for a gun midfielder in particular, but also can be a defender or forward who is mid 20s or older if that’s what will get it done, can be a 2 for 1, picks etc:

Harmes, James (FC) 85
Marchbank, Caleb (B) 54
Hibberd, Michael (B) 68

Also up for trade, a number of these will be in my keepers:
Barrass, Tom (B) 57
Dixon, Charlie (F) 71
Douglas, Richard (FC) 74
Henderson, Lachie (B) 63
Hutchings, Mark ( C ) 74
Jacobs, Ben © 78
Kersten, Shane (F) 63
Macmillan, Jamie (B) 73
Rance, Alex (B) 61
Roughead, Jordan ( R ) 68
vandenBerg, Aaron (FC) 67
Wood, Easton (B) 56
Wright, Sam (B) 66


Got a few players on the trade table that may be of interest for some final keeper spots.

Primarily interested in picks but would consider packaging with picks in a trade that includes a 70+ average defender.

Abbott, Ryan ( R ) - 85
Garner, Taylor (F)
#Giro, Stefan (FC) 57
Graham, Jack ( C ) 63
Grimes, Dylan (B) 52
Hickey, Tom ( R ) 77
Jong, Lin (FC) 59
Ling, Matthew (CB)
Thompson, Scott D. (B) 64
Venables, Daniel (FC) 45
Wood, Mason (F) 64


Lance Franklin (F) and Grant Birchall (B) on the trade table for the challengers, would prefer younger players to help my side rebuild or picks in return. I’m also looking to trade my pick 3 so will likely do it for the best offer I can get, so feel free to give me yours.


Bait for flag contenders
Dan Howe avg. 77
Luke Breust avg. 85

Bait for rebuilders
Jayden Laverde
Dylan Clarke
Wil Powell


I’m probably done as far as big trades go, one of these 3 will be my final keeper, so that would factor into any decision to trade them away:

#Banfield, Bailey (FC) 64
Sinclair, Jack © 74
Walker, Taylor (F) 62

Daicos, Josh (FC) 68 - with his improvement this season and upside, 4th/5th

6th or Lower:

Brown, Callum (FC) 60
Crowden, Mitch (FC) 42
#Lynch, Brad (B) 44
Tucker, Darcy (FC) 59
White, Brandon (B) 49

Will also still consider interest in Rockliff

Of interest to those who traded away most of their picks mid-season (@Fudge, @wimmera1 & @westozziebomber : I’m currently out at 95 - so I have 4 picks (113, 131, 149 & 167) + 95 available for anybody willing to trade me a higher than 95.


Would take an 8th rounder for any of these players.

Cheney, Kyle (B) 57
#Hinge, Mitch (CB)
McIntosh, Kamdyn (CB) 54
O’Shea, Cam (B) 50
Petty, Harrison (B) - 44
Robinson, Dan (FC) 49
#Shaw, Matt (CB) - 60

Everyone else is up for grabs too at the right price. Would love to grab a defender.


Mark LeCras retired mate.


I’m still happy to take a pick if someone wants him.


and Cam O’Shea got de-listed lol


Anybody else hearing the scuttlebutt of images/texts around of a former number one pick from Melbourne doing naughty things…?

Hearing the Daily Mail may have caught wind but unsure if they’ll go public.


I hear Mumford’s the word


Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been too active this trade period. It’s mostly because I’ve had a busy patch at work, and work is when I tend to Blitz. It’s also because I feel like I did most of my trading in the mid-season trade period this year and I want to hold onto my picks.