2018 FF Original Trade Bait Thread


Don’t forget the trade period finishes this coming Friday at 5pm.


When is the AFL Draft? I thought our trade period finished just after that.


Nope, as foggy mentioned at the start of trade period it ends this Friday. The AFL draft is on the 22nd of November.


OK cool. Not like I have been too busy anyway.


It’s unlikely I’ll be available on Friday so I’ll do my fire sale early.

Between 5-7th round picks
Daniel Menzel F - could he have a Nick Davis like revival in Sydney?
Josh Schache F - could he break out next season?

7-9th round picks:
Brandon Matera F - has had a disappointing career.
Oscar Allen F - I rate him. Can he take LeCras spot in the 18?
Ben Keays FC - was a good junior. Yet to show it in senior form.
Andrew McPherson CB - appears to be the dedicated injury prone Crow.

I doubt there’d be interest in these guys but any draft pick will do for these guys.
Sam Murray CB - You’re on better drugs than him if you consider trading for him.
Brent Daniels F - Needs to build a better fitness base. Unsure he’s a DTer.
Shane Edwards FC - Handy dependable soldier but but isn’t keeper material.
Ben Paton B - is a few years away.
Lewis Young FB - is a few years away.


In need of a pick or two? Picks 71, 79, 89, 149, 165 and 167 on offer for one pick higher up.


Masten, Chris ( C ) 75
Longer, Billy ® 44
McCarthy, Cam (F) 49
Taylor, Harry (FB) 54
#Mihocek, Brody (B) 61
Betts, Eddie (F) 62
McCarthy, Cam (F) 49

Are all available for trade.


Just a reminder that trade period finishes at Friday 16 November at 5pm.


Last trade Bait before deadline:

Some very cheap, some a little tougher to grasp:
Cam Guthrie (CB) - Had an injury riddled year, but has averaged over 80 in previous years
Jeremy McGovern (B) - Averaged near 80 last year, good scoring back and great interceptor.
Jack Riewoldt (F) - Average upwards of 90, gun forward.
Rory Lobb (FR) - My ruck back up but he’s on the table. His best is ahead of him.
Matthew Kruezer ® - Averaged 105 last year, injuries hurt him this year. Fit now.
Luke Dunstan © - On the table, young mid averaging between 83-88 in the past 2 years at the Saints.
Tom Liberatore © - Scored 98 until injuries hurt him in recent years, could be anything.
Jack Newnes (FC) - Averaged over 80 every year for the last 4/5 and played 22 games in every year. Had a down year this year, but expect him to bounce back.
Tim Membrey (F) - Averaged 70 odd for the last 3 years and still pretty young to improve even further.

Any usable pick or pick upgrade for the Bargain Bin pile:
Alex Sexton (FC) - One of GC’s most talented players in the forwardline, started kicking goals.
Jake Kolodashnji (CB) - Scored near 60 last year but went backwards this year
Josh Battle (F) - I like him but can’t fit him in my keepers, was good pre-injury
Ben Long (F) - Is certainly talented and has scoring potential
Alex Morgan (B) - Up against it for a game, but can find the ball.
Jake Waterman (F) - The Darling/Kennedy replacement but is another year away
Lachlan Murphy (FB) - 2-3 years away at this stage
Jesse Joyce (B) - Basically stock standard depth player until he’s released from a defensive role.
Jonathon Ceglar ® - Pog average ruck depth
Matt Dea (B) - Might even play on a list
Robbie Fox (B) - Is somehow still on a list


Looking for a two for one deal.

Joel Selwood and Rhys Mathieson for one player, any position. Preferably under 25, getting a regular game and scoring 75+

Or one pick under 30.


I am not likely to be busy on the trade front today. I should get back on here at least once before 5:00 so if you want something then you are cutting it fine but may still be able to get something done.


Anyone need any picks?

I have picks 120, 130, 138, 149, 156 and 174 all available in return for one pick under 120.


Picks 138, 149, 152, 156, & 174 available for a pick earlier than 138

@Awesome_Scotty @westozziebomber @Jefferson @Fudge @Windy_Dill @Allblack

Get amongst it.


20 minutes remain. Seems awfully quiet…

Where’s @westozziebomber this trade period?


Josh Kennedy (F) who has averaged over 80 in the previous 4 years on offer for a pick.


Trade Period CLOSED.


Sorry @wezza @fogdog:

Foggy can’t trade a pick (130) he doesn’t own - he owned 131. The rest of that trade is valid


Can the trade be amended due to the typo to be

Wezza trades pick #102
@fogdog for picks #120, 131, 138, 149, 156 and 174


Or does it mean that it’s now
Wezza trades pick #102
@fogdog for picks #120, 138, 149, 156 and 174 ?


I’m fine with you having pick 131 @wezza as we both would have agreed to this and rectified it immediately if we noticed it st the time or before deadline.

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