2018 Fixture - has been released

Thought I’d get the ball rolling…

Should be released in a bit over a week; ie. end of the month. So…

What would we love and hate to see?
What have we heard?

Would love the Dogs R1 after what’s occured but it will probably end up being Hawthorn again. That said; that would also be great, worked out OK this year!

Sydney in Melbourne pls FFS
Ditto Freo again too

Anzac Day away game next year, Dreamtime home game
I’d suspect Country game will be an away game given the first two have been ours.

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I think we’ll end up playing more Friday Night games in 2018.

Fixture will not be as kind to us as last years.


More Friday Night games just for BT to call his new favourite team. Roaming Brian after a Bomber win will be must-see!!

Just for a laugh, I’d love it if we hijacked the Good Friday game with the Dogs and the AFL gave North the ar$e from that fixture. Reckon they’ll be lucky to get 30K to the game this year with the Roos likely to be wooden spoon material…


Doesn’t matter, we will go undefeated.


We will win all of the games


Channel Seven have a vested interest in teams that score… allows more ads!


2 games against Bulldogs is guaranteed.

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God, you people who like Brian Taylor, farking honestly and seriously, faaaaaarrrk


There is a cure to hating BT and its name is that ■■■■■■■ sand groper Basil Zempilas.


25 floggings is all I want to see

Yeah, for communication specialists among others.

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Daniher, Tippa, Stringer, Fantasia, McKenna, Saad
Essendon = Highlights.
70,000 members a possibility next year.
Essendon = Ratings.

I know what the AFL want: Prime. Time. Bombers


We’ll get WCE, GWS, Freo, Sydney, Adelaide and GC all away, so I’m tipping 6 away matches. Uusally 2 away games against GWS/GC to prop their figures up.
2 games against Collingwood, Carlton, Hawthorn, Bulldogs, Sydney. Maybe replace Bulldogs with Adelaide.

Something like that.


I want Sydney in Melbourne Round 1, and i want to destroy them.

Fark that final ■■■■■■ me off.


That final + the last 8 years vs Shitney @ SCG


We played twice in Qld, SA, NSW last year.
Next year we will play Freo and WCE away
Likely Sydney and Power away and probably Lions as numbers last GC game was ■■■■ house.
Then same old 2xrich, 2xcoll, 2xcarl, 2xNorth.

Brisbane away
Port away
WCE away
Freo away
GWS away
GC away

2x games against:

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If i could put requests in

Preseason games
@ Launceston vs Carlton/Collingwood/Hawks
Darwin vs Aboriginal all stars

Rd 1 against Adelaide at Etihad
Rd2 tigers friday night MCG (not dreamtime) that will be later in year.
Rd 3 cats at Geelong country game after all.
Rd 4 GWS away
Rd 5 pies anzac day MCG
Rd 6 swans at etihad
Rd7 Melbourne Etihad
Rd8 Dogs @etihad
Rd 9 Hawks @ MCG
Rd 10 Brisbane @ etihad
Rd 11 Port @ AAMI
Rd 12 Saint kilda @ etihad
Rd 13 Hawthorn @ MCG
Rd 14 gold Coast @ cararra
Rd 15 Carlton @ MCG
Rd 16 North Melbourne @ Tassie
Rd 17 Eagles @ WA
Rd 18 Richmond MCG (Dreamtime)
Rd 19 Melbourne @MCG
Rd 20 Fremantle @ Etihad
Rd 21 Collingwood @ MCG
Rd 22 Geelong @ MCG

1 Wa (eagles)
1 Sa (port)
1 Qld (suns)
1 NSW (gws)
1 TAS (Nth)

Double up against

7 Etihad games
9 Mcg
1 @ Cattery
5 away interstate

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BT has vastly improved this year. Hes far more focussed on the game instead to of the ■■■■■ around the game e.g. what security guards and ball kids are doing, doesent make anywhere near as many ridiculous assumptions about things anymore and doesent say completely toolish things that alienate people. He also likes Raz alot.

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I would be happy with something like;

1 Hawks MCG Home
2 Dogs Etihad Away
3 Giants Away
4 Blues MCG Home
5 Pies MCG Away
6 North Etihad Home
7 Eagles Away
8 Cats MCG Away
9 Tigers MCG Home (is it our turn)
10 Suns Away
11 Saints Etihad Home
12 Bye
13 Freo Etihad Home
14 Demons Away MCG
15 Brisbane Away
16 Swans Etihad Home
17 Pies MCG Home
18 Port Away
19 Crows Etihad Home
20 Hawks Etihad Away
21 Tigers MCG Home
22 Eagles Etihad Home
23 Blues MCG Away

9 games at MCG (not sure of contractual obligations)
Doubles against Blues, Tigres, Pies, Hawks and Eagles
5-6 Friday nights and I think we will get a Thursday night in the bye rounds
Massive crowds and on Free to air
Less Sunday games