2018 From Long Range Competition




If not too late - I’m in,


I’ve never done such a biased FLR. To tell the truth I just got tired. Anyway, LID ORFFF!!!


Sent I think.


Yeah, but it was against us.




In - just in time hopefully!


My ladder came back and was not what i expected…

Predicted Ladder
Selection Tips
Port Adelaide 19
GWS Giants 18
Richmond 18
Sydney Swans 17
Adelaide 17
Geelong 16
Melbourne 16
Essendon 14
Hawthorn 12
Fremantle 10
Collingwood 7
Carlton 7
Western Bulldogs 6
St Kilda 6
West Coast Eagles 6
Gold Coast Suns 4
Brisbane Lions 3
North Melbourne 2

Port on top. Fark i hope that won’t happen


sent to bombermcveigh this time, not @gmsil.com… yikes


sent, just in time


Well I got the first one, and maybe Fark Carlton will even win 11 like I strangely tipped.

Fark Carlton.


I knew I forgot something! Am I able to send this in today and cop the loss from last night (I’ll just select Carlton to make it easier)?


Sorry @nickers, but I think a few of us would reconsider Carlton’s season after last night!

You can play but not be eligible to win if you like. You would be in the results as nickers*


Dat governance.


Fark Carlton


Hello. Minimum 3 character limit on here so just Hi didn’t work.


Nackers to be the Jobe Watson* of flr


Ah yep, fair enough mate all good!


Why can’t Nickers submit it but not be allowed to pick Carlton - wouldn’t that be fair?


So Talia grabs danihers jumper and gets the free from Pannell