2018 'HAHA... I Got More Possessions Than You, Diggers" Game

It’s easy to play.

Pick a player that is still available for this year’s finals.

Tally the collective possessions after the GF and if your pick has the most possessions, you can lay claim to the inaugural “HAHA, I Got More Possessions Than You, Farkface” title.

I’ll go first. And no double ups. Be quick…

diggers: S Coniglio 30
dingus: T.Cotchin
Johnny Rain: Clayton Oliver
Prelim Point: D Martin
SMJ: A Brayshaw
Robin Close: Ray Chamberlain
Westie: T Mitchell
scotty21: Elliot Yeo
Yossarian: Steele Sidebottom
Sir Joe: L Whitfield
Hambo: J Harmes
Klawdy: T Adams
Crazy B: J Redden
Zimmer: C Judd
GeoffBlethynsGlasses: Bruce McAvaney
Wimm: Jeff Bezos



dingus has gone out on a limb with that selection.

Clayton Oliver.

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D Martin

That’s a good pick.

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Martin left the track early today.


I panicked.

Heap big buyer’s remorse.

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Some west coast pelican

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Thought this was a thread for competitive exorcists for a second …

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I’m thinking GWS, Melbourne, Hawthorn and Collingfark players should collectively gather more possessions because they have the potential to play an extra game however, they’re less likely to get through than either Richmond or West Coast.

Such a tough decision…

Must be more specific.

It sort of is.

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Razor ray


That Mitchell bloke from Hawthorn

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Yo to you too, what’s up? You’ve gotta pick a player still

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Steele sidebum

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