2018 ISC JUMPER....Perfected!

Thoughts on part of the sash being cut off around the neckline?

Its cut off because thats where the collar seam begins. Still its better then last year where they didn’t even take it up to the collar seam. Its as good as it gets on the modern jumper so don’t worry.

Here’s the comparison…



Last year’s red is better. Why did they change that?

Might just be the picture taken from the Bombershop, as the picture from the AFL shop looked darker like last year,
see here…

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Looks good to me!!


I hated last years jumper, the collar was terrible


The darker red always looks better than the orange one so i hope its just the photo.

I never thought it would be difficult to stuff up a sash…

But seeing this compared to last years. This years looks mint.

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I always thought the orange tint came in when we were sponsored by 3.

I don’t really want it back. I want it red, as does @BacchusFox who wants it to be the same colour as the Workers’ Flag.


ISC gear is trash

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Hurry up and get here Under Armour!

The training gear, I dunno. I quite like the polos and jumpers.

But that’s me.

Purple and black one with the silver logo is fantastic

I actually don’t mind the purple training tee. But that’s about it.

Guernsey is obviously the main thing and I can’t stand it.

It’s a lot better than the adidas guernseys the last two years we had them. It’s a sash, not a tick.

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Personally I disagree in every way

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Dees have gone royal blue this year. Hardly a clash anymore.

That’s one of their Clash jumpers.
They will wear it a couple of times


They’ll still find a way to clash with Essendon


So what’s this about? Ditched the old heritage guernsey for a plain red clash after initially showing a 2018 heritage version, now quietly release this?

Hope to hell we haven’t fully sold out and wear it in a game.