2018 MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff


#freekickhawthorn knows no limits - can’t have pets abandoning their membership in droves!


Because Christian classified it as misconduct instead of a strike. Had they charged him with striking it would’ve had to have resulted in a suspension. It was a massive stitch up.


I agree. I don’t have a problem with him getting off.
It’s a contact sport, it’s unfortunate but accidents happen. Contrary to the Footy Media’s belief, not everything has to be punished


I thought the most interesting thing in Christianson’s presser was where he said “we decided”. Interesting turn off phrase for a one man panel


The most interesting thing for me was when he said Thomas was entitled to lay a bump past the ball because he was within five metres of it.
I’d thought that had been done with years ago, but obviously I was wrong.

The rating of impact as ‘severe’ was of some interest, too.


every player now wears a GPS unit with an accelerometer in it (i assume). why aren’t they reviewing that data and correlating that to impact level. it’s got to be better than ol’ mate watching a tape and sticking a wet finger in the wind.


I suspect there is not a great correlation between impact recorded behind the shoulders and at the actual contact site.

Sounds like a decent research project, though!


Because Steve Hocking has the final stamp on everything. ie: Hocking tells him what to do and what the penalties are to be.


I just became aware of this Burton verdict. What the actual fark is that


Sicily got one week. Ridiculous!!


Too light or too heavy?


thats crazy, should’ve gotten at least 2


Too light for.

Stupid, un-necessary and dangerous.


Should have been a fine but looks like the flog tax was added so fair enough


I think it’s probably about right.
I’d have thought a fine would be more appropriate, but a week seems to split the difference.
I agree it was stupid and unnecessary. Potentially dangerous, but then so many things are.
The most ridiculous thing about it was calling it stomping.

Having said all that, it’s a terrible thing to do, not something I would do or approve of, and isn’t a great look for the kiddies.
I’d take into consideration that the victim didn’t even appear to go, ‘ow.’


Repeat offence within a space of a month - too light.

Also, wanted him out for our game against the Hawks :joy:


I reckon the Tom Mitchell one that everyone is ignoring was the worst of the lot.


Thomas gets 3 + 1

Three for the bump on Scott and one for the sneaky little punch on Joel


JJ on the panel!