2018 MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff


Selwood’s appeal was successful. Have to agree!


Shocked to be sitting here. Wasn’t anything in it but even if there was he is more protected than the Black Rhino


Interested to know whether the potential for infection was mentioned in the Sicily case after they harped on about it so much with Mckenna…


See my post in the Lindsay Thomas thread.


Jesse Hogan escaped a fine for staging. How was that different to Green?! ■■■■■■■ joke.


yeah but josh green isn’t down a testicle.


That we know of!


could be worse


Yeah but on the plus side, when Hogan gets kicked in the nut it only hurts half as much.


been said a lot, (I know I’ve said it a few times), but on the basis of the Nic Nat MRP decision of 1 week, this game has truly gone to the dogs (or more appropriately fairies).

farking pathetic. Lonergan would have gotten life.


He gets a week for that, and Sicily got a week for dropping his knee into Selwood’s head whilst he’s laying on the ground.


Lol, I hadn’t seen that footage before now. Laughable that he goes for that.


It’s now about what damage happens to the other player, not intent or quality of the action that caused it.


Natanuis suspension is the worst suspension I’ve seen since Slattery got done for attempting to strike.

Michael Christian is fkn cooked.


go look at the dude in geelong (the area not the club) whos got a 1 match ban for spraying his own players.


even though I don’t like it, that interpretation really should only be for bumps & sling tackles. players have been warned on it.

the players arms were not pinned, no sling or driving motion, it was just a good hard tackle, at worst in the back

he has basically been penalised for being bigger, what alternative does he have

what next, players getting suspended for crunching marks/spoils, kicking the ball into someones head or a smother & knocking them out. all legit actions, but a player gets hurt, so by what you are saying, gone.


I agree


Just watched the footage. That’s an abysmal decision. Don’t reckon it should have even been a free kick, that’s pretty much what a tackle from behind is supposed to look like.


Happy with the Natanui decision - It was a driving tackle and Natanui made no attempt to move the player around - I am guessing it’s 50/50 whether the Eagles appeal.


Yep - looked to drive him into the ground as hard as he could with no duty of care. History of doing it this year too. Nice to see an umpires pet finally get penalised.