2018 MRP MRO and Tribunal stuff


So how many weeks should Ambrose have got for his driving tackle on Brad Hill when he played for the Hawks?


What a farce this game is becoming. Will be Gaelic football rules within 5 years


all the more reason to hang on to Connor McKenna


Yep. One more step along their long trodden road.


They said that 5 years ago. I would revise your estimation time frame.


The last year or so they have really ramped up its progression. They are scared shitless that someone will test them in court


I don’t consider the Ambrose tackle on Hill to be a driving tackle - Natanui pushed his opponent forward while Ambrose pushed his opponent backwards.


It’s a very legal game.


Parker has been cleared, despite drawing blood from hitting a player in the head after running past the ball.

You only get suspended if you don’t play for certain clubs.


Was the only decent thing that has happened in football this weekend. Common sense at last


Charlie appeal rejected

Ed appeal upheld
Now they are deciding penalty


one-match ban to Ed Currnow.

Right outcome for both.


fark carlton


Definately. Not enough fark Carlton in that decision. Maybe we should have put in an unfavorable medical report on behalf of the umpire?


I see Smith got a $2000 fine and Buckley only $1500. AFL corruption continues.


A headbut gets a fine? Interesting


Meh. Smith is free to play and Dylan Buckley’s availability doesn’t exactly improve GWS’ prospects.


What did Devon Smith do? Did he have priors? Buckley’s headbutt was a bit of a carnt’s act.


What Buckley did is as bad as biting imo


Bet your ■■■■ if one of our guys did it it would be headlining every newspaper and footy show and have been referred straight to the tribunal.