2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Hawks need more than Shiel! A functioning forward line would help. Roughy should be worried.


Proud of ya Melks


Credit to Melksham and Goodwin. He’s legit becoming a match winner.

He was at times Josh Green level spudish with us.


Go snake! So happy for the kid


well done Melsham, you are almost as good as Melksham


Petracca letting Sicily know how much of a cockwomble he is


Dees will make the GF


can puopolo retire so we don’t have to here “poppy” any more? fmd.


Fark Goodwin the kent.
Happy for Jake though


And what it’s like to be a real Italian


Can they kick a few junk time goals and loose by 11. Just so Gunston knows he lost it.


That show with the 100 music fans looks like so much garbage


Is Muffhead contracted for next year? He is beyond cooked.


Not true, even garbage looks better than that show


You know I’m still sensitive about that loss, don’t you?


Not sure petracca should be mouthing off, considering he hasnt hit a target all night.


The Weiderman has come from the clouds last two weeks


Doesn’t Melbourne have have of the Royal box coaching them


Lol, what an absolute spud, cops the ball in the head then gets run down


What? He was awesome in the first half