2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Of course. I have a thing for massive foreheads.


They can play with my nuts!!! Top four finish was an over achievement - enjoy your freefall mext year dawks.


Go back to being irrelevant again to the point of possible merger Hawthorn with yer ■■■■ farking free kick and rubbish basketball style of footy, family club crap, zero hardcore fans and stick your mastercoach where the sun don’t shine.

I recall who was laughing the most when we had the saga. Go on get.


Topping up ain’t gonna help…


Happy for Jake and Hibberd


N Jetta had prepared himself for delisting when P Roos took over.

M Neeld was clueless.




Even more depressed after losing to those kents twice in the season. I said at the time they were garbage and I stand by it


Hawthorn will need a miracle trade/draft period to stay in the 8 next year.

Still lots of old guys there.

6 blokes playing tonight who are over 30 or will be by the start of next season


Gunston has never kicked a point against us, yet ■■■■■ the bed in two straight finals




Twas truly delightful.


The Richoman is a big unit.


Noe hopefully collingwood lose tomorrow and it will have been a good weekend of football.


Maybe, but I remember Sicily mouthing off at a crippled Daniher earlier this year and seeing that ginger piece of trash get shat on by Melksham and mocked by Petracca was absolutely glorious. Suck ■■■■ Hawthorn!


Ha ha fark Hawthorn


Fun fact: Hawthorn the first club to be beaten in front of 90,000 in successive weeks. Congrats you dumb flogs.


Hope somebody points that out to clarko in the presser lol.


Essendon VFL win, Hawthorn and Collingwood done in straight sets. That’s the weekend trifecta.


It’s staggering they signed up Burgoyne and Populo, both borderline cooked. Frawley not too far from it either