2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


My wife measured her forehead via the TV earlier and basically said you could add a second face up top there’s that much room.


Stop it, you’re gonna make Digs blow


I’ve said all year Hawks are overrated. People claiming they couldn’t be as were top 4. Think they were helped by a soft draw and were bundled out in straight sets as expected.


As is their captain. ■■■■ them. Hope they play for the next 10 years




Dads been on the sauce. Good job if he was drinking mid strength


Straightsetsthorn. ■■■■■■■ eat it you mongaloids


Melksham was Baguleyesque tonight


BT comparing Melbourne to Essendon of 2000 and calling them the baby bombers…

Only 7 years off mate


More mayo has certainly been in a good paddock


See the sleazy uncle board member sneak an elbow nork on Daisy Pearce?


She ■■■■■


People that want Mel to win, you realise that will give Jordan Lewis 5 flags and be the most successful modern player.

Over my dead body, go tigers!


Hawthorn’s list is genuinely cooked. Stars are fading quick, kids are rubbish or plateauing, huge holes to fill at either end of the ground.


Yeah but JOM the future best mid to ever mid wasn’t playing. Haha they truly shouldn’t have been there this year


I Fkg hate Melbourne. On Carlton level hate for mine. Fk them, hope they either get pummeled or lose by a point in extra time next week.


The pain of them making a Prelim is eased by the knowledge that Hawthorn now out in straight sets again and their list is cooked.


What’s the basis of that? They’ve always been battlers. Maybe cos they always had a knack of beating us when they shouldn’t have? I’m actually hoping they make it. Would love for snake and pig to get to the big dance, along with Goody


A fit Mitchell and omeara and it would be closer tonight, but finally hawks look to be nearing the end.

They need a free agent like gaff to come in, And they also need some young talent added too via draft to start in he 8.

Roughy, cooked
Burgoyne cooked
Puppolo slow
Birchall playing ressies
Frawley liability with the ball
And a lot of their younger players are only jobbers.


So given the rise of Richmond and Melbourne, and with the exception of Carlton, are we now officially the basketcase of the traditional clubs? To think where Melbourne were a few years back and to now be in a Prelim is a fairly solid effort. They’ve gone from good-average to beyond ■■■■ and back to top 4. In that same time we’ve cameoed in a few finals series, been flogged in all and not a won any. Depressing.