2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Oh well maybe Lewis can do a hammy next week.

Think rather dees win.

Liked Lewis reaction to free kick hawthorn.


West coast will beat Melbourne next week, but it was great seeing hawthorn get knocked out in straight sets.


A pity Gaffs not playing.


Thought you guys were talking about Danyle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


He hasn’t played all year. Is he playing VFL this weekend?


Don’t Hawthorn supporters usually say ‘Hawthorn didn’t lose, Box Hill lost’


A very long list of things over the years but a combination of flog family members, a carnt of a boss (who was Fkg unbearable when they won) and those Fkg bandwagoners that have been witnessed the last couple weeks for instance. The commentators mentioning 65k Melbourne supporters there tonight yet they have a paltry 45k Members! Where the fark have they been for the last decade?! The elitist MCC farkers who predominantly support Melbourne. That’s the beginning of a very long list for me. 1993 & 2000 flags were especially sweet for me given the opposition, throw in 84 & 85 on top probably my most despised 3 teams have accounted for our last four flags.


So pleasing to see Hawks Sydney and Geelong go straight out. They’ve been gifted an extended run at the top due to the impact on club lists of the compromised drafts.

Also, F U Hawthorn. I hope you endure 30 years of mediocrity. F U.


Old Dees bloke in front of me gave a huge Hawks fella a massive spray as the bloke left following a deluge of Demons goal. I’ve seen it all, ■■■■■■■ hilarious.

They’re getting chirpy y’all already ha!


I really, really, really want to be good again. I’m so sick of working out which team I hate less to win.

I want to be satisfied again damn it.


Oh and ■■■■ Collingwood tomorrow.

Idgaf how ‘plastic’ GWS is.

You have one job tomorrow and that’s to get behind GWS.


With the following players and their ages next season the cliff edge is coming. The fall is going to be long.

Roughead 32
McEvoy 30
Burgoyne 36
Frawley 30
Birchall 31
Smith 30
Stratton 30
Puopolo 31
Henderson 30


Henderson was probably their best player in their two finals. That ain’t a good thing.


Make excuses clarko.
Melbourne did they play well ?


■■■■■■ hell, Daisy is awkward as ■■■■. It’s like Brett Kirk all over again, uncomfortable around a camera.


all personalities attributed to ch7 are ■■■■■


Missed the game… but driving home listening to the radio and man, Rex Hunt is absolutely cooked - this is some of the loosest radio Ive ever heard, even more off the rails than SYN FM graveyard shifts…


Yeah, but it’s perfectly clear she’s not doing the boundary riding for her charmisma. Come to think of it every ch7 boundary rider is ■■■■, dating back to Olrenshaw who could barely spit a word out.


Go back further. Dippa.


Ewww, don’t remind me of that, painful to listen to.